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Drinking Water & Electricity

 Drinking Water

As a necessary medium of metabolism, water is a source of life and an important component of the human body, 75% of which is water. In order to supplement the water used by the human body, people have to drink a certain amount of water every day, so drinking water is closely linked with people's health.

In China, the three main types of drinking water are bottled water, direct drinking water and tap water rationed by water terminals.

Bottled water includes mineral and pure water. Mineral water is the water gushing out of the earth naturally or discovered and dug by people. It is unpolluted groundwater containing some mineral salts, microelements or carbon dioxide. Drinking mineral water is good for people's health. Pure water is the water in a hermetic container which has been processed through chemical and physical methods. During the process, the beneficial microelements and minerals are removed together with the harmful germs, organic substances and other admixtures. Thus, pure water becomes a kind of strong solvent. As a result, drinking too much pure water can lead to malnutrition, declining immunity, fatigue and other health problems.

Direct drinking water includes the natural spring, well, river, and lake water that is usually used by the rural people in China. Although it is not really safe enough for drinking, it contains the beneficial elements and substances for the human body, and some of the spring water is effective to cure some skin diseases like the Huaqing Hot Springs in Xian.

Tap water rationed by water terminals is river and lake water purified by the water company and then rationed to the consumers by pipes. It must be boiled before drinking.

Most hotel rooms in China are equipped with a water dispenser, providing you with both hot and cold water. Some hotels provide hot water in thermoses while others may just offer you a water heater, and you then have to boil the tap water yourself. Four and five-star hotels in China commonly provide you with a dispenser filled with high-quality mineral water in your rooms, and this service is mostly free or has a small charge.

Bottled mineral or pure water and various beverages are sold everywhere in China, including street stalls, shops, supermarkets, hotel stores, all kinds of restaurants, pubs, scenic spots and so on.


The voltage in China is 220V, 50 HZ. In most hotels' bathrooms, you can find an outlet for 110V but it is advisable to bring an adapter with you. Generally, there are two kinds of socket in China, flat blade plug and V-shaped flat prongs. If your plugs have different configurations, you will also need a plug adapter.

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