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Interurban Transport

Interurban Transportation


  • Hard-sleepers, train in China
  • Hard-sleepers on a train, China travel

Soft-Sleeper (berths):
  • The corridor of Soft-sleepers, China tour
  • Soft-sleepers on a train, China
  • Neighboring soft-sleepers, China transportation

Dining Car
  • The dining car of a train, China travel

Water Closet
  • The water closet on a train, China

Hot Water
  • Hot water on the train, China travel
  • A Waiting Room of the Beijing Railway Station

 Tour Bus:
  • A  Public Bus in Beijing
  • The interior of a tour bus, Yunnan

 Transportation in a city

  • Entrance to a subway station, Shanghai
  • Platform of a subway, Shanghai
  • Inside a subway, Shanghai

  •  Taxies, Xian
  • Taxies in Shanghai

  • A bus, Beijing
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