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 Quarantine Check

This is the first check you need to complete on arrival border control. Like many other countries, China has specific inspection regulations on the quarantine check.

Anyone carrying or shipping microorganism, human body parts, biological product, blood or other specified items are required to declare them to the hygiene & quarantine department at border control, otherwise they will be denied entry.

Travelers with any luggage or items that are considered to have any possibility of spreading epidemic disease are required to complete the hygiene check.

Any traveler coming from an area known for yellow fever are required to show a valid certificate of inoculation against the disease.

Any foreigners who have AIDS, infectious pulmonary tuberculosis or leprosy will be denied the entry.

Any travelers who plan to live in China for more than one year are required to show a current blood test certificate indicating AIDS-free and will have to take a future blood test at an appointed quarantine department.

 Frontier Inspection

Foreign travelers are required to accept the frontier inspection when entering China. Every traveler is required to show his/her valid passport, Chinese Tourist Visa and complete the Entry/Exit Registration Form.

There are two channels for passengers, one red (Declaration Channel), the other green (Non-Declaration Channel). Choose the red one only if you have something to declare, otherwise take the green channel.

When shall I take the red one?

According to the related laws in China, visitors are allowed to bring into China a limited quantity of the items listed as below:

necessary articles of camera, portable radio-recorder, portable video camera, portable word processor (limited to one piece)
1.5 liters of alcoholic beverages
400 cigarettes
50g (2 ounces) of gold or silver
foreign currency up to the value of USD 5,000
Chinese RMB up to 6,000 Yuan

For travelers carrying the above mentioned items in a quantity exceeding the set amounts such as cameras, video cameras, computers, gold and silver, printed and recorded materials, or any other items exceeding those required during your stay in China, the declaration is mandatory. In addition, if you have something that you may not take out of China when you leave the country, you will also need to declare these items. You will have to take the red channel and complete the Customs Luggage Declaration Form.

If you are not sure which channel should be taken, simply take the red one.

When shall I take the green one?

If you are positive that you have nothing to be declared, take the green channel.

 What may not be taken into China?

The list of articles that are denied entry into China include:

     1. Firearms, replica firearms, ammunition and explosives of all kinds

     2. Counterfeit currencies and securities

     3. Printed matter, films, photos, gramophone records, cinematographic films, loaded recording tapes and video-tapes, compact discs (video & audio), storage media for computers and other articles which are deemed detrimental to the political, economic, cultural and ethics of China

     4. Deadly poisons of all kinds

     5. Opium, heroin, morphine, and marihuana and other narcotic or hallucinatory drug

     6. Infected animals, plants or their products; injurious insects and other harmful organisms

     7. Foodstuffs, medicines and other articles from epidemic-stricken areas or other potentially infected items

 Who will be denied the entry ?

Anyone without the valid passport, Chinese visa or other valid entry certificate
Anyone with a counterfeit or altered passport or anyone holding another person's passport or certificate
Anyone who refuses to accept the checks
Anyone who is denied entry by the Ministry of Public Security of the State Council and the Ministry of State Security of the P.R. China
Anyone who is deported from the country by the Chinese government with an entry-deny period
Anyone who is considered to be related to any activities of terror, violence and other antisocial behavior

 Dual Nationality

China does not accept dual nationality. The Nationality Law of China holds that as soon as a Chinese citizen takes foreign citizenship, they will automatically forfeit their Chinese citizenship.