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Clothing is one of the important things in your preparation. Be sure to answer questions below before making your choices.

     1. Have your learned enough info on the climatic feature of the destination city you are going to visit?

     2. Have you determine which period (the exact month) your travel itinerary is falling on?

Bear in mind the principles below when packing your bags.    

1. Wear in layers: Like peeling an onion, you should take clothes in layers to adapt to climatic variations. The clothes should be easy to put on or take off. The secret is to take sweat-releasing underclothes, a warm-preserving middle level and a rainproof and windproof outer garment. Cotton T-shirts or sport shirts are recommended for the underclothes for their ventilating nature. The sweater or woolen is good choices for warmth and the waterproof outer clothes should also be easy-ventilated for its easy-releasing of heat.

    2. Choose light clothes with multi-functions such as headgear, hidden pockets and slide fastener instead of thick ones with fasteners.

    3. Choose comfortable footwear with thick-soles and soft-uppers for mountain climbing. Do not take leather shoes, sandals or other tight shoes. Prepare cotton socks or stockings. One thing important is to bring a comfortable slipper with you if you are not willing to take the public one in some hostels or guesthouses in remote areas.

    4. Choose bright color clothes and caps in case of taking a long walk under the sun in summer.

For some special activities such as mountain climbing in Tibet, river rafting or surfing, you will need to prepare more professional clothing and equipment.