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Lebanon is on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Southwest Asia. The country manages to attract the world's attention with its very rich history, ancient cities, Roman ruins, luxurious ski resorts, bucolic charm and Islamic architecture etc. Once known as the "Paris of the East", Beirut is Lebanon's capital, principal port, and largest city to welcome all the tourists.

Tour Code: WT-Lebanon 01
7 Days Adventure of Lebanon: Beirut - Zahle - Baalbeck - Hermel - Taanayel - Shouf Cedars reserve

Departure: Daily
  • Day
    Arrival in Lebanon

    You will fly to Rafic Hariri International airport of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. After arrival, you will transfer to the hotel and take a good rest. If time permits, you can go sightseeing freely near the hotel.

  • Day
    Beirut - Zahle

    In the moring, you will go to visit the Beqaa Valley and the vehicle you plan to choose will be bicycles. Beqaa Valley lies in the north end of the East African Rift Valley. Nowadays, the cultivated land of Beqaa Valley has covered 40 percent of Lebanon and the main crops are wheat, maize and cotton. In the north part of Beqaa Valley, the rainfall is limited and animal husbandry plays an important role, and in the south, there is a large area of vineyard. You can pass through the valleys and villages by bus to go sightseeing to their heart’s content. Afterward, you will go to Kefraya to taste the wine and then leave for Zahle.

  • Day
    Zahle - Baalbeck

    Today, you are scheduled to visit the famous temples of Baalbeck. The meaning of Baalbeck is “the sun city”, which is a recommended important scenic spot. It will undoubtedly be a pity if you do not see the temple when you are in Lebanon. Afterwards, you will go to Hermel for a visit and know about the life of local people. On the way, you will also cross the Orontes River. After the visit, you will leave for Baalbeck.

  • Day
    Hermel - Zahle

    Go back to Hermel this morning. You will visit the Orontes River by the sightseeing boats. Afterwards, you will get to Taanayel for a visit and then return to Zahle.

  • Day
    Zahle - Beirut

    The spot you should not miss today is the Shouf Cedars reserve, which is the largest natural vocation resort in Lebanon with the area of as wide as 500 square kilometers. You will pass through the white pine forest, where you will have the chance to see some rare wild animals if lucky enough. The white pine is the national tree of Lebanon and Lebanon itself also has the good reputation of “country of white pines”. The national flag of Lebanon is in red and white and a green design of white pines is printed in its center. After the visit, you will return to the capital Beirut.

  • Day

    Today’s tour will begin with the visit of Jeita Grottoes, one of the most beautiful caves in the world. It lies in the north of the capital Beirut and there are huge stalactite and stalagmites assembled there. It is also regarded as one of the seven natural wonders in the world. After the visit here, you will go to the coastal port of the Mediterranean Sea. Then you will be arranged to take the small and exquisite yachts to travel in the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Day
    Departure from Lebanon

    In the morning, you will first visit Beirut freely and then go to the airport to take a flight flying back home.