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I want to say
  • Replyalica dhal   Nepal    May. 31, 2009 01:10

    I am planing to study in macau IFT coollege.Will i get student visa?.what i have to do for student visa. MY husband working in macau government job because of that i want to stay with him and study there

    • Replied by: WarriorTours.com  May. 31, 2009 20:46

      Sorry, we are not sure about your question. You may check it here: http://www.gov.mo/egi/Portal/rkw/public/view/area.jsp?id=22.

  • ReplyArshad Jamal   Pakistan    May. 30, 2009 03:40

    I am pakistani & working in a pharmaceutical frim. I want to vist Macau for discussion of business. indly advise about the Visa procedure?

    • Replied by: WarriorTours.com  May. 30, 2009 20:49

      Thanks for your enquiry. For specific information about the application of Macau Visa, please refer to the official website of Macau SAR government at http://www.gov.mo/egi/Portal/rkw/public/view/area.jsp?id=22.

  • Replyimad   Saudi Arabia    May. 30, 2009 03:32

    Hi,i am holding saudi arabia passport and want to visit macau .do i need visa

    • Replied by: WarriorTours.com  May. 30, 2009 20:53

      Yes. You need to apply a Macau Visa. In your country, you can apply to Chinese Embassy to Saudi Arabia or you can just apply a Visa on Arrival in Macau after you reach there. For specific information, please visit this page: http://www.gov.mo/egi/Portal/rkw/public/view/area.jsp?id=22.

  • ReplyChriss   Germany    May. 25, 2009 18:14

    Hello i am from ludwigshafen,Germany i Am german passport holder i want to ask if i need a visa to visit MACAU only in 5 days or 10 days?

    • Replied by: WarriorTours.com  May. 30, 2009 01:13

      Thanks for your enquiry.
      German passport holders do not need to apply a Macau Visa. So you can stay there free of visa for a period as you like, but do remember to bring your passport with you. Good trip!

  • ReplyCharon   Singapore    May. 23, 2009 10:58

    Hi I am a philippino (holder of philippines passport) wanting to travel to Macau for 5 days from June 1, 2009. My passport expires 28 dec 09. Is the validity period of my passport ok for the trip ?

    • Replied by: WarriorTours.com  May. 24, 2009 22:45

      Thanks for your enquiry. The validity period of your passport is ok for your trip.

      Have a nice trip and thanks for supporting warriortours.com!

  • Replyjonalyn   Philippines    May. 21, 2009 22:49

    Good day.

    I have a Chinese working visa (Z-type) which will expire in June 2009. I would like to get a business visa via Macau before it expires. Im a philippine passport holder. Would it be possible and what are the requirements?

    Thanks a lot.
    thanks a lot.

    • Replied by: WarriorTours.com  May. 24, 2009 21:46

      Thanks for your enquiry.
      As a philippine passport holder, you do not need to apply a Macau Visa. You can just enter Macau with your passport.

  • ReplyMae Puno   Philippines    May. 21, 2009 05:58

    Hi I'm a philippine passport holder and a residence of Philippines.. I wanna visit my cousins at Macau.. And i want to stay there for atleast 2 to 3 months.Do i need a tourist permit/visa? Hope you can help.. Thanks..

    • Replied by: WarriorTours.com  May. 21, 2009 21:15

      Thanks for your enquiry.
      Since you are a Philippine passport holder, you do not need to apply a Macau Visa. So you can enter Macau just with your Philippine passport.

  • ReplySharon   Australia    May. 20, 2009 04:00

    We are travelling from Australia to Macau and Hong Kong, we are hoping to take 2 day trips into China one day from Macau and one day from Hong Kong do we need Visa's for any of our trip we will only be away for a total of 10 days ?

    • Replied by: WarriorTours.com  May. 20, 2009 22:18

      Hi, Sharon
      Thanks for enquiry. Since you are Australian passport holders, you do not need to apply a Macau Visa nor a Hong Kong Visa. Your visa free period in Hong Kong will be three months.

  • Replyamir chuhan   Macau, China    May. 20, 2009 01:52

    hi iam in malaysia i want to go macau please let me know i need to get visa or i just get tiket and fly

    • Replied by: WarriorTours.com  May. 20, 2009 22:04

      Should you have a Malaysian passport, you do not need to apply a Macau Visa.

  • Replyedgar   United Arab Emirates    May. 17, 2009 04:46

    I am a Filipino and presently working in Abu Dhabi. I want to take my vacation in Macau and Hongkong. Do I need a visa and where can I file my visa application here in U.A.E.


    • Replied by: WarriorTours.com  May. 18, 2009 01:50

      Since you are a Philippine passport holder, you do not need to apply a Hong Kong Visa nor a Macau Visa. You visa free period in Hong Kong will be 14 days.

  • ReplyMary   China    May. 13, 2009 22:25

    I hold a China passport & will be making a trip to SG, then make a trip from SG -> HK, HK -> Macau. Do I need a "double-entry" HK VISA & do I need to apply for a Macau VISA ?

    4th Jul to 10th Jul = SG
    11th Jul to 17th Jul = HK (will have HK VISA)
    13th Jul = Macau

    • Replied by: WarriorTours.com  May. 13, 2009 23:08

      Hi, Mary
      Thanks for your enquiry. Since we are not sure about the situation you described, we suggest you check it out here: http://www.immd.gov.hk/ehtml/hkvisas_4.htm

      Thanks again for visiting warriortours.com!

  • Replybrian thong   Malaysia    May. 11, 2009 00:23

    a vietnamese can apply a visa arrival when arrive to macau

  • ReplyAli   Pakistan    May. 06, 2009 05:28

    Hi i want to visit macau and Gaungzhou so for that i need a visa from my country or i just take flight and get entry from macau airport.

    • Replied by: WarriorTours.com  May. 06, 2009 22:38

      Thanks for your enquiry. You are suggested to apply both a Macau Visa and China tourist visa from Chinese Embassy to Pakistan.

  • ReplyVishal   India    May. 06, 2009 01:20

    I want to travel to hongkong and macau as tourist. Do i need Visa OR i get visa on arrival.
    What documnet i need to show on arrival to get visa.

    • Replied by: WarriorTours.com  May. 06, 2009 22:16

      Should you an Indian passport holder, you do not need a Hong Kong Visa nor a Macau Visa for entering the two regions. Your visa free period in Hong Kong will be 14 days.

      Thanks for supporting warriortours.com!

  • ReplyAmy   Singapore    May. 03, 2009 00:12

    Hi, I am Malaysia Passport holder with Singapore PR Status.I'll fly to Macao,& will travel to Hong Kong &dropby to visit Zhuhai,GuangZhou & ShenZhen in the weekend. So,what visa should I apply? Can I apply in Macao/HongKong instead of Singapore? How long can it be done normally?

    awating for your relpy....thks so much for ur help 1st!

    • Replied by: WarriorTours.com  May. 04, 2009 02:13

      As a Malaysia passport holder, you do not need to apply a Hong Kong Visa or a Macau Visa. But you need to apply a tourist visa to mainland China from Chinese Embassy to Malaysia.

  • Replystephen zhang   Singapore    Apr. 14, 2009 12:12

    Hi, I am holding China passport, with Australia PR and Singapore working Visa, apparently i am in singapore. I am planning to have a vacation in HK and Macau. Realized that I need to apply multiple entry visa for HK, however, do i need a visa for Macau? China embassy in Singapore doesn't provide Macau visa services. :(

  • ReplySmart   China    Apr. 01, 2009 19:47

    Hello Jenney Gui,
    You do not need a visa. You can enjoy visa-free access to Macau for 30 days. Wish you a good trip~

  • ReplyJenny Gui   United States    Apr. 01, 2009 18:10

    Hi i have a USA passport, but currently visiting in Guangzhou. i want to travel to Macau for the weekend, do i need visa to for Macau? im intending to come back to Guangzhou before i fly back to the US

  • ReplyUsman Syed   Pakistan    Apr. 01, 2009 13:56

    hi live in CHINA.i m student of university so i got L visa from Saudi Arabia so University saying that if you want to change your visa need to go out of China so i m unalbe to go back Saudi arabia. Nearer is hongkong and macau. so i having the documents of my university for reapply chinese student visa.
    Can i get the visa? It will take less than a week so please tell me

  • ReplySeyi olanibi   Nigeria    Apr. 01, 2009 08:42

    Hello i am a citizen of Nigeria but living in dubal,i want to have a trip to macau from dubai,do i needed a visa to do that?

    • Replied by: WarriorTours.com  Apr. 01, 2009 20:36

      Hi Seyi olanibi,
      Yes, you need a visa to go to Macau. Wish you a nice trip!

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