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WT-Namibia 02:14 Days Tour of Namibia: Windhoek - Swakopmund - Cape Cross - Skeleton Coast Park - Kaokoland
  • Day
    Arrival in Namibia

    After arrival at Namibia International Airport, you will transfer to check in the hotel. There are no activities arranged today.

  • Day

    The whole day is an adaptive tour. You can choose to participate in some activities according to your own needs. In this process, you will get to know the important history and some vital spots of Namibia. After two-day’s adaptive tour, you are going to begin the following journey.

  • Day

    Today you will leave Windhoek for Namib Desert in the center part by way of the Atlantic coastline and the main vacation places. Later you will arrive in Swakopmund around the noon. It has a fame of the Capital of Summer, which is surrounded by plain beach and various levels of holiday village. It is no doubt a coast resort with a museum built in 1951. Thus, you will take a tour in Swakopmund in the afternoon.

  • Day
    Namib Desert

    Travel to Namib Desert in the morning, and then tour there. Formed in 8000 years ago, Namib Desert is regarded as the oldest desert in the world. And Namib Desert gives the country the name as Namibia. The dunes blew by fierce wind spread between Sesriem and Sossusvle touradon areas. Namib is a cool coastal desert, with a meaning of “where there is nothing” in Nama language. Namib Desert is famous for its bright red sand. In the afternoon, you will return to Swakopmund and the rest of today is free for you.

  • Day

    This morning, you will go on your trip in Swakopmund. You can go to visit museums here and have a meal at a local characteristic restaurant. After that, you will move on to Cape Cross. Poker Rose Angle is a cape in Skeleton Coast. In 1486, Portugal explorers once set a stone cross here, leaving it such a name. Every October, over 200,000 seals would gather and mate here who are the biggest breeding group in Namibia.

  • Day
    Northern Namib

    Today you are going to northern Namib to visit the ancient Museum Crater. In the mean time, there are abundant in the history of Namibia and you will get to know and experience it here.

  • Day
    Skeleton Coast Park

    Today’s tour will take you to visit Skeleton Coast Park. It faces sea on one side, and other three sides are surrounded by desert. German invaded Namibia in 19th century, but never conquered Skeleton Coast. It was said that one German troop entered Skeleton Coast but all got killed for loss of direction. There were some other foreign fleets who attempted landing here, but most of them stroke a reef, sank and became the food of fish since the wave. That’s why people call it Skeleton Coast with fear. Although looking down from the coast you can see the desolation, it is a paradise for explorers, tourists and fishermen.

  • Day

    The whole day will spend in Kaokoland today. In the afternoon, you will pay a visit to a local traditional village. People there are the first habitant nomadic tribe with a history over 300 years.

  • Day
    Southern Namib

    Go back to the south, during which you will see an Indian leopard protection zone. It is the only place you can see Indian leopard in Namibia so that this trip becomes particularly precious.

  • Day

    You will go to visit a farm which plays an important role in the history of Namibia. There you can know more about the country.

  • Day
    Meteorite crater

    Today, you will go to visit the biggest Comets crater till now. Then you will arrive in a small country camp. In the afternoon, you will tour around the place and have opportunities to see antelope and other wild animals living here.

  • Day
    Ju/Hoansi Bushman village

    The whole day is planned to visit the traditional Ju/Hoansi Bushman village. The earliest Dutchmen who colonized South Africa named the nationality as Boschjesman. After Boer War those English who occupied the place changed its Dutch name into an English name—Bushman, meaning “the jungle man”. The race spreads in several African countries, and most of them live in Namibia. They have distinctive differences from other races, and their original ancestor race is still unknown. You will have close contact with those Bushman to know about their life and culture.

  • Day
    Go back to Windhoek

    Transfer back to Windhoek today. For its long distance, you will spend most of the day on the way, and you will stop by several spots for visit.

  • Day
    Departure from Namibia

    You will first go to visit the central business district and market in Windhoek. After that, you will transfer to the airport and take a flight departing from Namibia.