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I want to say
  • Replysyed bukhari   India    Mar. 27, 2010 08:35

    i am afghanistan passport holder i have some biz in india so after i travel to mecau for one week so how can i apply visa befor travel or by airport to mecau i apply visit visa,

    • Replied by: Linda   Mar. 29, 2010 21:09

      Indian passport holders are exempt from visa to Macau for 30 days.

  • Replysuhaib   Pakistan    Mar. 22, 2010 01:40

    I want to visit Macua, what is the visa procedure and is there a visa on arrival for Pakistani's ?

    • Replied by: Owen   Mar. 22, 2010 21:24

      I advise you apply for a Macau visa from the China Embassy in Pakistan before your leave in advance in order to enter Macau successfully.

  • ReplySoe Myint   Myanmar    Mar. 09, 2010 02:41

    Dear Sir
    I am holder of Myanmar passport,now I lived in karachi,Pakistan.how can apply to Macau visa?
    possible issue for entry visa in Macau Airport?

    • Replied by: Steven   Mar. 09, 2010 19:20

      Iadvise you try the China Embassy in Pakistan firstly.

  • Replywin   Singapore    Feb. 25, 2010 23:03

    I am holding Myanmar passport living in Singapore. Where can I apply for tourist visa of Macau?

    • Replied by: Sara   Feb. 26, 2010 19:38

      Try the China Embassy in Singapore.

  • Replyalma degollacion   Philippines    Feb. 24, 2010 23:20

    if i stay in macau as a tourist can i find a job there? what should i do if i want to work there? should i apply a working visa? how about a part yime job? it should be possible?

    • Replied by: Owen   Feb. 26, 2010 19:31

      I heard that the talent market has been over crowded in Macau, but it all depends on you yourself.
      If you want to work there, you have to find an offer form a local company first, and then you may apply for a work visa unde the help of your Macau employer.

  • Replyalma degollacion   Philippines    Feb. 24, 2010 23:12

    i just want to know how many months should i stay in macau as a tourist? do i have to get a visa?

    • Replied by: Lisa   Feb. 26, 2010 19:26

      Filipino passport holders are exempt from visa to Macau for 30 days.

  • Replyalma degollacion   Philippines    Feb. 24, 2010 23:02

    i want to know how many months should i stay macau for tourist visa, should i stay for at least 3 months? this is my firrt time so i dont have any idea...

    • Replied by: Steven   Feb. 26, 2010 19:24

      It depends on you, if only within the validity of your visa.

  • ReplyJocelyn   Singapore    Feb. 23, 2010 00:25

    I have a temporary travel document to travel to macau as my passport is near expiry. However, the immigration officer told me that i most likely hav to apply for a visa to enter macau. Thing is, the embassy only opens from 9am-11am. its already closed and I'm flying off tommorrow.. What can I do? Can the visa be applied at macau or at the HK airport?

    • Replied by: Linda   Feb. 23, 2010 19:36

      Singaporean passport holders are exempt from visa to Hk for 90 days and to Macau for 30 days actually.

  • Replyasim pervaiz   Pakistan    Feb. 22, 2010 12:24

    Dear Sir, I just want to ask if i can go to china macau just for a 1 week to meet my frd.do i have to take macau visa ?

    • Replied by: Fred   Feb. 22, 2010 18:41

      You need to apply for a Macau visa from the China Embassy in Pakistan.

  • Replyprerak mehta   India    Feb. 15, 2010 14:57

    i m an indian passport holder.and i want to stay at macau for more then 3 months so can i get visa for 3 month?

    • Replied by: Dave   Feb. 19, 2010 20:46

      Indian passport holders are exempt from visa to Macau and Hk for 30 days and 14 days respectively for each entry, so I think the best way is exit Macau and enter Hk for every 30 days stay.

  • Replymeshael   United Arab Emirates    Feb. 15, 2010 05:38

    I am from United Arab Emirates, does that mean I have to apply a visa at China Embassy or is it visa on arrival?

    • Replied by: Robert   Feb. 19, 2010 20:43

      You mean the visa to Macau, I advise you apply for it from the China Embassy in advance.

  • Replykenneth david   Nigeria    Feb. 13, 2010 05:00

    how can get visa 2 macau i;m nigeria citizen passport. im a student i want 2spend my holiday in macau only for 2week stay i wil go back 2my country. need reply thanks
    from kenneth david.

    • Replied by: Sara   Feb. 19, 2010 20:40

      You may apply for the Macau visa from the China Embassy.

  • ReplyJenny   China    Feb. 11, 2010 05:40

    My husband holds a chinese passport and holds an Italian green card, does he need a visa to go to Macau?

    • Replied by: Bob Zhang   Feb. 19, 2010 20:39

      I think he needs.

  • ReplyConcerned person   Macau, China    Feb. 09, 2010 02:40

    All questions are answered here, except the ones asked by Nigerians, Why?

    • Replied by: David   Feb. 09, 2010 19:00

      I saw that all of the questions here have been answered.

  • ReplyRupesh Kumar   United Arab Emirates    Jan. 28, 2010 07:20

    I am holding Indian passport, having residence permit of UAE. Do I require take obtain VISA 1st or I can get VISA on arrival?

    • Replied by: Rupesh Kumar ( United Arab Emirates )   Feb. 01, 2010 01:56

      Thanks for the below information.

    • Replied by: Linda   Jan. 28, 2010 19:02

      How long will you stay in Macau?

    • Replied by: Rupesh Kumar ( United Arab Emirates )   Jan. 30, 2010 02:38

      7/10 days

    • Replied by: Fred   Jan. 31, 2010 19:15

      Indian passport holders are exempt from visa to Macau for 30 days.

  • ReplyBob   United States    Jan. 27, 2010 07:43

    Hello, I am a US citizen and am planning to move to Macau in a few months to be with my fiancee (Philippines citizen) who will be working there soon. I already have a job but my employer is based in the US and is allowing me to work remotely from Macau. I plan to stay in Macau for about 1 year. Can I get a work visa even though my employer is based in US? What other options do I have? Should I apply for temporary residency? Thank you for your advice.

    • Replied by: Fred   Jan. 27, 2010 19:32

      You may apply for a Macau work visa if your employer has a branch office in Macau.

    • Replied by: Bob ( United States )   Jan. 27, 2010 20:00

      Hi Fred, my company does not have a branch office in Macau. That's my question, can I still get a work visa even though my company is based only in US but allowing me to work remotely in Macau? I suspect the answer is no. I guess I could setup a temporary branch office with me as the only employee. Would that work?

    • Replied by: Fred   Jan. 28, 2010 19:00

      If so, I don't think you can get a Macao Employment visa. I advise you go to the China Embassy or Consulate in USA for real help.

    • Replied by: Bob ( United States )   Jan. 28, 2010 19:13

      Hi Fred. It seems rather rediculous the Macau govt would not allow or want me to stay even though I would bringing money into the country. Also, I would not be taking any jobs away from any locals and in fact I might actually end up hiring some locals to help me with my work. However, thanks for your suggestions. I will try the China embassy here in DC and see if they can help me.

  • ReplyMr. Virani   Singapore    Jan. 25, 2010 00:08

    Hi.. I hold pakistani passport living in singapore. How can i get the visa to Macau?

    • Replied by: Robert   Jan. 25, 2010 19:19

      You may apply for it from the China emabssy in Singapore.

  • Replyroy sendele   China    Jan. 20, 2010 03:27

    I am in Beijing (US citizen) and want to travel to Macau with my girlfriend who has China passport with US green card. Can we get a entry visa for her at Macau and what city destination from Beijing should we book using the train for entry to Macau.
    thank you

    • Replied by: Lisa   Jan. 20, 2010 19:22

      I think your Chinese friend should apply for a Macau Exit and Entry Permit from the Public Security Bureau in Beijing in advance.
      You may first go to shenzhen or Zhuhai.

  • Replyergh   Philippines    Jan. 20, 2010 01:36

    I am a Filipino citizen with a Philippine passport that will expire in 10-Feb-2010. I have already have reservations and have bought a plane ticket dated 28-Jan-2010 and will leave Macau on 30-Jan-2010. Will I be allowed to enter Macau? Thanks

    • Replied by: Linda   Jan. 20, 2010 19:19

      I don't think you will be allowed to enter macay, since your passport has expired.

  • Replygel   Canada    Dec. 29, 2009 19:15

    I am a naturalized Canadian citizen and I wanted to go visit Macau( my grandpa's country)from the Philippines on my back to Canada. Do I need an entry visa for that? Although I seem to read that citizens of Philippines and Canada are exempted, I just want to make sure because I will be travelling on a constricted time, I cannot waste another day getting some paperworks.
    Thank you very much for your time.

    • Replied by: David   Dec. 29, 2009 19:27

      Yes, both Filipino and canadian passport holders are exempt from visa to macau for 30 days.

    • Replied by: Cherry   Jan. 18, 2010 19:24

      I think you'd better apply for the macau visa ealier, but it is impossible to apply for the visa online, you have to apply for the visa at the local China Embassy or Cunsulate in person.

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