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I want to say
  • Replyrica,   Philippines
    2009/7/31 22:08:00

    I want to work in macau, do i have to apply a visa? How to get visa?

    • 2009/8/4 2:55:00

      WarriorTours.com :>Sorry, we cannot help you with this question. You may resort to http://www.gov.mo/egi/Portal/rkw/public/view/area.jsp?id=22.

  • Replydeepak,   India
    2009/7/29 4:40:00

    Hi i am deepak iwant to work in Macau plz tel me i need work visa before enter the Macau

    • 2009/7/29 20:32:00

      WarriorTours.com :>We are sorry that we are not sure about this question. Hope this page can help you http://www.gov.mo/egi/Portal/rkw/public/view/area.jsp?id=22.

  • ReplyAMER,   Pakistan
    2009/7/27 3:12:00

    Hi i am a pakistan passport holder.do i need to get a macau visa from embassy in islamabad or can i get a visa on arrival at macau airport

    • 2009/7/27 23:00:00

      WarriorTours.com :>If you want to travel to Macau for a short period, we suggest you apply a Visa on Arrival at Macau airport.

  • Replyann,   Singapore
    2009/7/23 2:19:00

    I'm a singapore permanent resident holding a philippine passport. I wish to travel to macau for a day or two, do i need to apply for a visa?

    • 2009/7/23 2:58:00

      WarriorTours.com :>Philippine passport holder do not need to apply for a Macau Visa.

  • Replyrosalyn,   Philippines
    2009/7/22 10:19:00

    Im Rosalyn and I am from the Philippines. I came from Macau 6 months ago and I overstay there for almost 2 months.
    My question now is, is it true that I am band from staying and getting a work visa to Macau for 1 year because i overstay there for 2 months?
    Thank you.

    • 2009/7/23 3:13:00

      WarriorTours.com :>Thanks for your inquiry. But we are sorry that we are not sure about your question. You may resort to this page http://www.gov.mo/egi/Portal/rkw/public/view/area.jsp?id=22 of the official website of Macau government.

  • ReplyPhan,   France, Metropolitan
    2009/7/22 5:05:00


    I'm from French and having French passport. My wife is Chinese with Chinese passport.
    We plan to stay in Macau for 2 days. We have been to the Chinese consulate in France but they didn't answer us.
    Do my wife need to apply for a visa? If so, how?

    Thank you very much for your answer.

  • Replyrosalyn dugang,   Philippines
    2009/7/21 19:23:00

    i want to back in Macao as tourist because i want to job there the problem is 2 mounts over stay in macau how many band in macau as 2 mounts over stay!

    • 2009/7/21 22:04:00

      WarriorTours.com :>Sorry, we cannot help you with this question. You may resort to the official website of Macau government: http://www.gov.mo/egi/Portal/rkw/public/view/area.jsp?id=22.

  • ReplyParmila Gurung,   Hong Kong, China
    2009/7/21 2:33:00

    Hi there, my family is coming from Canada in Sept . 3 of them have Canadian passports and 2 have Nepali passports ; who have multiple entry visa to Hong Kong. Do they need to apply for visa to Macau? Thank you for your help.

    • 2009/7/21 21:43:00

      WarriorTours.com :>Thanks for your inquiry.
      According to the regulations of Macau government, Canada passport holders do not need to apply for a Macau Visa while Nepal passport holders should apply for one.

  • ReplyJay,   Saudi Arabia
    2009/7/14 14:11:00

    Good day,
    I am from Saudi Arabia and I am planning to visit Macau for a week. Do I need a visa and where should I apply? Any websites you can recommend for assistance.

    Many thanks!

    • 2009/7/14 22:44:00

      WarriorTours.com :>Thanks for your inquiry.
      Hope these two sites could help you:
      Macau SAR Government Official: http://www.gov.mo/egi/Portal/index.htm
      Macau Government Tourist Office: http://www.macautourism.gov.mo/en/info/get2macau.php

  • ReplyKeith Owen Apoderado,   Philippines
    2009/7/14 7:41:00

    I am from Philippines and I like to visit Macau for 30 days and I believe I do not need to get a tourist visa but if I like to extend for 2 to 3 weeks is it possible to extend my visa? What are the other documents needed in travelling to Macau from Philippine aside from passport?

    • 2009/7/14 22:13:00

      WarriorTours.com :>Sorry, we cannot help you with this question. You may resort to the official website of Macau SAR government:http://www.gov.mo/egi/Portal/index.htm.

      Thanks for your trust in warriortours.com!

  • ReplySathish,   Thailand
    2009/7/14 2:32:00

    Hi I am sathish from Bangkok. I hold a Indian Passport and I am living in Thailand since last year. A case Indian living in Thailand.
    I like to visit Macau for 5 days on a personal trip. Plz let me know the visa requirements?

    • 2009/7/14 21:39:00

      WarriorTours.com :>Indian passport holder do not need to apply a Macau Visa. So you can just go there with your passport.

  • Replymichael,   China
    2009/7/12 14:37:00

    hi!i am from Congo(BZV), currently studying in China, i would like to go and visit a friend in Macau.I would like to know if i need a visa?if yes can i get it on the arrival?what do they ask for getting a visa on arrival?

    • 2009/7/13 23:03:00

      WarriorTours.com :>Sorry, but we cannot help you with this question. You may resort to the official website of Macau SAR: http://www.gov.mo/egi/Portal/index.htm.

      Thanks for supporting warriortours.com!

  • Replyecho,   Malaysia
    2009/7/10 4:28:00

    I am Malaysian and travel to Macau then continue journey at zhuhai for 1 day trip. where should i apply for the China Visa

    • 2009/7/10 21:16:00

      WarriorTours.com :>You can apply to Chinese Embassy in Malaysia for a China tourist visa.

  • Replytenzin,   Nepal
    2009/7/10 2:55:00

    Hi am tenzin lopsang from nepal, and i want to visit to macau for a month and i know some employment agency they do the job of employment services for those who want to work. so is it true that the person who have a tourist visa can do the work ligally there if we get job? and i want to ask what is blue card?

    • 2009/7/11 0:48:00

      WarriorTours.com :>Sorry, we cannot help you with your questions. You may resort to the official website of Macau SAR government: http://www.gov.mo/egi/Portal/rkw/public/view/area.jsp?id=22.

  • Replymeanne,   Philippines
    2009/7/2 23:00:00

    Hi, I have philipines passport. I want to travel to macau for 7 days. Do i need to apply a tourist visa?

    • 2009/7/3 4:54:00

      WarriorTours.com :>No. With your Philippine passport, you will do not need to apply a Macau Visa.

  • ReplySurhio,   Pakistan
    2009/6/27 16:23:00

    i m going to china in few days and want to visit macao also its like
    Karachi=> beijing=>shangai=>macao=>beijing=>karachi
    do i have to have multiple entry visa to come back to beijing to get my flight back home? hope u can help

    • 2009/6/29 1:22:00

      WarriorTours.com :>Thanks for inquiry.
      You do not need a multiple entry visa but a double entry visa and you can apply to Chinese consulate in Karachi.

      Thanks for supporting warriortours.com!

  • Replyamin,   Iran (Islamic Republic Of)
    2009/6/25 4:22:00

    iam iranian passport holder . currenly iam in malaysia . do i need to apply a visa to macau for 4 days and how can i apply ?
    thank you .

    • 2009/6/25 21:51:00

      WarriorTours.com :>Thanks for inquiry.
      You may resort to Chinese Embassy to Malaysia or the local Chinese consulates. Here is the official website of the Embassy of China in Malaysia.

      Thanks for supporting warriortours.com!

  • ReplyNorhalma,   Philippines
    2009/6/21 2:19:00

    Good day!
    I'm a Philippine passport holder. I'm traveling to Macau, can I visit Shenzhen from there?
    Thanks a lot! Nice site, very helpful.

    • 2009/6/21 22:47:00

      WarriorTours.com :>Yes, you can. Make sure that your passport will be valid for at least 60 days.

  • ReplyHEMAWATI REDJEKI,   Indonesia
    2009/6/19 20:31:00


    • 2009/6/21 22:50:00

      WarriorTours.com :>Thanks for inquiry.
      Indonesian passport holders do not need a visa to Macau.

  • ReplyDon
    2009/6/18 16:47:00

    I'm a holder of USA passport and currently am inside China with non-multiple-entry tourist visa.

    I want to visit Macau for one day and go back to Guangzhou, China for the flight back to USA. Am not sure if I can do that with the current entry visa from China.

    • 2009/6/18 20:14:00

      WarriorTours.com :>Since you are an American passport holder, you do not need to apply a Macau Visa. And your current entry visa from China is not required for entering Macau. You can just go there with your passport.

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