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Before traveling to China, some essential travel documents should be prepared.

Your passport must be valid for at least six months, with at least one-entirely blank right hand page in your passport for the visa is required. If there are not enough pages on your passport, you can simply go to embassy or consulate in your country to have additional pages added.

Keep your passport safe during your travels, as you will need it to buy air tickets, passing through customs, checking in at hotels and to take almost any movement of your officially-recorded journey. Therefore, nothing will be worse than losing your passport on your travel.

A foreign traveler who has lost his/her passport is required to report the loss to the Exit & Entry Administration office of the local PSB (Public Security Bureau) and they will give you a certificate of loss-reporting. You will need to go to the embassy or consulate of your country in China to apply for an exit certificate for leaving China. However, this takes both your time and money.

Sometimes other certificates can also show your ID to the embassy, including some ID documents with your photos will be required by your embassy when you apply for your replacement passport, maybe a driver's license, though they do not always act in a helpful manner.

I want to say
  • Replywilson siy,   Philippines
    2012/9/14 0:20:00

    I am a philippine passport holder, can i get a china visa while i am in hongkong ., where can i get it.

    • Tina :2012/9/14 19:38:00

      you can apply the China visa unless you live or work in Hong Kong.
      you can apply it through the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

    • Hank :2016/8/10 16:32:00

      Are you in USA now and are you "wanted" in the Philippines for any reason?

  • Replyratheesh
    2016/5/30 2:17:00

    Hi I have a doubt one of my friend he says that we can come to macau in visiting visa There after we can find a job from macau and the particular company will provide our job entry permit to convert of tourists entry permit Is possible or not So could you please mail the regards as soonish as possible Thank you

    • Joyce :2016/6/4 2:36:00

      If you go there with a tourist entry permit, after you find a job and get the relevant documents for work entry permit, I’m afraid you cannot convert tourist entry permit to work one. You need to go back to your home country and apply for a work entry permit and then go there to work.

  • ReplyM.sher
    2016/5/19 16:45:00

    Hi Dear.I am M.sher From Pakistan. I got macau visit visa. Am going to macau next week. Kindly guide me How many days entery on airport and if i find work there then i can change my visit visa into work entry permit? And then i must out from macau and then inter again or no need in out for workpermit ?? My Cell + 92 345 5533946

    • Shirley :2016/5/28 3:06:00

      To be honest, I’m afraid you cannot change visit entry permit to work entry permit when you go there. You should go back to your home country to apply for the work entry permit and then enter Macau again and work there.

  • Replyamy
    2015/2/26 3:04:00

    Hi, I'm planing to meet my bf from china in hongkong for 1week, what's the documents needed aside the round trip tickets and hotel reservation,I'm still need to go the Chinese embassy or just go ahead to airport? Pls advice tnx a lot.

    • Ada :2016/5/28 3:02:00

      May I know which passport you hold? Citizens from some countries can enjoy free entry to HK and they just need to take the return ticket, passport, enough travel fees and maybe an invitation letter from your boyfriend or hotel reservation.

  • Replysunny bajaj
    2016/4/23 9:19:00

    Hi sir/madam respected you my name is sunny I'm from India I am a regular visitor of Macau from last 13 years I am going for Macau for only gambling but this time I have overstay in Macau for 5 months .one time I have complaint in casino because some body take my HK dollars from the table and I have complaint to the police for this and that time I have overstay for 2 days but I have pay the charges for 3 days 1500hk dollar after than I stay in Macau for 5 months for playing now I come back to my home now but I wanted to go again in Macau for gambling can you please tell me how much time they not allowed me to re enter in Macau and I don't won't to go any other place .thanking you please can you give my answer and solve my problem for this

    • Alice :2016/5/14 3:38:00

      Sunny, you are advised to wait for some time and then go there again. There is no specific time limit, but you’d better not go there after a short time.

  • ReplyKhien calma
    2015/7/17 8:11:00

    hello! I just wanna ask for some question.. I already finished contract last june 30,2015 then i go to exit in border gate to gave me tourist visa.. The immigration gave me 30 days to stay until july 30,2015 my question is on july 30 i will go to border gate again for uturn how many days they will gave me again? I am a finished contract person in a galaxy hotel and casino as a contractor.. Thank you so much i will wait for your response

    • Jack :2015/7/19 5:48:00

      They may give you another 30 days.

  • ReplyShyam
    2015/2/4 13:08:00

    I am a Indian passport visiting USA.My flight is via Hong Kong.Layover time at Airport is 8 hrs.Can I get visa at Hong Kong Airport for 6 hrs movement to visit city or Restaurant ?

    • Marco :2015/2/5 4:53:00

      Indian passport holders are exempt from visa for 14 days in HK. Therefore, for your stayover, no need to apply for a visa. Just show your onward air ticket and passport and you will be allowed to get into the city for a short visit.

  • ReplyMichael Gough
    2014/11/5 8:49:00

    I'm traveling to china as a tourist.I'm flying to hong kong then afairy to zhuiha. To meet a freind and traveling around china.How much money do I need to get threw hongkong customs And can I go on a tourist visa.I intend to stay for one month can you please advise me.

    • Tiana :2014/11/23 21:18:00

      Hi, there is no strict limitation on the money. However, generally you need to prepare 100USD per day.

  • Replyilyn sison
    2014/4/28 19:32:00

    Hi.i am domestic helper here in hongkong.i want tourist in south korea for 7 days.what are the requirements for apply for the visa?

    • Bella :2014/4/28 20:51:00

      you should consult the South Korean Embassy for detailed information.

  • Replyalbert
    2014/1/11 22:20:00

    Good day!My friends and I are planning to have a 5 days vacation in Hongkong on March 15-19. We are Philippine passport holders.Do we need to secure visa? Is it already implemented to those people travelling from Philippines this 2014? What are the documents do we need to prepare?Thanks!