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Packing List
  1. What clothes should I pack?
  2. What medicines should I bring?
  3. How should I dress for the Tang Dynasty Dance and Music Show?
  4. Should I bring an electric converter?

Question: What clothes should I pack?

Answer: Your packing list will depend on the time and destinations you will be visiting in China.

Spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) are not very cold and are the best times to travel in China. You will need shirts and light sweaters in most of China, but heavy jackets if you are traveling in the northern part of China. In winter (December to February), it is freezing cold in north China. You will need a down coat. Summer is very hot, sometimes reaching 40C (104F).

If you are going to Tibet or Xinjiang, you might need to take one or two choices of clothes for each season because the temperature in these places varies greatly. It is possible to go through four seasons' temperatures in a single day.

Comfortable shoes are also very important. If you are going to be doing a lot of climbing, shoes with high sides and a hard sole will be the best choice. If you will only visit big cities, low- heeled light shoes will be very comfortable.

We have more details for your reference at the following page: What to Bring

Question: What medicines should I bring?

A Answer: Besides the medicines you usually take at home, you need to bring pain killers, anti-inflammatory prescriptions and medicines for colds, fever and diarrhea. These medicines are especially helpful if you are going to visit Tibet.
Please note that if you have problems with internal organs, such as heart, kidney, lungs etc., or if you have hypertension, or if you have a cold, you should not go to lands with high altitude, such as Tibet.

Question: How should I dress for the Tang Dynasty Dance and Music Show?

Answer: There is no special dress requirement for this show, but some travelers like to dress up. If you have time to change your clothes after the day's tour, we suggest that you dress as you would for any formal occasion, like the Opera in Beijing, and the welcome and farewell dinners during the Yangtze Cruise. Jackets and ties for gentlemen and a formal dress or gown for ladies are recommended.

Question: Should I bring an electric converter?

Answer: Yes. The AC power standard in China is 220V/50Hz. Hotels have 120VAC/60Hz/3 prong plugs available in bathrooms, but they are not widely available. We recommend you bring your converters along.

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