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Guatemala is one of the cultural centers of the ancient Mayan. But sadly during the war which was just ended in 1996, many Mayan were killed and the cultural relics and historic sites were destroyed. Although the peace has fallen and the country is democratized again, travelers need to be careful with their personal safety.

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8 Days Guatemala Tour: Guatemala City - Chichicastenango - Lake Atitlan - Antigua - Tikal - Flores
12 Days Guatemala Tour: Antigua - Chichi Market - Atitlan Lake - Copan - Quirigua - Tikal - Palenque
Tour Code: WT-Guatemala 03
10 Days Trip of Guatemala: Antigua - Santa Catarina - Lake Atitlan - Antigua - Cobán - Flores - Tikal

Departure: Daily
  • Day
    Arrival in Antigua

    After arriving at Antigua International Airport, you will go to check in the hotel by bus and then recover from the jet lag.

  • Day

    Today, you can ride through the Almolonga Valley to visit the Ciudad Vieja, the location of the former capital of Guatemala, which has been destroyed in an earthquake in 1541. Along the way, you can visit the base of Australian nut-tree farm- San Antonio Aguas Calientes, a town famous for its outstanding basketry art. If choose another way, you can go through a vast expanse of coffee production base. After lunch, you will visit the ancient cobbled street, the ruins and museum, all of which reflecting the colonial period characteristic.

  • Day
    Santa Catarina

    In the morning, you are going to visit Iximche, located in Tecpán, the Maya Cakchiquel city established in 1463, less than a century before Spanish invading. The people of Cakchiquel plays a decisive role when Span conquering the area of Guatemala. You can also see the relic of Iximche. Then you will visit the Santa Catarina on foot after having lunch at the local restaurant. 

  • Day
    Lake Atitlan

    This morning, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lake Atitlan, the deepest lake in Central America by ship. Then you will go on your journey by boat and get to Cerro de Oro. After two hours’ hiking, you will leave for Santiago Atitlán, the largest lakeside village, known for the Maximón. You will visit the Maximón, an idol compromising the Maya gods, Catholic saints and the legend images of Spanish conqueror. The local people will accept all the presents except for alcohol and tobacco.  

  • Day

    Today, you will visit Parque Chuiraxamolo, the best Central American canopy tour. After appreciating the beautiful lake, you will transfer back to Antigua.

  • Day

    Travel to Antigua by bus and you will visit the orchid garden and coffee garden in the afternoon.

  • Day

    You will visit the beautiful Semuc Champey, a natural over bridge through Cahabon, on which suspending a series of small ponds and pools. The Cahabon disappears at the exit of Semuc Champey. But it will reveal at a distance of 400 meters after passing through the natural stone bridge. Because of the special structure of this path, you may see emerald turning into sapphire when watching the river. In the afternoon, you will visit Lanquin. The huge beautiful house group, constructed with limestone, shows its unlimited natural charm. Lanquin caves are considered to be a mysterious place by many Mayan people and they think it’s “the heart of heaven”. The depth of the stone house is considered “the secret of centuries is hidden”.

  • Day
    Candelaria - Ceibal - Flores

    On the way to Flores, you will see Candelaria Caves, which is one of the most spectacular underground grottos groups on the earth. Then you will continue to visit Ceibal Archaeological site, the fertile soil here nourishes the prosperous tropical plants.

  • Day
    Tikal National Park

    Today, we will visit Tikal, the most famous city in Maya Culture. Here you will feel the fusion of nature and archaeology. Large numbers of wild animals, Maya forest, and the ancient temples with thousands of years’ history views the emerging, prosperity and decline of this planet silently.

  • Day
    Departure from Tikal

    After breakfast, you will go to the airport and then fly home.