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I want to say
  • ReplyDar,   Iran (Islamic Republic Of)
    2010/5/5 5:47:00


    My husband is an Iranian passport holder, currently living in the Philippines under the Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). We would like to go to Macau for vacation. Can he apply at the port of entry in Macau or should he apply in the Philippines for Macau visa? thanks!

    • lisa :2010/5/5 19:36:00

      i advice him to apply for it in Philippines

  • ReplyVinay,   India
    2010/5/4 7:51:00

    Iam from India, planning to go to Macau for holiday next month. My passport is getting expired in the month of Oct'10. Pls let me know the validity required for the passport to travel to Macau.

    • Joey :2010/5/4 20:26:00

      the required validity is 6 monthes. i advice you to renew your passport before you go.

  • ReplyJoyce,   Malaysia
    2010/4/26 4:59:00

    i'm a malysian and holding malaysian passport. I have valid visa to entry china country and now holidaying at guang zhou. If i wanted to go Macau,izzit i need to apply visa from guang zhou china embassy? Or malaysia is exempt? But now im at guang zhou. Thank

    • Linda :2010/4/26 21:00:00

      malaysia is exempt, you can stay in Macau for 30 days.

    • Joyce ( Malaysia ) :2010/4/26 22:53:00

      Oh okie,so which mean i go in macau and come back again to guangzhou is alright with that without any permit or visa right!! thx alot

    • Fred :2010/4/27 23:12:00

      If you are just holding a single entry China visa, you will have to apply for another visa for your re-entry to Guangzhou from the visa office of PRC in Macau.

    • Joyce ( Malaysia ) :2010/4/28 1:45:00

      Oh ya~ So how long/days does it that to do the permit at macau?

    • Linda :2010/4/28 19:54:00

      not sure,maybe 10-15 days. you can check it at http://cn.macautourism.gov.mo/en/info/get2macau.php.

    • Brenda :2010/5/3 21:43:00

      i think you need to find a job first, you can apply a job online. then the company will inform you the details.

    • Brenda :2010/5/4 20:20:00

      sorry,stand in the wrong line

  • ReplyHaji mohammed,   India
    2010/5/1 15:54:00

    am from india holding indian passpord and graduation final year and 2 years of international call center work experience and i get to know that before i have to apply for macau work visa i have to apply for local company so could you please tell me how can i apply for macau company and what are the detail

    thank you

    haji mohammed

    • Brenda :2010/5/4 20:18:00

      i think you need to find a job first, you can apply a job online. then the company will inform you the details

  • ReplyHolley,   Australia
    2010/4/24 19:26:00

    I am a Australian passport holder so understand I can stay in Macau without a visa for 90 days. We would like to try Macau for 30 days and if we like it- plan to stay for a yr and find work and school our children. Is it possible to apply for a work visa from Macau- prior the expiration of the 90 days regular visa?

    • Joey :2010/4/26 21:07:00

      you need to find a job first, and then apply a work visa in your country.

  • Replyandrew,   Nigeria
    2010/4/21 9:36:00

    i,m a nigeria citizen visit macau and i want to go to china mainland for tourist. can i aply a chinese visa from macau.

    • Bella ( Philippines ) :2010/4/22 1:09:00

      i advise you apply a visa in your country before you leave, it'll be easier.

  • ReplyVincent Lau,   Malaysia
    2010/4/8 6:25:00

    Hi, I am from Malaysia and i know that i don't need to get visa to get into Macau.But i would like to know about the maximum days that i may stay in Macau as i already have a Macau company that will hired me and they already send an application for mine working permit in Macau.

    • Arthur :2010/4/8 20:01:00

      Malaysian passport holders are exempt from visa to Macau for 30 days for sightseeing, business or visiting relatives. However, you will have to apply for an employment visa if you will work there.

  • ReplyHenry,   Canada
    2010/4/5 10:44:00


    I am a Chinese born in Canada. I'm looking to go to Macau for 3 months to see if I like the job market there, and possibly apply for jobs. Do I need a job in Macau before applying for a work permit?
    How long does a work permit take to apply?

    • Steven :2010/4/5 21:39:00

      You are not able to apply for a Macau visa before you get an offer from a Macau company.

  • Replyorobosa ise,   Nigeria
    2010/3/28 14:00:00

    i want to known when some one is travelling from nigeria to malaysis if BTA is needed i.e if the visa single social and the visa is for 3 months

    • Fred :2010/3/29 21:14:00

      What do you mean by 'BTA'?

  • ReplyARUN,   India
    2010/3/27 9:54:00



    • Robert :2010/3/29 21:12:00

      Indian passport holders are exempt from visa to macau for 30 days, so you could go to macau to find a college and apply for the admission letter first, and then try to apply for the student visa at the visa office of Macau SAR.

  • Replysyed bukhari,   India
    2010/3/27 8:35:00

    i am afghanistan passport holder i have some biz in india so after i travel to mecau for one week so how can i apply visa befor travel or by airport to mecau i apply visit visa,

    • Linda :2010/3/29 21:09:00

      Indian passport holders are exempt from visa to Macau for 30 days.

  • Replysuhaib,   Pakistan
    2010/3/22 1:40:00

    I want to visit Macua, what is the visa procedure and is there a visa on arrival for Pakistani's ?

    • Owen :2010/3/22 21:24:00

      I advise you apply for a Macau visa from the China Embassy in Pakistan before your leave in advance in order to enter Macau successfully.

  • ReplySoe Myint,   Myanmar
    2010/3/9 2:41:00

    Dear Sir
    I am holder of Myanmar passport,now I lived in karachi,Pakistan.how can apply to Macau visa?
    possible issue for entry visa in Macau Airport?

    • Steven :2010/3/9 19:20:00

      Iadvise you try the China Embassy in Pakistan firstly.

  • Replywin,   Singapore
    2010/2/25 23:03:00

    I am holding Myanmar passport living in Singapore. Where can I apply for tourist visa of Macau?

    • Sara :2010/2/26 19:38:00

      Try the China Embassy in Singapore.

  • Replyalma degollacion,   Philippines
    2010/2/24 23:20:00

    if i stay in macau as a tourist can i find a job there? what should i do if i want to work there? should i apply a working visa? how about a part yime job? it should be possible?

    • Owen :2010/2/26 19:31:00

      I heard that the talent market has been over crowded in Macau, but it all depends on you yourself.
      If you want to work there, you have to find an offer form a local company first, and then you may apply for a work visa unde the help of your Macau employer.

  • Replyalma degollacion,   Philippines
    2010/2/24 23:12:00

    i just want to know how many months should i stay in macau as a tourist? do i have to get a visa?

    • Lisa :2010/2/26 19:26:00

      Filipino passport holders are exempt from visa to Macau for 30 days.

  • Replyalma degollacion,   Philippines
    2010/2/24 23:02:00

    i want to know how many months should i stay macau for tourist visa, should i stay for at least 3 months? this is my firrt time so i dont have any idea...

    • Steven :2010/2/26 19:24:00

      It depends on you, if only within the validity of your visa.

  • ReplyJocelyn,   Singapore
    2010/2/23 0:25:00

    I have a temporary travel document to travel to macau as my passport is near expiry. However, the immigration officer told me that i most likely hav to apply for a visa to enter macau. Thing is, the embassy only opens from 9am-11am. its already closed and I'm flying off tommorrow.. What can I do? Can the visa be applied at macau or at the HK airport?

    • Linda :2010/2/23 19:36:00

      Singaporean passport holders are exempt from visa to Hk for 90 days and to Macau for 30 days actually.

  • Replyasim pervaiz,   Pakistan
    2010/2/22 12:24:00

    Dear Sir, I just want to ask if i can go to china macau just for a 1 week to meet my frd.do i have to take macau visa ?

    • Fred :2010/2/22 18:41:00

      You need to apply for a Macau visa from the China Embassy in Pakistan.

  • Replyprerak mehta,   India
    2010/2/15 14:57:00

    i m an indian passport holder.and i want to stay at macau for more then 3 months so can i get visa for 3 month?

    • Dave :2010/2/19 20:46:00

      Indian passport holders are exempt from visa to Macau and Hk for 30 days and 14 days respectively for each entry, so I think the best way is exit Macau and enter Hk for every 30 days stay.

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