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WT-Ethiopia 01:7 Days Journey of Ethiopia: Addis Ababa - Arba Minch - Chamo Lake - Abaya Lake - Awasa - Wondo Genet
  • Day
    Arrival in Ethiopia

    Take flight to Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. Addis Ababa is the place where the African Union’s Headquarter locates and is also the Metropolitan city at highest elevation. After arriving, you will be driven to the hotel and assisted with check-in procedures. Then you can choose either to stay at hotel to have a good rest or tour around in downtown area.

  • Day
    Addis Ababa - Arba Minch

    You will leave for Arba Minch in the morning by bus. Arba Minch is the biggest city in South Ethiopia. There are several rift valley lakes on the way to Arba Minch and you can have some time to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. You will have lunch at Walyta sodo and then move on to the destination. In the afternoon, you will arrive at Arba Minch, which is 510 kilometers away from the capital, Addis Ababa.

  • Day
    Arba Minch - Chamo Lake& Abaya Lake

    In the morning, you will head to the Nech SAR national park, one of the wildlife protection areas in Ethiopia. The national park has a feature of highest terrain in Africa and possesses many lakes as huge water containers, among which there are two most famous ones: Chamo Lake and Abaya Lake. Part of the habitat consists of the grassy plains and forest and you will be surprised by some wild animals here. In the afternoon you will go for a cruise on Chamo Lake. Later, you will visit Crocodile market and the bridge of heaven to see hippos, Crocodile and various species of birds.

  • Day

    Today, you will ride to Awasa and have lunch on the way. Surrounded by mountains, Lake Awasa is considered to be an important habitat for innumerable birds and also a very beautiful place for visitors.

  • Day
    Awasa -Wondo Genet

    You will go to the fish market in Awasa in the morning and then visit the bird protection area, where you can view various rare birds, like Cormorants, Pelicans, Fish Eagle, Kingfishers, etc. Afterwards, you will head to Wondo Genet. In Wondo Genet you will have the opportunity to enjoy the spring water, join an exciting adventure in forest, or observe the birds in wild. After all these activities, you will go back to the hotel where you may see Coloubus monkey sometimes nearby.

  • Day
    Wondo Genet - Addis Ababa

    Today you will ride back to Addis Ababa. Abjata and Shalla National park are two sights you are going to visit on the way. Shalla National park is the habitat of many water birds, especially Pelicans and Flamingoes. After the visit, you will return to Addis Ababa by bus.

  • Day
    Addis Ababa - Departure from Ethiopia

    Today, you will have a full day tour in Addis Ababa. As a famous African city, Addis Ababai is the Headquarter of African Union and Economic Commission of Africa. The city possesses numerous tourist attractions, as museums, etc. It also has the largest open-air market in Africa--Merkato. Today, the first stop will be the National Museum of Ethiopia. The museum houses many precious historical relics, like the fossilized skeleton of precious Australopithecus afarensis found in Ethiopia. The skeleton, named Lucy has been identified to be a young female. The complete skeleton discovery ensures anthropoid’s walking form. You will pay visits successively to Ethiopian Studies Institute Ethnological museum, Trinity Cathedral, and Merkato market. After all visits, you will finish the pleasant trip in Ethiopia and travel to the airport for a flight departing from Ethiopia.