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How to Apply a Chinese Tourist Visa

Documents Requirements:

A valid passport for at least six months from the date of travel with at least one entire unused page
A completed visa application form can be obtained from the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your country or be downloaded from the official website of the Chinese Embassy in your country.
Two 2" X 2 (inch)" passport photos (either white& black or color) should be affixed to the visa application form
For Chinese Nationals now resident or naturalized in another country, the former Chinese passport is needed.
Related documents explain one's reasons to enter China. An invitation letter or a travel itinerary confirmed by a travel agency in China or an air tickets or hotel reservation files are all acceptable as the explanation of a traveler's reason for entry.

How to Apply:

An individual traveler can come to the embassy or consulate in their native country in person or through a third party (e.g. a travel agency or operator) to apply for his Chinese tourist visa.

No pre-contract is needed.
The embassy or consulate does not accept any visa applications sent by mail or postal services.
The process is straightforward and usually takes four to five working days. For express processing within one working day (any hand-in before 11:30 can be finished before 15:00), an extra fee of USD30 is charged and the express processing within two or three days cost an extra fee of USD 20.
Some travel agencies or operators handle a group tourist visa file for their tourists. However, this kind of group visa is actually not very convenient for tourists because all the group members are required to enter into and exit from China on the same dates.

Apply for a multi-entry tourist visa:

The multi-entry tourist visa allows a tourist to enter into and exit from China on more than one occasion and the stay period is 60 days. Applicants are required to provide documents, giving a reasonable reason for multi-entry into China.

Visa Fee
Visa fee is different when applys in different countries. The following table shows the visa fees when applys in the Chinese Embassy in USA.

Entries of Visas U.S. Citizen Citizen of other countries
Single USD 140 USD 30
Double USD 140 USD 45
Multiple within half a year USD 140 USD 60
Multiple within one year USD 140 USD 90
Multiple within two year USD 140    ---

I want to say
  • ReplyYanna
    2017/12/29 17:18:00

    Hi, sorry to bother you with my inquiry. I hope you can share your thoughts about my case. I’ll be applying for a chinese tourist visa by next year. I’ve only traveled to 3 countries which requires no visa. I booked a flight by October 2018. My problem is that I’m an online English tutor. I do this full time and I can’t present an ITR nor COE kasi ang nature ng work ko is for part time though I do it full time. I work for a Chinese company based in Beijing and they send monthly salary by PayPal. I can present all necessary requirements and bank cert more than 50k except ITR and COE. Main reason ko to travel there is because I wanted to meet some of my close students that I met during online teaching. My trip will only be for 5 days. What are your thoughts about it? Any response is appreciated. Thank you so much! :)

  • ReplyShannon
    2016/3/7 8:50:00

    HelloI am a myanmar passport holder and I would like to visit to China for 3 or 4 days. Do I need to show bank statement to get visa? Thanks

    • David :2016/3/9 4:21:00

      Shannon, in principle, the bank statement is not required. But in real practice, the consular officers may require you to provide it.

  • ReplyLolo
    2016/3/1 21:36:00

    Hello. Im planning to go to Jinan China at the end of this month to meet my boyfriend and his family. They are chinese citizen. I'm a Filipino Citizen but I used to live in Australia for 9 years. I'm here in Philippines temporary for couple of months. My bf's dad was the one that wrote my invitation letter and he will cover my expenses over my stay. I'm planning to stay there for 1months and 20days. The Embassy ask me to provide a Bank Certificate but I only have a Bank Statement from my Australian Bank. I enquire about the certificate but I still dont have an infinite answer from the bank. Is it ok to apply the visa with only bank statement and not a bank certificate?

    • Claire :2016/3/9 4:18:00

      Dear, I think the bank statement is enough.

  • ReplySteve
    2015/8/30 10:48:00

    Hi, I want to apply for either a 2 or 10 year tourist visa. I have a USA passport. Can I apply for this in another country besides the USA. For example, South Korea or the Philippine?

    • Bob :2015/9/6 5:56:00

      Steve, you can apply for it in another country, but I don't suggest you do so. You had better apply from the US so that you have a bigger chance to get it.

  • ReplyLuis
    2015/5/21 2:16:00

    I am an Ecuadorian citizien holding a Ecuadorian passport. I am currently living in China and holding a Visa type F which will expire on july. I want to apply for a toursit visa for two months because I have already bought my ticket to september. Is it possible to apply for a chinese visa in Hong Kong?

    • Larry :2015/5/25 3:59:00

      Luis, as far as I see, you don't need to leave for Hong Kong to apply for the tourist L type. You can try to convert your F type into an L type at the nearest exit and entry administration bureau within mainland China.

  • ReplySharon
    2015/4/3 19:29:00

    Hi! I would like to ask you f I can apply a Hong Kong tourist visa for my brother in law. I am currently working here for almost 8 years. He has a plan to cross country after his tour here. What should I do? Does he can wait his tourist visa here going to Dubai? We have a friend to send his tourist visa here.. What should I do? Do I have a right to receive his visa from Dubai? All I know it is not allowed to mail it through postal. Is it true? Please help me. I really don't know what is the best way to do it. Thank you in advance. More power to you.

    • Kelly :2015/4/19 4:59:00

      Sharon, I got confused by your description. Where are you and your brother now? What's your nationality? Anyway, you can apply for the HK entry permit through posts.

  • Replykathlene caparros
    2015/4/1 0:22:00

    Hi I'm planninig to have a tour in shanghai, I have the other requirements but I dont have a bank certificate is there any action or advise that you would help me with this?

    • David :2015/4/1 4:04:00

      Which country do you come from? The bank certificate is only required for citizens of certain countries.

  • Replymay
    2015/3/25 8:39:00

    I have an invitation letter of my foreigner friend who is Chinese resident.. It was scan invitation.. Would it be possible to grant my visa?

    • Kelly :2015/3/30 23:18:00

      Don't worry! The scanned invitation letter will work.

  • ReplyMyo Min Htun
    2015/1/18 8:35:00

    Hi!I'm Myanmar citizen holding Myanmar passport and I wanna go to Shenzhen .My question is that what type of visa do I need to enter Shenzhen and can I apply multiple entry visa to Shenzhen in China Embassy, Myanmar.

    • Susan :2015/1/19 21:26:00

      Hi, you can apply for a tourist visa for Shenzhen. Generally, it is a little bit hard to get a multiple entry visa. Most people get single entry visa if they apply for it for the first time.

  • ReplyManilyn
    2014/12/5 6:50:00

    Hi, i am working here in macau and i want to apply for a multiple entry tourist visa to china... What are the documents i need for application? Thanks..

    • Helen :2014/12/6 21:27:00

      First of all, I'd like to tell you that it is usually hard to get a multiple entery visa to China mainland. Most visitors get one with single entry or double entry. And the documents required include:passport with at least 6 months remaining validity and available blank pages; a truly completed Visa Application Form; a recent passport-size color photo with white background stuck on the application form; proof of legal stay or resdence status (if you intend to apply for that in Macau); documents showing the itinerary including round trip air ticket booking record and proof of hotel reservation, etc.