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WT - Isreal 01:11 Days sightseeing in Isreal and Jordan You are invited to travel Tel Aviv, Caesarea, Haifa, Nazareth, Tiberias, Jerash, Amman, Medeba, Patra, Eilat, Kibbutz, Mitzpeh Ramon, Masada, Dead Sea, Jersalem and Bethlehem in these 11 days.
  • Day
    Arriving in Isreal

    Take flight to the second largest city of Isreal- Tel Aviv, which is also the largest Metropolitan Area, the most populous zone and also economic hub of Isreal. The bus will take you to the hotel after you arrived. There you could have a rest and adjust jet lag to make preparation for the following tour.

  • Day
    Tel Aviv - Caesarea - Haifa

    In the morning, we would drive to the Mediterranean ancient city- Caesarea, which was once the most luxurious imperial city along the Mediterranean coast. Within city wall, built along the sea, huge buildings, such as, amphitheater, arena and heat-water bathing pond stand in good order. There you will visit numerous historical sites, for example, Caesarea national park. Then you will drive to Haifa to visit Bahai Garden. It is the first architectural complex listed as the world cultural heritage site in the world.

  • Day
    Haifa - Nazareth - Tiberias

    After breakfast we will drive to Nazareth, the New Jerusalem of Christianism where Jesus started preach career. After that you will go to Gamla Nature Reserve, an open park, which mainly includes water tower, city wall, synagogue, a cataract and a church in Byzantine times. At last we will move forward to Galilee Lake and enjoy the beautiful scenery of sunset.

  • Day
    Tiberias - Jerash - Amman

    This day, you will visit Jordan. In the morning, we will drive to Jerash, which was first built in the Greek Period and now there are many historical site of Roman period. After that we will go to the capital of Jordan- Amman. On the way, you can enjoy the scene of camels and cars moving forward in parallel. After arriving in Amman, you will go straight to the hotel to have a rest.

  • Day
    Amman - Medeba - Patra

    Today, you will start the Jordan tour formally. First you will go to Medeba which enjoys the great prestige of City of Mosaics. It is the cradle of mosaics decorative art. There you will visit the mosaics techniques studio and exhibition room. You will also climb Mount Nebo with an elevation of 870 meters. Looking to the west from the top, you can see Dead Sea and Jordan River. What’s more, there is also a church built in 4th century standing on the top of the mountain. After the visiting, you will go to Patra Hotel to have a rest.

  • Day

    In the morning, we’ll go to Patra city, an historical site in the south part of Jordan. As one of the mysterious old cities in the desert of the south Jordan and one of the most famous historical sites in Jordan, Patra is well known as one of the “New Seven Wonders” in the world nowadays. In the Hollywood movie The Transformers II, the so-called “Energy torch” is just hidden here. Having finished the visit here, you will go for the Red Sea Eilat.

  • Day
    Eilat - Kibbutz - Mitzpeh Ramon

    After the breakfast, you will visit the communist farmland Kibbutz first, where you can learn the real situation of the communist community. Then, you’ll head for Mitzpeh Pamon, which is as beautiful as the Grand Canyon in the America. What attracts us most is not only the natural scenery and the historical relics, but also the feeling of holding the breath in the illimitable desert.

  • Day
    Mitzpeh Ramon – Masada - Dead Sea

    Today, we’ll drive to Masada, a world famous culture relics as well, the second place for Jewish people with reserved castle relics. Masada, the last castle before the decline of the Jew 2000 years ago, keeps a palace castle of the Jewish King Herod in it. There are also other relics: the ancient Rome style bathroom and stream room, water storage tank, tombstone, theatre, christen church in Byzantine Period as well as fragment of the classic Jewish prayer book. After the visit, you will move to see the Dead Sea and check in at the hotel there.

  • Day
    The Dead Sea – Bethlehem - Jerusalem

    In the morning, we’ll drive to Bethlehem, a small area with great reputation for it’s the fabulous birth place of Jesus Christ. In this sacred place, there is a church to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, which is second important to the church of the Holy Sepulchre. You will visit several scenery spots, like Basilica of the Nativity, the Mountain of Olives. According to the records, it is from the Mount of Olives that Jesus entered into the Jerusalem a week ago before his death. Then you will climb to the top of the Mount of Olives to overlook the full view of the Jerusalem.

  • Day

    After the breakfast, we’ll drive to the cradle of the western civilization-Jerusalem, a city famous as the holy place for the three great religions. As soon as we arrive there, we’ll pay a visit to some famous spots like Tower of David, Western Wall, and etc. The Western Wall, the imprint of twice reconstructions and damages of the Holy Palace, is the spirit home of the Jew for their 2000 year’ drifting about, as well as the most divine place in their minds. You will spend the whole day there.

  • Day
    Jerusalem-Tel Aviv-Back

    In the morning, you will back to the most romantic Mediterranean city-Tel Aviv. Arriving there, you can stroll along the Tel-Aviv-Yafo old city leisurely. Then, we’ll drive to the airport and leave Isreal as the end of the wonderful Isreal-Jordon trip.