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Before traveling to China, some essential travel documents should be prepared.

Your passport must be valid for at least six months, with at least one-entirely blank right hand page in your passport for the visa is required. If there are not enough pages on your passport, you can simply go to embassy or consulate in your country to have additional pages added.

Keep your passport safe during your travels, as you will need it to buy air tickets, passing through customs, checking in at hotels and to take almost any movement of your officially-recorded journey. Therefore, nothing will be worse than losing your passport on your travel.

A foreign traveler who has lost his/her passport is required to report the loss to the Exit & Entry Administration office of the local PSB (Public Security Bureau) and they will give you a certificate of loss-reporting. You will need to go to the embassy or consulate of your country in China to apply for an exit certificate for leaving China. However, this takes both your time and money.

Sometimes other certificates can also show your ID to the embassy, including some ID documents with your photos will be required by your embassy when you apply for your replacement passport, maybe a driver's license, though they do not always act in a helpful manner.