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Public Holiday

Holidays are the cream of the crop during our daily life. They offer a welcome calm and release from a long working period and allow the people to enjoy the fruits of their leisure. China's long history incorporates many holidays, which reflect the customs, religions, and hopes of the nation. Here are the most commonly observed public holidays.

New Year's Day, called Yuan Dan (means the first day of a year in Chinese), is a one day holiday. Perhaps it is not as important as the New Year's celebration in western countries, but the Chinese do have a holiday festivity that is just as big - the Spring Festival.

The Spring Festival, which normally occurs in January or February, is the first traditional holiday of the new year in China. It is a three-day holiday, encompassing joyous festivities and busy activities.

March 8: International Women's Day allows women only a half day holiday.  

May 1: Labor Day is a national three day holiday.   

May 4: The Chinese Youths' Day is a festival for young people older than 14 years old. They have a half day holiday.  

Jun. 1: The International Children's Day is a one day holiday for school children younger than 13.  

Jul. 1: The Birthday of the CCP is usually celebrated by CCP members through various meetings and some get-togethers.  

Aug. 1: The Birthday of the PLA is celebrated by the army through some get-togethers.  

Oct. 1: The National Day is a three-day holiday.  

Most companies, emporiums, recreational places, etc. opened as usual during these holidays, but some may close earlier.     

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    i want to go there china please explain more about chineee electronis market and toys manufacturing area, and i also need the too much knowledge about chinese behavier and culture, will u please help me know that that will give on me so confidence

    • 2009/8/19 19:57:00

      WarriorTours.com :>You can learn an overall introduction to China from our 'About China' at http://www.warriortours.com/intro/.

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    2009/2/18 14:00:00

    My name is Onalee

    My beautiful Dtr-in-law is chinese. We are invitied to a chinese new year party, put on by her work.
    Should I be giving her anything? or bring flowers to her home before we attend.

    Thank you in advance

    • 2009/2/18 19:30:00

      WarriorTours.com :>Hi Onalee
      Our suggestion is that send her some flowers such as lily, orchid, open-herding, tulip and white carnation. Bring flowers with you to the party and your dtr-in-law will be happy. Have a nice time!

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