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Tea Wares

Tea wares- China tea culture

In China, people think different teas prefer different tea wares. Green tea prefers glass tea ware, scented tea porcelain ware while Oolong tea performs best in purple clay tea ware.

In its long history, tea wares can not only improve tea quality but also by-produce a tea art. Skilled artisans bestow them artistic beauty.

Tea wares consist of mainly teapots, cups, tea bowls and trays etc. Tea wares had been used for a long time in China. The unglazed earthenware, used in Yunnan and Sichuan provinces for baking tea today, reminds us the earliest utensils used in ancient China. Tea drinking became more popular in the Tang Dynasty (618 --- 907) when tea wares made of metals were served for noblesse and civilians commonly used porcelain ware and earthenware. In the Song Dynasty (960 --- 1279) tea bowls, like upturned bell, became common. They were glazed in black, dark-brown, gray, gray/white and white colors. Gray/white porcelain tea wares predominated in the Yuan Dynasty (1271 --- 1368) and white glazed tea wares became popular in the Ming Dynasty (1368 --- 1644).

Teatops of Different Sizes, ChinaTeapots made of porcelain and purple clay were very much in vogue during the middle of the Ming Dynasty. Gilded multicolored porcelain produced in Guangzhou,Guangdong Province and the bodiless lacquer wares of Fujian Province emerged in the Qing Qynasty (1644 --- 1911). Among various kinds of tea wares, porcelain wares made in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province and purple clay wares made in Yixing, Jiangsu Province occupied the top places.

Nowadays, tea wares made of gold, silver, copper, purple clay, porcelain, glass, lacquer and other materials are available.

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  • ReplySusan Henry,   United States
    2011/2/3 23:27:00

    Thank you for this clear digest of types of Chinese teas. My great Aunt Lois taught High School in China from 1919 to 1945. I am seeking the kind of tea she used to drink. Maybe I will find it now. The taste and smell bring back warm and happy memories.
    Thank you.