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Introduction to Chinese Visa

 Chinese Tourist Visa

Chinese visa authorities issue different types of Chinese visas to those foreigners who want to enter into, exit from or transit through the country' s territory. Chinese Tourist Visa (L) is issued to those who enter China temporarily for traveling, family visiting or other personal affairs. It ensures a short duration of stay, usually 30 days, no more than 90 days. Generally, most tourist visas issued are for single-entry only, which allow tourist to enter China once. For people who are planning to enter China on more than one occasion, a multi-entry visa is required.

 Transit through China

A transit visa allows a traveler to pass through the territory of a country. An international traveler usually begins his travel from his own country and arrives in the destination country by the way of one or more countries. In this case, he needs to not only apply for a tourist visa of his destination country but apply for the transit visa for each pass-by country. A Chinese transit visa allows a traveler to have a seven-day stay in China and the period of validity of the transit visa is 90 days.

 Changes of applying Chinese Visa for US citizens

From Mar 30th 2004, there are some important changes on the procedure of applying for Chinese Visa for US citizens.

1  An ordinary visa is granted to a US person who holds a diplomatic or service passport and is traveling for personal reasons. A visa fee will be charged as well.

2  Interviews with some US citizens who are applying for Chinese visas in the Chinese embassy and consulates should be required.

3  A US citizen is banned from applying for visas upon their arrival in China and any person who needs a visa for visiting China should obtain the appropriate visa before traveling to the country.

I want to say
  • ReplyDipak Shrestha
    2017/10/24 12:37:00

    HI, I am Dipak. I am a Nepali passport holder. currently, I am working in Macau and I have china multiple (six months) validity Visa. can I visit Taiwan from this visa? or I need to apply another and where I need to go for getting a visa?

    • Klaus :2017/11/19 22:38:00

      No, you cannot use this visa to visit Taiwan. You need to apply for a separate visa for that and you can find an agent to help you make the application.

  • Replymhie
    2016/1/20 8:21:00

    Have a friend in macao a blue card holder... He wants to buy HK - manila ticket manila - HK. he still needs to get HK visa? Tanks

    • Brenda :2016/2/18 2:30:00

      Mhie, can I know which country he is from? If he holds Philippines passport, she doesn’t need it because Philippines passport can enjoy free entry to HK for a stay of no more than 14 days.

  • ReplyDenis Barker
    2015/10/15 17:57:00

    I wish to visit Zhuhai for 3 days I hold a New Zealand passport do I need a China visa, If so can I obtain that when in Hong Kong?

    • Marlon :2015/12/6 2:24:00

      Denis, you need it. You can possibly get it upon arrival at Zhuhai, so I think there is no need to apply for one from Hong Kong.

  • ReplyArt
    2015/9/17 5:53:00

    Hi ma'am/sir good day! I have overstayed for almost 2 months in macau way back 2008, my family is now planning to have a vacation in macau on 2016 is it possible for me to enter again in macau thanks and god bless!

    • Newton :2015/10/12 4:23:00

      It has been a long time since then, so I think it's possible that you can enter without troubles.

  • ReplyKhien calma
    2015/7/17 8:15:00

    hello! I just wanna ask if its okay to renew my passport here in macau eventhough i am a tourist visa..because my passport will expired on nov 2015.. Thank u

    • Alan :2015/7/19 5:43:00

      Hey, if the passport can be issued without your allowed stay duration, then it's possible to renew it here is Macau.

  • Replyann gutierrez
    2015/5/25 2:15:00

    hi, im planning to have vacation in hong kong for 20 days, but ive found out that if my flight/plane ticket exceeds 14 days i might not be accepted in hongkong airport even if im planning to go to macau in the middle of my travel.how can i get visa application?

    • Bob :2015/5/25 3:57:00

      You can apply for it through the Chinese embassy or consulate in your country or through the HK Immigration Department by post.

  • Replysleepzawake
    2015/3/3 2:45:00

    I just went to the Philippine Consulate here in Macau, to have my passport renewal since it will be expiring with 6 months.The consulate is having problems with their machine so they cant process it now.The person responsible for the process of passport says that I can still go to and from the Philippines and Macau even if my passport will expire within the next 6 months since I already have a Macau Blue Card.Thanks

    • Bob :2015/4/1 4:20:00

      It's said that as long as your passport still has one month's validity on the scheduled date date for you to leave Macau, you can enter there freely for the allowed stay duration. So I think it's better to renew your passport one month before it expires.

  • Replyfaisal
    2015/2/25 12:50:00

    i need china visit visa i am from pakistan can u tell me about

    • Frank :2015/4/1 4:21:00

      You have to join in a tour group organized by authorized travel agencies so that you can get the tourist L type entry permit.

  • Replymary grace
    2014/12/3 23:57:00

    Hi ma'am/sir;I'm mary grace from Philippines and work as a domestic helper Here in hk for 3 years now and havnt exit hong kong yet as my visa will expire this coming dec 18,2014 I need to exit HK, my question is, is it OK to exit Macau before a week of the said expiration date of my working visa?tnx and have a nice day

    • Nana :2014/12/6 21:15:00

      Yes, it is fine. Your visa is valid until the exact expiry date.

  • Replyzohaib khan
    2014/10/24 16:30:00

    if i travel from gilgit Pakistan to china by bus does Chinese government allow me to give transit visa on entry to china

    • Alice :2014/10/28 5:58:00

      Would you mind provide more information about your trip?In general, the transit G is possible for you.