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Time Difference

China's vast territory spans five time zones from the west to the east. For convenient communication in daily life, Beijing Standard Time (GMT+8) is used throughout the country, which is 13 hours ahead of New York and two hours behind Melbourne.

Xinjiang Province and Tibet are located in far west China, creating an obvious time difference of about two hours behind Beijing. With the adoption of Beijing Standard Time in the whole country, tourists from inland China to Tibet or Xinjiang Province may feel a little strange about their style of living. People there go to work at 10:00 and have the lunch at about 13:30. If tourists want to buy something in the marketplaces, you had better set out after 9:30, especially in winter.

We have the standard time in other cities around the globe, with 12:00 in Beijing as your reference.

City Time City Time City Time
Bangkok 11:00 Ho Chi Minh City 11:00 Rangoon 10:00
Berlin 05:30 Honolulu 18:00 Rio de Janeiro 01:00
Berne 05:00 Jakarta 11:30 Rome 05:30
Bombay 09:30 Kuala Lumpur 11:30 Rwanda 05:00
Brussels 04:00 Lisbon 04:00 San Francisco 20:00
Budapest 05:00 London 04:00 Santiago 24:00
Buenos Aires 01:00 Manila 12:00 Seoul 13:00
Cairo 06:00 Melbourne 14:00 Singapore 11:30
Calcutta 09:00 Mexico City 21:00 Stockholm 05:00
Cape Town 06:00 Moscow 07:00 Sydney 14:00
Casablanca 04:00 New Delhi 09:30 Teheran 06:00
Colombo 09:30 New York 23:00 Tokyo 13:00
Copenhagen 05:00 Osaka 13:00 Vienna 05:00
Geneva 05:00 Panama City 23:00 Warsaw 05:00
Guatemala City 22:00 Paris 04:00 Washington 23:00
Helsinki 06:00 Pyongyang 13:00 Wellington 16:00

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