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Chinese Alcohol

Alcohol is part of Chinese folklore. In modern China, alcohol remains its important role in folklore despite many social vicissitudes. It still appears in almost all social activities, and the most common circumstances are birthday party for seniors, wedding feast and sacrifice ceremony in which liquor must be the main drink to show happiness or respect.

An ancient goblet – Chinese alcoholIn ancient China, since alcohol was regarded as sacred liquid only when people made sacrificial offerings to the Heaven and the Earth or ancestors was it used. After the Zhou dynasty, alcohol was deemed as one of the Nine Rites and every dynasty put much emphasis on alcohol administration to set up special ministries to manage alcohol producing and banqueting. Later, along with the development of zymotechnics and brewery, alcohol became ordinary drink. Thus, many customs concerning alcohol formed and evolved which had and have various relationships with our daily life.

Hereunder classification will give you an idea of Chinese alcohol family.

Alcohol and social activities enables people of different cultural backgrounds to understand Chinese alcohol culture and folklore.

Drinking game (Jiuling) is a very traditional Chinese game. Learning about the cultural facts of the game may interest your drinking in China. It is much more interesting than dicing.

The splendid drinking vessels Chinese people made across centuries enable people to appreciate a few exquisite crafts and acquire tips of drinking along the trace of alcohol.

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  • ReplyWayne,   China
    2010/5/18 2:54:00

    China Liquors have a very great history sourcing back from the time of creation. But nobody know how to distill the alcohol into a high degree of liquor until recent centuries, as I learn from Gin's production information, the Monks(two to three centuries ago),who invented the methods to distill alcohol in order to manufacture medicines curing disease. and this method spreaded out from Europe and passed to China.
    This is an interesting story,which shows us the way human beings learning from each other!
    I am from a Liquor factory in Luzhou, White Wine's hometown. we have wine that directly from Factory 63 degree for mix wine and appreciation purpose. pls email me if you like to try. Bravo! that should certainly be!