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Qinghai: Big Scenic Spots Keep Open This Winter

It's reported that most of the big scenic spots of Qinghai Province will keep open to satisfy visitors' demand this winter. Meanwhile, the off-season ticket price practiced in the scenic spots will last until April of 2008.

After the National Day Holiday, most of the scenic spots in Qinghai have carried out off-season ticket price, which is about half of the peak-season ticket price. For example, the admission fees of Qinghai Lake 151, Bird Island of Qinghai Lake and Sand Island of Qinghai Lake have been adjusted down to CNY 50, CNY 60 and CNY 35.

- 0:49 A.M. EST, Oct 23, 2007

Beijing: Special Buses Operated for Admiring the Red Maple

Special buses have been recently opened for visitors to admire the red maples in Badaling National Forest Park. It only takes visitors 50 minutes from the urban areas of Beijing to Badaling, which is about 30 minutes faster than the ordinary buses.

In past years, visitors could only go to the Fragrant Hills to admire the red maples. This year, Badaling National Forest Park becomes an alternative, to which special buses have been operated for visitors' convenience at the peak time. The buses starting from Deshengmen operate from 07:00 to 12:00, while the returning buses from Badaling offer service between 12:00 and 18:00. There is a bus every 15 to 20 minutes. The ticket price is CNY 12, and passengers can enjoy 20% discount if paying the tickets by IC cards.

- 1:00 A.M. EST, Oct 22, 2007

Asiana Airlines to Open Beijing-Gwangju and Beijing-Cheongju Air Routes

News from Xinhua News, Asiana Airlines of Republic of Korea will open Beijing-Gwangju and Beijing-Cheongju air routes, respectively on October 30th and November 7th.

The corresponding Flight No. and schedules based on the local time for the two routes are as follows:

Flight No.
Departure Time
Arrival Time
Tuesday & Friday
Tuesday & Friday
Wednesday & Saturday
Wednesday & Saturday

- 0:59 A.M. EST, Oct 22, 2007

Dalian: The 4th East Asia Int'l Travel Fair Starts

The 4th East Asia International Travel Fair started in Shangri-La Hotel, Dalian, on the evening of October 18th.

The exhibition for this fair is held in Star-sea Convention & Exhibition Center, Dalian City, from October 19th to 21st. On the first day, exhibitors, buyers and observers will hold a business discussion. And on the other two days, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the world, and select their destinations that they have longed for.

With an exhibition area of 20,000 square meters (23,920 square yards), this fair is made up of 667 exhibition booths. More than 400 enterprises from over 10 foreign countries and regions as well as 22 domestic provinces and autonomous regions have taken part in the activity. Among them, America and France join the exhibition as exhibition groups for the first time.

- 1:41 A.M. EST, Oct 19, 2007

Shenzhen: Malaysia Food Festival to Start

Malaysia Food Cultural Festival will start in Central Walk, Shenzhen on October 20th. It will last until October 28th.

During the festival, visitors can enjoy unique Malaysia-flavor performances, and taste free Malaysian snacks and tropical fruits produced in Malaysia. Besides, this festival will be interspersed with many marvelous games, and all of the visitors are welcome to take part in them willingly.

- 1:40 A.M. EST, Oct 19, 2007

Beijing: Cultural Year of Greece in China Starts on October 17th

News from Xinhua News, Cultural Year of Greece in China starts on October 17th in Beijing. This activity will last until September of 2008.

During the cultural year, Greece will fully show its social customs, folkloric lifestyles, fine architectures, brilliant civilization as well as long history. Therefore, Greece has set up Greek Culture Center along the streets near the Forbidden City, displaying numerous pictures about Hellenic Culture. Meanwhile, Greece will hold many other cultural activities with rich content and varied forms, including modern art and film exhibitions, classic, modern, and folk music parties, drama and dance performances, and academic symposiums.

The recent highlights of this activity are a large art exhibition of modern Hellenic art in Beijing Capital Museum from October 18th to November 16th, a concert of Stamatis Spanoudakis on October 19th in Beijing Poly Theatre, and a photographic exhibition of Yanni in the Greek culture center from October 19th to November 30th.

Besides, over 2,000 year-old plays, Bird and Ajax will be staged in China National Grand Theatre.

- 1:55 A.M. EST, Oct 18, 2007

Shanghai: Air Passengers with E-tickets Enjoy 20% Discount on Maglev Train

It's reported that air passengers with e-tickets can enjoy 20% discount on maglev train in Shanghai. Even if passengers don't have itinerary receipt or other material evidences, they can still get the discount through giving reliable e-ticket numbers, flight numbers and valid certificates.

- 1:52 A.M. EST, Oct 18, 2007

Beijing Capital Int'l Airport: Express Channel Opened for Tour Groups

An express channel is opened for tour groups of 25 passengers or more at Beijing Capital International Airport, which helps to reduce the time to three minutes from checkout to the boarding gate.

Every group passenger just has to fill in an application form to apply for this service in advance, and the airport staff in the passenger service center will help to transact the relevant procedures and make corresponding preparations. Passengers can fill the application form at the airport, or apply the service through phone, fax, email, or the website of Beijing Capital International Airport.

- 1:51 A.M. EST, Oct 18, 2007

The 11th Huangshan Int'l Tourism Festival to Held

It's reported that the 11th Huangshan International Tourism Festival is to be held from November 4th to 10th in Huangshan City, Anhui Province.

On the theme of 'Charming Huangshan, Harmonious Huizhou', this festival is mainly made up of nine activities. It includes the opening ceremony, international forums on Huangshan destination marketing and Huashan Mysterious Grottoes, Xihai (West Sea) Grand Canyon Exploiting Travel, experiencing travels of the rural life, performances given by Sweden Valla City Art Troupe and Beijing Xuanwu Art Troupe, photographic exhibitions about Huizhou, Tibet and Dunhuang, and an international walking festival.

The opening ceremony will be held on the Century Square of Huangshan City. Then, over 20,000 people will take part in the activity, including honored guests and visitors from home and abroad as well as Chinese citizens from all fields. Meanwhile, China Central Television (CCTV) will participate in the planning and performance of the opening ceremony.

- 1:16 A.M. EST, Oct 17, 2007

Chongqing: Luggage to Checked if Taking Buses at the Terminal

Chongqing Bureaus of Road Transport Administration announces that if passengers take the buses at the terminal in Chongqing, their hand-baggage will be checked as of October 12th. It's prescribed that those inflammable, explosive, and other dangerous goods are not allowed to take aboard.

- 2:07 A.M. EST, Oct 16, 2007

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