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WT-Germany 01:9 Days Trip of Germany: Berlin - Hamburg - Cologne - Frankfurt - Munich - Bonn - Nurnberg
  • Day
    Arrival in Berlin

    You will arrive in Berlin with stopover in Frankfurt. If you arrive in Berlin early, you can go sightseeing in the city by yourselves and use this rare leisure time to have a thorough view of this green city.

  • Day

    In the morning, you will go to visit Gedächtniskirche which has profound historical significance. It was destroyed during World War II and the ruins signify that West Berlin renovated itself from the broken bricks and tiles after the war. It is now regarded as a monument against war and destruction with no reason. Then you will proceed to visit the Berlin Empire State Building. The Empire State Building was the last fortress Hitler kept during World War II and also the place where Hitler and his mistress committed suicide. Now, its name has changed into Reichstag. After that, you will move on to visit the relics of the Berlin Wall. The remaining Berlin Wall is divided into several small sections and all of them are preserved as historical relics, witnessing the separation and unification of Germany. Next, you will continue to visit the Brandenburger Gate. After the falling of the Berlin Wall, Brandenburger Gate became the symbol of the reunification of Berlin. Brandenburger Gate was considered as a symbol of peace at that time, but now it becomes one of the most famous symbolic buildings in Europe.

  • Day
    Berlin - Hamburg

    After breakfast, you will take a bus to go to Hamburg, which is the second largest city of Germany. Hamburg is a city born of water and has been one of the largest ports in Europe since 16th century. Your first stop here is the famous Lake Alster, which is a hot place of interest in Hamburg or even in whole Germany. Then you will visit the Basilique Mchel. It stands in the north side of Elbe River and it is a symbolic building of Hamburg. Climbing up to the gazebo of Basilique Mchel, you will be able to have a full view of the Elbe River, Lake Alster and Hamburg Port. At last, you are going to visit the Hauptkirche Sankt Jacobi, which is one of the five major Protestant cathedrals in Hamburg. It has now become one of the popular tourist attractions in Hamburg.

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    Hamburg - Cologne - Bonn

    Today, you will travel to Cologne by bus to visit the famous Cathedral of Cologne. It is the largest cathedral in north Europe and still the most popular scenic spot in Germany for tourists. Besides the Cathedral of Cologne, the well-known Cologne 4711 perfume is also a symbol of Cologne. It is the oldest cologne perfume in the world. Thus your second stop in Cologne is the Cologne Perfume Museum. There you will be able to testify the historical points of perfumes with varieties of pictures and document materials. After that you will move on to Bonn by bus.

  • Day
    Bonn - Frankfurt

    The morning tour will begin with the visit of the famous Beethoven Square. Bonn is the hometown of Beethoven. People from Bonn built the Beethoven Square in memory of this great musician in their hearts. After that you will travel to Frankfurt by bus. Upon arrival you will go to visit Roemerberg, which is a central square in the old urban area of Frankfurt. For most tourists, it is always the first stop to visit in Frankfurt. With the square as a center, there are many buildings around it worth sightseeing. Next to Roemerberg, there is another famous sightseeing spot lies in the southeast of Roemerberg, which is Paulskirche. Pauskirche was the location of German National Assembly in 1848. After World War II, it is no longer regarded as a cathedral, but a site for major exhibitions and activities.

  • Day
    Frankfurt - Munich

    Take a flight to Munich, the capital of Bavaria State in the morning. After arrival, you will go to visit the Nymphenburg Palace. It is a Baroque castle located in Munich and also was the summer palace of Bavarian rulers. After the visit of Nymphenburg Palace, you will proceed to visit the New Town Hall of Munich. This building has gradually become one of the most attractive landmark buildings in Munich after the city authorities moved into the hall. There is the largest puppet show clock in Germany on the 85-meter-tall bell tower of New Town Hall. The content of the puppet show is the wedding ceremony of William VI in 1558. There are many tourists looking up to the tower and watching the fascinating performance every day.

  • Day
    Munich - Fussen - Munich

    In the morning, you will take a bus to Fussen which lies at the foot of the Alps. The old city of Fussen is full of historical romance. It is also a comfortable place for walking and shopping. The most important reason for you to come here is to have a view of the New Swan Stone Castle. Built in 1869, the New Swan Stone Castle is called a castle of fairytales. The four lakes scattering around the castle are all blue and clear. The inspiration to design the castle was drawn from an opera, thus it was destined to be a beautiful castle like a dream from the beginning. After the visit, you will go back to Munich by bus.

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    Munich - Nurnberg - Berlin

    You will transfer to Nurnberg by bus. Nuremberg is the central city of the State of Bavaria, Germany and also an important city for sightseeing in Germany. There are a lot of remaining attractions and the most inviting place is Nuremberg Castle. As a Middle Age castle built in 1332, it can be regarded as a symbol of Nuremberg. After you arrive in Nuremberg, you will go to the famous Nuremberg Castle directly. The castle was destroyed during World War II and rebuilt after the war ended. Now it becomes one of the important landmark buildings of Nuremberg. After the visit of Nuremberg Castle you will move to Berlin by bus.

  • Day
    Departure from Berlin

    After breakfast, you will have some relaxing activities in the morning. You can have a chance to view the beautiful sceneries of Berlin again before you leave Germany. In the afternoon, you will transfer to the airport and depart from Germany by air. That is the end of your pleasant journey to Germany.