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WT-Kenya 01:6 Days Trip of Kenya: Nairobi - Treetop - Nakuru - Masai Mara
  • Day
    Arrival in Kenya

    You will fly to Kenya, the Star of Africa. Being one of the cradles of human beings, Kenya boasts its human skull fossils with a history of about 2.5 million years. In addition, it is one of the East African countries that possess political stability, perfect medical facilities and more than wealth. You will land in Nairobi which is well known as "the Little Paris of East Africa" and "Green City under the Sun". The sightseeing tour will start directly upon arrival. You will appreciate Kenya Exhibition Center, the Cathedral and Parliament outside and check in a hotel after dinner.

  • Day
    Nairobi - Treetop

    The famous hotel Treetop (about 3 hours drive) is your destination. You will take pictures at the sign of the Equator on the way and have fun by standing at the center between the Southern Hemisphere and the Northern Hemisphere. In addition, the locals will issue a certificate for you to show that you have passed the equator line. Being the first hotel built on the top of trees, Treetop owns three layers and 50 cabin-style standard rooms. It is said that when Princess Elizabeth was in the hotel, King George VI unfortunately died suddenly. With the coronation of Elizabeth, the hotel became famous overnight and people regard it as a lucky place bringing luck for visitors. Stay in the remodeled hotel, you will witness natural scenes, such as drinking and hunting animals. If weather permits, you will be lucky to see the highest snow peak in Kenya with a far view. After checking in the hotel, you can join in the visit to Aberdare National Park organized by this hotel.

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    Treetop - Nakuru

    You will drive to the bird sanctuary in Nakuru National Park (about 3 hours ride), which is also known as Lake Flamingo. During the way, you can stop at the Thompson Falls and take pictures at the Equator. In addition, you will go through the magnificent East African Great Rift Valley which reaches nearly 1/6 of the way round the earth. The valley is the worlds biggest rift zone, and it is called "a big crack on the earth". After arrival in Nakuru, you will check in a hotel for rest. After lunch, you will travel to the famous Lake Nakuru to enjoy the splendid natural scenery of the lake and admire millions of flamingos and other rare birds.

  • Day
    Nakuru - Maasai Mara

    You will head to the largest wild life reserve in the world - Massai Mara Game Drive Reserve (about 6 hours drive). It is the most concentrated habitat for animals and the most colorful prairie where animals like lions, cheetahs, elephants, giraffes and zebras can be found everywhere. You can go further into the reserve by taking a special coach to seek and search animals. The fantastic sunrise and sunset provide a chance for city residents to enjoy the wonderful nature and experience relaxation and happiness.

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    Masai Mara

    Today, you will direct to Mara River which is the border between Kenya and Tanzania. If weather permits, you will reach its bank to watch hippos and crocodiles. For security and natural condition reasons, your residence time here is uncertain. If you are lucky enough, you can watch one of "50 landscapes for life to witness", that is, the Animal Great Migration of Crossing Mara River. Starting from early July and ending at late October, the crossing happens in Masai Mara National Wildlife Reserve and millions of animals are squeezing and trampling to cross the river here. Only in Kenya will you appreciate such a splendid scene, of course, it is hard to find but lucky to have.

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    Masai Mara - Nairobi - Departure from Kenya

    You will drive back to Nairobi in the morning and then transfer to the airport for the flight back home.