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Silk clothes in a shop, Beijing, China

China is a country with a vast territory and splendid civilization. Chinese people belong to a nation with a rich imagination and creativity. Artisans create arts and crafts with fine workmanship especially for tourists. These products are practical and unique, teaching tourists about China. For a long time they are considered ever-longing treasures by the tourists from abroad. In addition these products provide chances for the oversea tourists to know more about China.

For thousands of years silk has been an emissary transmitting Chinese civilization to the world. It conquered the world by its distinctive glamour, florid color, soft smooth character and rich cultural connotation. The creation of silk is a great contribution made by Chinese people to the entire civilization of the world. Thousands of years have passed and science has undergone world-shaking changes, while silk comes from a little silkworm, as always.

Jade Product of China

China is the home of tea. Regardless of age, gender, occupation and position, Chinese people love tea. In China, tea is not only a plant or drink, it also represents a culture and art considered an indispensable part of the splendid Chinese civilization. Enjoying tea is a good way to better understand Chinese people and culture. Tea is good for physical health. In addition, it is good for spiritual health because to some extent tea culture is a sort of philosophy.

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Shadow puppet, what to buy in China

Porcelain is another very important dedication made by Chinese people to the whole world. Meanwhile Chinese porcelain has a very good reputation throughout the world for its high quality and exquisite design. The most famous producing area for porcelain in China is Jingdezhen in Jiangxi Province. Most of the porcelains produced here are daily life used ones and furnishing used ones. A great many sorts of porcelains will make you feel content.

Chinese painting is a unique art throughout the world. For a long time Chinese painting has had its distinctive flavor and deep sense of traditional culture admired internationally. Painting is a vital component of Chinese cultural history providing visual enjoyment and enlightenment.

There are many other worthy products including replicas of Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses in Xian, shadow puppetry in Shaanxi Province, and tie-dye in Yunnan Province, and so on.

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