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Since there are many photogenic attractions in China, photography is important for many visitors. If you bring your camera or video camera, you have to declare it before you enter into China. All the security X-ray machines in airport are film-free, and most brands of film are readily available in China, however, professional film may be not easy to find. You can also trust the film processing most cities provided because the quality is quite acceptable. If you are in a hurry, they can even provide a one-hour service.

Some tips on taking photos:

A. Never take photos in sensitive areas such as military base, airfield, etc. and other sensitive areas where photography is forbidden.

B. Ask for permission before taking photos of other people.

C. Some tourist attractions do not allow photography. So you'd better look for the sign or ask for the staffs before taking photos.

D. You had better buy enough films in big stores or supermarkets before you go sightseeing as that is cheaper and the film more reliable.