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What to Bring

Bring as little as possible.

Files and Documents: Passport, Visa, air/train ticket, ID certificate, destination map (if you have one), travel itinerary, address list

Personal Articles for Use: personal tooth brush, towels, bathing articles, contact lens solution, daily toiletries, comb, sun glasses, suntan oil, shaving items, disinfectant tissues and bandage

Clothing: underwear, night-ware, slippers, one suit of clothes to replace what your wear. For details on what to wear in China, please read Clothing.

Money: credit card, traveler's check, and cash with a little change

Backpack: a sturdy backpack or knapsack (furnished with shoulder straps), a suitcase ( only in case that there are regular luggage-carry services between different means of transportation), a smaller satchel (for carrying daily items and cameras with you when you deposit the larger backpack or suitcase at hotel), a waterproof bag (to keep checks, passport, visa, tickets and other important files)

Others: camera, films, batteries, electrical converter, alarm clock (if needed), a pen and memo pad (to write down something important during your travel), necessary cold, indigestive and anti- allergic medicines, umbrella, etc.

I want to say
  • Replycheng
    2013/7/3 1:39:00

    I wanna ask if I need show money to visit hongkong for only 2 nights? I'm from Philippines.

    • Tom :2013/7/3 18:07:00

      yes, the show money is required. as you are going to stay for 2 nights, you should have at least USD 300.