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WT-Mexico 01:9 Days Trip of Mexico: Mexico City - Puebla - Veracruz - Tabasco - Merida - Chitzhenza - Cancun
  • Day
    Arrival in Mexico City

    Fly to Mexico. Upon arrival in Mexico City at night, you will transfer to check in at the hotel.

  • Day
    Mexico City/ Puebla

    You will appreciate the beauty of this city and its natural treasure, culture, art and historical legacy. You will visit the Central Square, the National Palace, the cathedral, the opera and the Latin Mansion. After taking a sight of Guadalupe cathedral lying on the TEPEYAC Mountain, you can climb the solar and lunar pyramid which lies in Teotihuacan (meaning god in India) and the Quetzalcoatl temple, an important divine spirit worshipped by ancient Aztecs and Toltec. The relics will be observed after lunch as well as the colonial city Puebla after driving through Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl volcano.

  • Day
    Puebla/ Veracruz

    Today, you will go to colony Puebla and then sight-see the Pyramid of Cholula, the largest pyramid in the world. You will also find the Diba Nappa pyramid in the mountain. After driving through Sierra Madre you will arrive at Veracruz which reminds people of the beautiful Mexico harbor, forest and palatable fresh sea food. You may take a evening-city tour if you like.

  • Day
    Veracruz/ Tabasco

    Following the pleasure trip to the San Juan Prison which is situated in a little island in Veracruz, you will visit the inviting natural landscape and harbor scenery of the Veracruz Harbor. Then, head to the Carter mark Lake who has got the title the Lady of the Lake. After crossing the lake, the most famous island, Isla de Changos (Monkey Island), will come into your view. After the boating tour on the lake, you will continue to have fun in Villahermosa, a city locating in Tabasco where is rich in oil resources, a lot of oil drilling pads could be seen there.

  • Day

    Today’s tour will begin with the visit of the open-air museum and La Venta Park. You will see quite a few statuses of Olmecs in the ancient culture such as Aztec culture, Mayan culture and other kinds of culture. Besides, you will also get the opportunity to meet various local animals. Following the pleasant tour, you will go on another trip to the Bay of Campeche, and then the lunch will be arranged on the coast near Sabancuy or Champoton.

  • Day
    Bay of Campeche/ Card Bach/ Uxmal/ Merida

    You will have a brief tour of the history center of this city. Bay of Campeche is well protected by bastions and the city walls which were used to defend against the pirates` attack. After that, you will go to Card Bach by bus to see The Mayan Arch, CHAAC, and The Rain God of Maya. In the afternoon, you will go to Uxmal to visit the Magic Pyramid which is located in the entrance of the ancient ruins. You will arrive Merida at night.

  • Day
    Merida/ Chitzhenza/ Cancun

    Pay a visit to Mérida which is named as “white city”. The beautiful Mérida is the capital of Yucatan State, built by Spanish Francisco de Montejo on the relic of Maya in 1542. The cathedral San Ildefonso was built with stones of pyramid. Mérida is the most tranquil and peaceful city in Mexico. After that, you will drive to Chitzhenza to visit the ancient Kukan pyramid which is also called El Castillo. After climbing this building, you will see the observatory and monument, and the guide will explain the thousands of Cylindrical Gods. After having lunch in Chitzhenza, you will leave for Cancun to end this cultural journey.

  • Day
    Candelaria - Ceibal - Flores

    On the way to Flores, you will see Candelaria Caves, which is one of the most spectacular underground grottos groups on the earth. Then you will continue to visit Ceibal Archaeological site, the fertile soil here nourishes the prosperous tropical plants.

  • Day
    Departure from Mexico City

    Drive to the airport and take an international flight leaving from Mexico.