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There are specified regulations on the exit procedure, that are quite simple.

 Certificates required when leaving China

Again you are required to present the valid passport and Chinese visa when exiting from the country. All travelers should leave the country within the allotted stay-period marked on their visas.

 Customs Declaration

What you have declared to be taken into China when entering the country is required to be brought out of the country. Otherwise, for all missing items on your Entry Customs Declaration, you will have to pay import duty. For the articles which have been deposited at customs, you have the right to collect them again and take them out of China unless they were rotten.

Also there are two channels for you. Take the red one if you have anything to declare, otherwise simple take the green channel.

When to take the red one

Anyone who takes all the things mentioned on the page of Entry listed under When to take the red one in an excessive quantity will be required to declare.

Anyone who wants to convert RMB into their own currency is required to present the exchanging slips obtained from the Bank of China when the foreign currency or travel's check was exchanged into the Chinese currency.

Anyone who takes more foreign currencies than what was declared when entering the country is required to show a legal warrant of Taking Foreign Currency Out Of The Customs Territory issued by China State Foreign Exchange Administration Bureau.

Anyone who takes more gold, silver or other related product (including silverware or craftwork) than what he has declared when entering the country is required to show the purchase receipt (a special purchase receipt issued by the Bank of China would be obtained on purchasing)

The total value of Chinese medicinal materials taken out of China should be less than RMB 300 Yuan; to those heading for Hong Kong and Macau, the upper limit is RMB 150 Yuan. Medicinal materials made from rare animal, such as musk, antler, leopard and tiger bone, rhinoceros horn and elephant skin, are restricted or forbidden to be exported.

Anyone who takes any antique out of China is required to declare it at customs. All the antiques or related products should bear the appraisal marks issued by the related Chinese culture administration department and the legal export sales warrants are also required.

Therefore, tourists should take note whether an antique or related product bears the appraisal mark not when purchasing it. Do not take any non-appraised antiques out of China.

Any hiding or smuggling of antiques without declaration at customs will be severely punished by related Chinese laws.

How much money is allowed to take out of China?
Less than USD 5,000 or equivalent in other foreign currency that is taken out of China doesn’t require declaration. If the amount if USD 5,000 – 10,000 or equivalent, one must declare at the customs and it is necessary to apply for the Foreign Currency Holding Permit issued by the bank.