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Later Han

As the most ephemeral dynasty of the Five Dynasties (907 - 960), the Later Han Dynasty experienced only four years with two emperors in Chinese history.

In 947, Khitan chieftain, Yelü Deguang sighed 'never thought that it is so difficult to rule the people of central China', and then went back to the north regretfully. For a minute, central China presented a serious situation without a ruler, until Liu Zhiyuan occupied the sovereign and established Later Han by making use of his military power and political maneuvers, hence 'Times produce their heroes'. Liu Zhiyuan had ever helped Shi Jingtang – founder of Later Jin out of danger twice. Thus, Shi Jingtang was moved and began to pay attention to Liu Zhiyuan. Additionally, Liu Zhiyuan was a taciturn person well-known for his simplicity of life and strictness with the army, so he was given important positions and missions by Shi Jingtang, and had an opportunity to strength his power in Taiyuan.

Originally, the capital of Later Han was in Taiyuan (Shanxi Province today), where the reign title of Later Jin was continued to use. Later Liu Zhiyuan led his army southwards and entered Daliang (Kaifeng City in Henan Province), which was then made as the capital of Later Han.

After the establishment of Later Han, Liu Zhiyuan decidedly adopted his wife - Empress Li's advice, and took out the properties of the palace to award his soldiers and called for fighting against Khitan to cultivate popularity, it did take some effect. Besides, he had ever tried his best to resist Khitan's aggression during his reign, which did play an active part in restoring and developing the production of central China in a way. However, Liu Zhiyuan died less than a year after coming to the throne. Liu Cheng, son of Liu Zhiyuan, inherited the throne from his father at the age of 18. In spite of Queen Dowager Li's dissuasion, Liu Cheng butchered many wise ministers which finally led to him forfeit the sovereign.

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