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Traffic Safety

Traffic safety is an important factor for your travels, and to guarantee a pleasant journey, we would like to share with you some general information about traffic safety in China.

When traveling in China, a country that is developing towards urbanization with a large population, you should pay more attention to road safety especially when you are traveling in and to the cities by yourself.

Roads in China are often divided into vehicle and non vehicle lanes and footpaths. When walking out, please use the footpath and when there is no footpath, walk along the right-side of the road. When crossing the road, please choose the overbridge, underground passage or zebra crossing, and please watch carefully for on-coming vehicles. Don't cross the road diagonally or sprint. When riding a bicycle or pulling out in a vehicle, use the correct roadways, keep a safe distance from other vehicles, control your driving speed - especially in rush hour, obey the traffic lights rule ('red for stop, green for go, and yellow for caution') seriously at intersections. When taking a bus, be on your guard against pickpockets and hold on the rails tightly when you are standing on the bus. When taking a coach, prepare some medicine for any travel sickness, fasten your seat-belt especially on the crooked, narrow and steep mountain road, and try to chat with others or enjoy the scenery outside of the window in order to avoid being mugged or suffer any unpredictable incident.

On the planes, listen to and follow the stewards' instructions seriously and fasten your seat-belt. Try to stay aware, thus you can think of ways to help yourself if an incident occurs. On the trains, pay attention to the attendants' instructions and warnings about safety, sleep in turns with your companions - especially at night and be more careful of your personal property when the train stops at a station, where lots of people are getting on and off. On boats, be aware of where the life buoy is after embarking. If one does fall overboard, cry out for help and take off your shoes and throw away heavy things in your pockets, but don't take off your clothes in order to conserve warmth for rescue.

Before your travel, try to know about the weather of your destination in order to avoid planning your trip in bad weather such as rainstorms, sandstorms, mud flows as well as other natural disasters. Additionally, the conditions of the roads to your destination should also be taken into consideration, traffic accidents usually happen on tortuous, rugged and rocky roads, so choosing a better road and a proper vehicle is important. Furthermore, the vehicles have to be checked thoroughly and carefully like ensuring good tyre pressure and condition, having sufficient fuel and properly maintained brakes. Our advice is to take out Personal Accident Insurance for your trip in advance in order to minimize the loss from accident, injury or personal property.

Call 122 or 110 for help once you meet a traffic accident, if your vehicle happens to breakdown or if you experience any other troubles during your trip. You can ask the traffic policemen for help directly if you can speak a little Chinese and if necessary, you can also contact the embassy or consulate of your country in China.