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Post and Telecom

 Postal Service
Post offices in cities and towns can provide a convenient service in China. Besides letters and airmails, you can also use Express Mail Service (EMS) and DHL, TNT, FedEx etc. in post offices. Domestic letters usually cost CNY 0.60 or CNY 0.80, while the fare of EMS is usually more than CNY 20. The postal rates of international mail vary depending on the destination, the weight of letters or parcels, the method of mail delivery, etc., so it is best to consult the clerk in local post office.

 Telephone, Telegram and Fax
While traveling in China, you can easily find a telephone in hotels, post offices and street kiosks. If you want to make a domestic long-distance call, you have to dial the area code with a prefix 0 first. You can also make international calls in post offices and hotels. Generally, local calls are free when you make them in hotel rooms. You can also buy IP cards in post offices, which can make long-distance calls and international texting cheaper.

Cyber cafes are readily available in most cities. Most hotels and some restaurants also provide Internet services. Generally, you can surf the Internet quickly and smoothly, but the fees do vary.