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WT-MYA07:1 Day Private Bagan Sightseeing
Starting from US$69 per person
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    One-day Bagan Tour

    The one-day private Myanmar Bagan tour will start with the Mount Popa. Our experienced guide and driver will come and get you at the appointed time. After a warm greeting, we will take a ride to the Mount Popa. Along the way, the guide will give you a brief introduction of today's itinerary. We will arrive at the destination after around 1.5 hours. With an elevation of 1,518 meters (4,980 feet), Mount Popa is a famous extinct volcano in the middle of Myanmar, around 50 kilometers (30 miles) to the city center of Bagan. Standing quietly on the Bagan Plain, this marked mountain is regarded as the main pilgrimage site for disciples of the Nat Religion, with a number of hiera and pagodas of Nat. The Mount Popa is also renowned for Popa Taungkalat Monastery, which is considered as the residence of the Gods, and it is a place for people to worship 37 divinities of Nat Religion as well. Every year it attracts a lot of devout believers to pay their homage and respects. It is amazing to view the Mount Popa at a distance because the mountain looks like a pillar towering into the sea and the temple was built right on the top of the almost vertical cliffs. Energetic visitors can choose to climb the mountain on foot to appreciate it more closely. In addition, Mount Popa means the Mountain of Flowers in Burmese. Along the way, you will see fragrant flowers and exotic herbs are dancing gently in the breeze, and some beautiful butterflies and rare birds are also flying around you in the meanwhile. Afterwards, we will lead you to Popa Mountain Resort to enjoy a hearty meal. It can also provide you a good angel to have a glimpse of the Mount Popa on the opposite.

    After lunch, you will be escorted back to Bagan. On the way, we will make a stop at a palm sugar workshop, where you can observe the making process of this kind of sweet. If interested, you can have an opportunity to try it in person under the master worker's guidance. After that, accompanied by our guide, you will then pay a visit to the Shwezigon Paya Pagoda. Built in 1087, it is one of the best-known four pagodas in Burma, with the largest scale and the longest history. It is the representative of the Burmese architectural style in earlier times, with the entire body covered with gold. If weather permits, you will have a glimpse of the gorgeous sunset over there. At that time, this pagoda will be glittering under the sunlight, and this breathtaking view could absolutely leave you a deep impression.

    After that, this one-day private Myanmar tour will come to an end and it's time to say goodbye. Our guide will then send you back to your hotel. If you want to extend your travel in Myanmar, please feel free to contact us. We will be pleased to provide you more detailed information.

    Meals: Lunch

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