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WT-Israel 02:9 Days Tour of Experiencing the Jewish heritage in Israel
  • Day
    Arrival in Israel

    Upon arrival by international flight at the biggest metropolitan area of Israel, Tel Aviv, which is also the key economic area with the densest population in Israel, you will be transferred to the hotel to relax and get prepared for the following tour.

  • Day
    Tel Aviv

    There will not be any arranged activities for you this day. You will be free to take a rest to get rid of the travelling exhaustion as well as to get over the jet lag. Another option for you will be exploring Tel Aviv by yourself and experiencing the glamour of the city preliminarily.

  • Day
    Tel Aviv - Caesarea - Haifa - Rosh Hanikra

    This full-day tour will begin with a bus ride to Caesarea located in the north of Tel Aviv. You will visit many historical sites there like the urban ditches, the arena etc. Then, a birdview of Haifa city from the top of Mount Carmel will be presented for you as well as the Naval Museum. After the activities in Haifa, the bus will lead you to Acre to experience the ancient harbour and the local market by foot. Rosh Hanikra will be your last stop of this day and you will rest at the hotel in Farm Kibbutz.

  • Day
    Safed - Banias - Tel Hai

    You will begin this days trip in Safed, the center of Kaballa Movement. And the two most important Jewish synagogues, Joseph Caro synagogue and Ha Ari synagogue will be included in the tour there. Then SUVs will carry you to the Golan Heights and you will stay at Tel Facher for a while (which was once a Syrian camp) to enjoy the Banias Springs. And at the end of this days tour, the "Roaring Lion" Monument in Tel Hai will be seen.

  • Day
    Beit Shean - Jerusalem

    After breakfast, the bus will lead you to this days first station Tiberias to visit the Rambams Grave and then to Beit Shean, the largest Archeological park in Israel, to tour many places of interest. Then, after seeing the splendid Gilboa Mountain, passing the Jordan Valley and praying at Mount Scopus, you will finally be at Jerusalem by the end of this day.

  • Day
    Jerusalem (the Old City)

    A full day will be spent in the Old City of Jerusalem. The King Davids Tomb in Mount Zion will be presented for you first followed by four Sephardic synagogues along the ancient Roman road Cardo. Then you will visit the Western Wall, Davidson Center and Arab Bazaar. And the Tower of David Museum will be the last stop of this full day.

  • Day
    Jerusalem (the New City)

    Just as the sixth day, it will also cost you a whole day to finish visiting the New City of Jerusalem. First, in order to learn about the unique life of the ultra-orthodox Jews, the orthodox diocese of Jerusalem, Mea Shearim will be the right place to go. Then the bus will transfer you to the Knesset. Next, as one of the important museums in the Middle East, the Israel Museum will be a must to visit. You will see the Shrine of the Book and the model of Jerusalem in the Second Temple period there. After visiting the museum, the bus will take you to the Mount Herzl (the Military cemetery) and the Holocaust Memorial Museum. Finally you will visit the Ammunition Hill, which was turned from a Jordanian army fortress into a national museum after occupied by Israel.

  • Day
    Qumran - Massada - Dead Sea

    You will begin this days tour with passing through the Judean Desert by bus after breakfast. After a short break at Qumran, you will continue the trip to Massada. Upon arrival there, the trams will lead you to visit the ancient castle and other historical sites like the ancient walls, churches, bathrooms etc. Then you will enjoy your lunch at the Dead Sea Coastal Resort Hotel and visit the Dead Sea after the lunch.

  • Day
    Dead Sea

    There will not be any arranged activities for you this day so that you will be able to enjoy yourself freely.

  • Day
    Departure from Ben Gurion Airport

    After breakfast, you will go to the Ben Gurion Airport for your homeward flight. And you will end this trip.