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Travel with Children

If traveling with children, here are some tips:


For an infant younger than 2, the fare for flights is 10% of the full fare. However, the infant may not occupy a seat and must be accompanied by an adult. If the child is between 2 and 12 years of age, the fare is 50% of the full fare.

Children who are between 1.1-1.4 meters (about 3.61-4.59 ft) high can buy train tickets at half price. An adult can take one child below 1.1 meters for free; if an adult takes more than one child, the additional child must have a half price ticket. Children who are more than 1.4 meters in height are not eligible for discounted tickets.

 Hotels and Restaurants: Most hotels and restaurants in China do not provide childcare facilities; it is advisable to bring your own. Some objects in the hotel room such as ashtrays, shampoo and tables may injure children by accident; keep an eye on your children.

While traveling, it might be difficult to feed infants. Take additional water and food when traveling in rural and remote areas; in addition, bring extra diapers and toilet paper.