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WT-Guatemala 02:12 Days Trip of Guatemala: Antigua - Chichi Market - Atitlan Lake - Copan - Quirigua - Tikal - Palenque
  • Day
    Arrival in Antigua

    After arrival in Antigua by air, you will transfer to check in the hotel and have a good rest to prepare for your upcoming dreamy tour.

  • Day

    Professional bilingual tour guide will take you around Antigua for a half day travel. You are scheduled to visit the cathedral, Palacio de los Capitanes, La Merced church, San Francisco Church, and some historical museums and jade shops as well.

  • Day
    Antigua - Chichicastenango - Atitlan

    Today you will pay a visit to the colorful markets of Chichicastenango and St. Thomas Church that integrates the ancient Mayan rituals with mysticism and traditional religious. After the tour, you will move forward to Panajachel in Atitlan.

  • Day
    Atitlan Lake

    In the morning, you will take a sightseeing trip to the San Diego village via the Atitlan Lake. There you are going to visit the Mayan god Mark Simon, learn the spirit and faith of Tzutujil Mayas. At last, you will travel to Guatemala.

  • Day

    Getting across the border between Guatemala and Honduras and for only a few miles you will find yourself in the midst of beautiful Copan towns with colonial characteristics. In the afternoon, the tour guide will take you to the Maya Site of Copan, the most important cultural center of Copan that is featured by flourishing carving techniques, astronomy and hieroglyphs. Then, the rest of the day will be free for you.

  • Day

    Today, you will return to Guatemala to visit the Mayan Temple protected by UNESCO. This beautiful Quirigua-based temple is well-known for its rock carvings.

  • Day
    Peten Lake

    Today you will travel to Tikal, the cultural center of Mayan civilization by car. After lunch, you will take a boat trip to Peten Lake. There you can relax yourself by enjoying the beautiful lake scenery.

  • Day

    In the morning, you will head for Tikal National Park to visit the majestic Mayan Temple often echoed with sounds of naughty monkeys and chirping birds chirping. There you can visit the Temple IV, the Plaza Central and the Mundo Perdido in the company of tour guide.

  • Day

    Getting across the border between Guatemala and Mexican you will see the beautiful Usumacinta River in the small town Tenosique. In the afternoon, you are free to enjoy yourself in the enchanting natural scenery of Palenque.

  • Day

    Today you will visit Palenque, a historic and cultural city of Mexico and a site of ancient Mayan city. The peak period for Palenques development is between AD 600 and 700 during which a certain number of buildings were built, and many of those are preserved so far, thus Palenque is also known as "Athens of America". Palenques main buildings are a palace and five temples named as Palenque Palace, the Temple of the Sun, Temple of the Cross, Temple of the Foliated Cross, the Lion Temple, and the Temple of the Inscriptions.

  • Day
    Flores - Guatemala

    You will be driven to Flores in the morning, and then fly to Guatemala and check in the hotel.

  • Day
    Departure from Guatemala

    You will get to the International Airport in the morning and then take a flight flying back home.