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Validity & Extension

 Period of Validity & Period of Stay

Period of Validity of a visa refers to the period starting from the issuing date to last day before a person may enter China. For example, if your visa is issued on May 1st with a period of validity of 90 days. It means you have to enter China before August 1st.

The Period of Stay refers to the period starting from the entering date on which a traveler enters into China to the last day, on which he has to leave the country. Take the previous example again. If the period of stay of the visa you apply for is 30 days and you enter China on May 10, it means you can stay in China till June 9.

Most tourist visas are usually valid for three months with a stay period of 30 days. The period of validity can be extended for an extra month. We suggest that you apply for your visa one month prior to your travel date.

 Extension of Visa

Foreigners who want to stay in China beyond the period which is allowed by their L visas, need to apply for an extension of their visas with appropriate reasons.

Documents of your valid passport, visa and certificate of residence registration, a completed visa extension application form and materials supporting the reasons of extension are required when you have the extension processed at the municipal public security bureau seven days before your visa expires. Also the certificates of your travel expenditures such traveler's check or other financial supports are needed to show you have an economic guarantee of your further stay.

The multiple entry visas cannot be extended.

The L visa held by visitors could be extended once with duration of not more than one month; L visa held by family visitors could be extended three times with the duration of each under three months.

For visitors who are purposely on traveling, with L visa, the stay period can be extended once with the maximum duration no more than one month and for family visitors, the visas could be extended two or three times with the duration of each less than three months. However, for the latter cases, more detailed materials are required to provide reasonable grounds of your extending stay in the country.