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Civil Aviation

Beijing Capital International Airport

China Civil Aviation is the same age as the People's Republic of China. After more than 40 years of development, China Civil Aviation has made strides that surprise the economic world with a first-class fleet and world-class service. The improvement of the construction of airports and supporting facilities has given China Civil Aviation a totally new outlook. In 2003 there were 143 high quality airports in China. In 2004 the total number of travelers by China Civil Aviation was more than 100 million. It was a new record in the history of Chinese aviation. However, Chinese people are making constant efforts to make the whole Chinese aviation industry get better and better. Recently electronic air tickets, a totally new service in aviation in China, have been provided for the guests from all over the world, which greatly improves the quality of Chinese aviation service.

Established on 1st December 1949, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) consists of Air China (CA or CCA), China Southern Airlines (CZ or CSN), China Eastern Airlines (MU or CES), and Hainan Airlines (H4 or CHH) and some other local airlines like Spring Airlines, Shanghai Airlines and Sichuan Airlines.

Since the birth of CAAC, China Civil Aviation has been growing steadily. By the end of 2004, scheduled flights had reached 1,200, among which domestic flights (including Hong Kong and Macao) accounted for 975 and international flights 225, and 133 other domestic flights (except Hong Kong and Macao). Thus, a large air transport network has been formed, connecting 127 domestic cities and 80 cities in 38 foreign countries.

Air transport is the fastest and most convenient means for your travel in China, and you can take airport shuttle buses to the airport, or if time is limited, taxis are also another choice, though it is a little more expensive.

Most airports are equipped with the following services: consulting service, e-ticket service, lost and found office, luggage service, medical treatment service, infants' room, changing room for passengers, public telephone, smoking room, commerce center, banks, post office, and water fountains. Besides, on the flight, you can enjoy free meals, drinks and even some reading materials, and the stewards are available whenever you need help.


Xian Airport, Xian
Pudong International Airport, Shanghai

  Air Tickets

Ok Tickets: with a fixed flight time and a reserved seat.
Open Tickets: without a fixed flight time and an unreserved seat.

Normal Fare: including first class, business class and economy class tickets, one year's valid period. These tickets are more expensive but also more flexible. The necessary materials to buy these tickets include passport and visa.

Special Tickets: including Travel Ticket, Group Ticket, Chartered Flight Fare, Student Ticket, and Discounted Ticket. These tickets are more economical but often with lots of limitations like specified airlines, fixed flight and date times and nonrefundable status.

Infant Ticket: for children under 2 years old, 10% of a full price ticket but without free luggage.
Child Ticket: for children between 2 and 12 years old, 50% or 75% of a full price ticket.
Adult Ticket: for passengers over 12 years old, full price ticket.

You can book air tickets at the airport, through travel agencies, ticket-booking offices, hotels or over the Internet (E-tickets have many advantages like lower cost, greater convenience and more simple booking procedures). When considering the price of the tickets, one should not forget the additional airport tax charge. Passengers with Diplomatic Passports, transit passengers and children under 12 years old are exempt from this charge.

 Premier Air Routes of China: 
Beijing to Guangzhou, Beijing to Shanghai, Beijing to Hong Kong, Beijing to Frankfort, Shanghai to Los Angeles, Guangzhou to Singapore, 397 flights altogether per week. Attendants on these routes are the standard for the rest of the industry, the hardware equipment and service are both of first class level domestically, and you can even enjoy morning tea and your birthday on the plane!. Punctuality on these routes reaches up to 90%, the percentage of error in luggage transport must be less than 0.01% and the air safety record is zero accident.