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Group/Individual Travel in China

 Group Travel
The simplest and most comfortable way of traveling to China at a reasonable price is in a group. Participants will have their itinerary, hotel accommodation and meals, and sightseeing program booked in advance. The price offered by the travel agency will cover nearly all the expense occurring during the trip, so you will not have any additional costs except shopping.

As soon as you arrive in China, a tour guide supplied by the local travel agency will pick up you at the airport. He/she will accompany you in the future days and is in charge of taking you to the scenic spots. If your group has more than ten members, a permanent Chinese guide will be allocated in addition to the local guides.

All these guides are very competent, both in terms of organizing the trip and in their knowledge of the country and its sights, and their ability to communicate. They could deal with all kinds of situations and help you to avoid many difficulties, greatly enriching your trip in China.

Besides your appointed itinerary, some tour operators also offer trips around a theme regarding Chinese civilization such as calligraphy, acupuncture, martial arts, or sometimes language. After the guided tour, you may give the tour guide and driver some tips as you wish.

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 Individual Travel
For those individual travelers, three ways could be chosen.

The first, also the most comfortable but, accordingly, the most expensive way is to book a full package tour through a travel agency. Everything is pre-booked, including the flights, journey, accommodation, meals and transfers. Like group travel, a qualified tour guide from China travel agency is available in each town to help with putting together and arranging a sightseeing program.

The second way is booking a mini-package tour. The travel agency is only responsible for booking flights, accommodation and transfers while the travelers have to plan the sightseeing program themselves. Normally, the traveler is met at the airport or railway station of each town. He/ she then is taken to the hotel where a travel agency counter is set. Traveler could discuss their plans for sightseeing there and have them arranged for a fee.

The last one is a completely independent travel, without any pre-booking. This form of traveling in China has increased in recent years since it seems to be more flexible and freely. The travelers of this kind have to arrange everything, the flights, accommodation, meals, transfers and sightseeing program themselves. Cumbrous as these things are, they provide you a good chance to contact Chinese people and practice your ability to deal with various unexpected events. In order to make the travel smooth, you are recommended to book an air or rail tickets and an accommodation as soon as you arrive.

Tailor-make a trip

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