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Suzhou: Chongyuan Temple to Opened

A grand inauguration ceremony of Suzhou Chongyuan Temple will be held in front of the Grand Hall of the temple on November 17th, 2007.

As a rising religious tourist spot located in the east of Suzhou, this temple will be opened to the public for free in the first three months. Meanwhile, visitors will only need to pay for CNY 1 for visiting the Temple Compounds and the Goddess of Mercy Pavilion from February 18th of 2008 to February 18th of 2009, when the elevator fee to the top of the Goddess of Mercy Pavilion will be only CNY 20 per person.

Visitors can take Bus No. 126, 128 and 169 to Chongyuan Temple directly then.

- 0:05 A.M. EST, Nov 15, 2007

Rail Laying of Beijing-Tianjin Rapid Railway Begins

At 15:30 of November 13th, the first rail of Beijing-Tianjin Rapid Railway was laid near Tianjin, and it's planned that the rails will be laid into Beijing in December of 2007.

With a length of 117 kilometers (73 miles), the rapid railway between Beijing and Tianjin will be a special passenger express railway with a designed speed of 350 kilometers (217 miles) per hour. It will start the trial operations in the first quarter of 2008, and will be put into use before Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

- 0:08 A.M. EST, Nov 14, 2007

Mt. Taishan: Ticket Prices to Rise as of Dec. 1st.

The off-season ticket price of Mt. Taishan is to be adjusted up from present CNY 80 to CNY 100 as of December 1st, 2007.

However, students and over 60-year-old people can respectively enjoy their preferential ticket price CNY 60 and CNY 50. Children and over 70-year-old people will be permitted to enter the mountain for free. Tourist groups of over ten persons can enjoy a 10% discount on the full ticket price.

- 0:01 A.M. EST, Nov 14, 2007

The National Grand Theater to Start Opening Performances as of Dec. 22nd

The National Grand Theater of Beijing is to start opening performances as of Dec. 22nd, 2007, and it will last until April 6th, 2008.

During the more than 100 days, there will be 180 performances by the world top-level and domestic high-class artists, including Peng Liyuan, Li Yundi, Jose Carreras, Seiji Ozawa and Valery Gergiev. The performances will cover operas, dance dramas, musical plays, modern dramas and ethnic dramas, of which 33% will be foreign ones, and the rest 67% will be domestic.

To let the public know more about the performances, the new-edition official website of the National Grand Theater has been opened to the public. In addition, the online tickets booking system will also be opened on November 30th, and the lowest ticket price will be CNY 30.

- 0:08 A.M. EST, Nov 13, 2007

2007 Hainan Joy Festival to Start as of November 16th

2007 Hainan Joy Festival is to be held in Qionghai City of Hainan Province from November 16th to 18th.

Centered at Qionghai, this festival will set up a session in Boao Aquapolis. Meanwhile, every tourist cities of Hainan Province will hold a series of joy festival theme activities.

The general schedule of this festival is as follows:

Opening Ceremony;
Land, Sea and Air Joy Patrolling
Banks of the Wan Quan River
Marine International Art Firework Competition;
A Gala Ceremony of Piano Music
Dongyu Island and the Jade Belt Beach of Boao Aquapolis
Joy Festival Flavor Party;
Awarding Ceremony
Square of the Wan Quan River

- 0:07 A.M. EST, Nov 13, 2007

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