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Alcohol always accompanies delicious dishes either when people first meet or when old friends have a reunion. China produces liquor, beer, wine, yellow wine, and fruit wine. However China mainly produces liquors distilled. The most famous Chinese liquor is Maotai, a 55-percent spirit made of wheat and sorghum that, for centuries, has been produced in Maotai Town, Guizhou province. Besides, Wuliangye and Erguotou are also popular among people.

Drinking in ChinaIn ancient times, wine seldom dominated, although there are evidences suggesting it had a long history. Wine and its brewing technology were once introduced from the neighboring regions in the Han, Tang and Yuan dynasties. During the Tang dynasty, wine was popular and was highly praised by many famous poets. It was served as the designated offerings for the Royal Ancestral Temple during the Yuan dynasty, since the ruler was addicted to it.

The amber colored yellow wine is unique product of China and is deemed as one of the three ancient alcoholic beverages in the world.

Alcoholic beverage like today's beer called li, was produced long ago, very little although. When maiden were to become adults, they would drink li to celebrate the time.

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  • Replygowher,   India
    2011/12/29 23:40:00

    aiochol are classfied on three bases
    1 .fermented
    2.fermented and distilled
    3.fermented distilled and flavoured

  • ReplySayan Saha,   India
    2010/5/28 8:58:00

    I need the classification of alcohol in briefly for my knowledge and i am a medical representative and a doctor want to know from me about the classification of alcohol and soap

    • anna :2010/5/28 19:55:00

      in China, alcohol can be devided into liquor, beer, wine, yellow wine, and fruit wine.

    • suzane ( Bolivia ) :2011/2/8 11:49:00

      your a doctor you should know the classyfiction seeing how high up your in there

    • S.Afridi ( Pakistan ) :2011/12/9 5:54:00

      Alcohol can be classified as:
      1.Alcohols with one hydroxyl group-Monohydric alcohol
      2.Alcohols with two hydroxyl group-Dihydric alcohol
      3.Alcohols with four hydroxyl group-Trihydric alcohols
      4.Alcohols with four hydroxyl group-polyhydric alcohols
      The saturated Monohydric alcohols have the same general formula CnH2n+OH or ROH.Their functional group is -OH.

  • Replymukesh dimri,   India
    2010/8/17 11:35:00

    i want to know about alcohal and there clacifiction with pic.i m a student.