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WT-Iran 03:12 Days Tour of Iran: Tehran - Shiraz - Persepolis - Pasargad - Isfahan - Kerman - Bam - Yazd
  • Day
    Arrival in Iran

    You will fly to Tehran, the capital city of Iran. Tehran is not only the biggest city of Iran, but also the biggest of West Asia. All the activities will be arranged on your own after arrival.

  • Day
    Tehran - Shiraz

    You will spend all day long in Tehran. As the capital of the old country, Tehran has a long history with plenty of renowned museums in it. You will head to visit the archeology & Glassware Museum, the Carpet Museum and so on to get a deep understanding of Persian culture. In the evening, you will move to Shiraz by plane.

  • Day
    Shiraz - Persepolis

    Persepolis was the second capital of Achamenian dynasty. It is one of the world heritages now and left numerous cherish historical sites to the world. The whole day will be spent in Persepolis to visit these precious sites. You will have a deep impression on magnificent and splendid history of Persepolis by visiting these grand relics.

  • Day

    Shiraz is one of the oldest cities in Iran and also the largest city in the middle of Iran. Today’s tour will be started here. You will first visit the Eram Garden with the traditional Persian style, then proceed to the Narenjestan Palace and the Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque. The last destination today is the tombs of Hafezie and Saadieh, who are the great poets in Iran.

  • Day

    In the morning, you will take the bus to Kerman. As the largest city of southeast Iran, Kerman was built in the third century, which is known for its high quality and fancy diversity of carpet. In the journey to Kerman, you will go by Sarvestan and visit the Sassanian Palace. Sassanian was the last dynasty of ancient Persia.

  • Day

    You are going to stay in Bam for the whole day. Bam was named as a world heritage site by UNESCO for its unique historical cultural landscape. It is the largest adobe complex in the world, so you will not miss the Arg-e-Bam today, which was ever the biggest soil structure building in the history. After that, you will visit the Shah Nematolah-e-Vali Shrine in Mahan and then return to Kerman afterwards.

  • Day
    Kerman - Yazd

    In the morning, you will travel around Kerman to see the typical Persian complex, such as the Ganj-Ali-Khan Complex with grand bazaar, public bathrooms and caravanserai inside already. Then, you will visit the Friday Mosque. In the afternoon, you will drive to Yazd, an oasis city right in the middle of the south and north desert.

  • Day

    From time immemorial, Yazd was an important transit station from Persia to China. Zoroastrianism used to regard Yazd as their core zone and set up their headquarters Atashkadeh here. The Towers of Silence, which was ever the holy land for Zoroastrians to hold celestial burial, will be your first stop to visit. After that, you will proceed to visit the Fire Temple, the Friday Mosque and the Dowlat-Abad Garden. In addition, the old city and grand bazaar are also included.

  • Day
    Yazd - Isfahan

    Today, you will leave Yazd for Isfahan by bus. During the journey, you will first visit the private house built in 17th century in Nain and then visit the Friday Mosque in Ardestanand after that.

  • Day

    Traveling around Isfahan will be your major schedule today. Isfahan is the third largest city of Iran. You will pay a visit to the Vank Cathedral, two famous ancient bridges---Sio-se-Pol and Khajou, the fantastic Chehel Sotoon palace and grand bazaar, etc. All of these are the symbols of Isfahan as well as Persian culture.

  • Day
    Isfahan - Tehran

    You will continue to look around Isfahan today to visit more attractions that represent the city, including the Ali Qapou Palace and the Imam & sheikh Lotfollah mosque. After finishing the tour, you will fly to Tehran.

  • Day
    Departure from Iran

    The whole morning is free for you. In the afternoon, you will transfer to the airport and take a flight leaving from Iran.