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I want to say
  • ReplyLera
    2010/7/22 2:33:00

    I just heard that they givu only 16 day China tourist visa in Macau, is there a way to get it for 30 days? thx

    • Oliver :2010/7/24 20:43:00

      hi Lera,
      i think you need to consult the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China in Macao Special Administrative, this is the official website http://www.fmcoprc.gov.mo/eng/

    • Lera :2010/7/25 20:49:00

      I called to them, and asked if i could extend in in shanghai, but they told my only that they dont know, and in shanghai they told me the same. so conclusion, they all have no idea >:(

    • Oliver :2010/7/26 5:03:00

      are you in Macau now? if so, i advise you go to the office to ask in person. i heard that it is really hard to get any information through telephone.

  • ReplyBiene,   Ukraine
    2010/7/20 2:50:00

    Hi everybody, I hope somebody can help me, because I am very confused.
    I need to leave china in 3 weeks, because I have stayed here for 6 month on my F visa as an intern.
    I am an Ukrainian citizen, so its quite complicated and almost impossible to go to Hong Kong. So I thought about going eater to Russia or to Macau.
    I read that its possible to get a visa for Macau directly on the boarder? Is it true?
    Is it possible to get a tourist visa in Macau for at least 30 days? And can they do it in 24-48 hours?
    I have a residential permit for Shangahi so it should not be necessary to book a hotel or so?...Which documents do I need besides the flights tickets?
    Does anybody have some experiences with it?
    Because it would be very unfunny when I would fly out from china and not be able to get back.
    Thanks a lot!

    • Bella :2010/7/20 20:42:00

      hi Biene,
      1. you can apply the Macau visa on the boarder.
      2. you can Stay for a maximum of 30 days upon arrival with a Macau Visa.
      3. for the detailed information about the documents, you may refer to the following website http://www.fsm.gov.mo/psp/eng/EDoN.html#V

    • Biene ( Ukraine ) :2010/7/20 21:06:00

      Thanks Bella,
      I also need to open a new tourist visa for china mainland in macao? do you think its possibol for me as ukraninan passport holder?

    • Bella :2010/7/21 20:21:00

      yes Biene,
      you need to reapply a visa for China Mainland in Macau. i think there won't so many problems.

    • MOHD SAMHOURI ( China ) :2010/7/25 13:11:00


  • Replyhandoyo,   Indonesia
    2010/7/22 10:27:00

    I am holding an Indonesia passport, and planning to visit Macao after arrive in Hongkong. Should I apply a visa for entering Macao?
    If I should, can you advise me about the fare and where to apply the visa?
    Thank you.

    • lisa :2010/7/24 20:37:00

      Indonesia citizens are exempted from Macauc visa, so you don't need to apply for a Macau visa.

  • ReplyMOHD SAMHOURI,   China
    2010/7/23 13:39:00


    • anna :2010/7/24 20:31:00

      yes, you can apply the visa-upon-arrival at any of the border checkpoints of the Immigration Department of the Public Security Police upon arrival at Macao.

  • ReplySHAHID ALI,   China
    2010/7/20 22:48:00

    i am in china i am pakistani passport holder
    i need mocou visa in china where i get macou visa in china

    • Brenda :2010/7/21 20:12:00

      you can mail your application to the Macau Security Police Force. for detailed information, you may refer to the office website http://www.fsm.gov.mo/psp/eng/main.html

  • Replyjon,   Bangladesh
    2010/7/21 7:49:00

    i am working in dongguan city in china and i am holding Z visa and residant . can i pply visa for macao from china . if so how ?

    • Brenda :2010/7/21 20:09:00

      you can mail your application to the Macau Security Police Force. for detailed information, you may refer to the office website http://www.fsm.gov.mo/psp/eng/main.html

  • ReplyAry,   Burundi
    2010/6/28 0:36:00

    Hi , I am a Burundian passport holder living in shanghai , i was wondering if i could go to macau to get a L visa to reenter China, If yes , what would be the validity of the visa , i d need a 30 day L visa .Tx

    • lily :2010/6/28 19:55:00

      yes, you may go to either Macau or Hk to apply for a China L visa to re-enter China, the validity will be 30 days.

    • ary :2010/6/28 23:34:00

      thank you ,but i called one of the agents and they told me that they only give 7 to 15 days , is that true ? it s suppose to be 30 days right?

    • lily :2010/6/30 20:31:00

      yes, it is suppose to be 30 days.

    • ary :2010/7/1 1:55:00

      ok thank you lily

    • maryna ( Ukraine ) :2010/7/20 2:34:00

      do you know if its also to possible for an ukranian pass holder?
      i need a touristic or an F visa?

    • Maryna ( Ukraine ) :2010/7/20 2:39:00

      Hi Lily, do you know if an ukranina citizen can also get a at least 30 day visa from macao to china? A had till now a F visa, but I have to laeve the country now after 6 months. I would apply eather for an F visa or an touristic one. thnaks

  • Replymohammad,   Saudi Arabia
    2010/6/12 14:56:00

    i am planing to visit Macau withe my family in August do i need a Visa and how to get the visa thanks

    • Lily :2010/6/12 19:44:00

      hi, you need to apply a Macau visa. you can go to the Chinese Embassy in Saudi Arabia to apply the visa.

    • mohammad :2010/6/13 0:03:00

      can i get it from the airport

    • Lily :2010/6/16 20:32:00

      yes, you can apply the visa at the airport, but it will be easier if you apply it in your country.

    • Biene ( Ukraine ) :2010/7/20 2:57:00

      it is more difficult to get a visa in the airport?

  • ReplyRazzaq,   Pakistan
    2010/7/20 3:06:00

    Hello Friends.

    I am from Pakistan & currently living in china,

    i am just wondering if i can apply for macao visa in china?

    • lisa :2010/7/20 20:16:00

      you can mail your application to the Macau Security Police Force. for detailed information, you may refer to the office website http://www.fsm.gov.mo/psp/eng/main.html

  • Replysusana,   Indonesia
    2010/7/12 22:17:00

    Hi, I'm Susana from Indonesia. I want to travel from Macau to Guangzhou,can i get china visa from macau?

    • Bella :2010/7/13 20:28:00

      hi susana,
      if you go with a tourism group organized by a local travel agency in Macau and stay in Guangzhou no more than 6 days, you don't need to apply the Chinese Visa, or you need to apply the Chinese visa. if this is your first time to China Mainland, you'd better apply the visa in your country so that your trip will not be influenced.

  • Replyadnan
    2010/7/11 6:17:00

    i have macau blue card i was working there i came to pakistan for holiday after my boss cut my blue card so if i go macau the will give me 10 days visa or not?

    • rosina :2010/7/11 20:14:00

      yes, the blue card is just a certificate for your job in Macau. you can still apply a Macau visa.

  • Replyanthony.c.amanchukwu,   Nigeria
    2010/7/7 22:46:00

    hi.i am very greatful that i have being coming to macau many times, as nigeria passport holder,with residence visa of guangzhou -china.i will go to macau soon before the end of these month.hope i will have visa same as before , at the port of entry

    • Linda :2010/7/10 21:00:00

      hi, the new policy sais you can not apply the Macau visa at the port of entry. i'm afraid you need to apply it in your country before you go.

  • ReplyRaja,   Pakistan
    2010/7/9 3:25:00


    I am Pakistani.. and i have Chinese Valid VISA.... should i need to apply VISA from Pakistan... i will go to Macao frm Zhuhai.
    if need please tell me...

    • Lily :2010/7/10 20:52:00

      yes, you need to apply a Macau visa from your country.

  • Replytalla,   Iran (Islamic Republic Of)
    2010/7/1 22:54:00

    hi. i am iranian but i am living in kuala lumpur. i'd like to take a trip to Macao and Hong Kong. where to apply for Macao visa in kuala lumpur?

    • Brenda :2010/7/3 20:36:00

      hi talla,
      here is the address of Chinese Embassy in Malaysia

      1st Floor, Plaza OSK, 25 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
      telephone number: 0060-3-21636815
      telephone fumber for visa apply 0060-3-21758888

  • ReplyJafar Hussain
    2010/7/2 5:20:00

    I am a Pakistani passport holder and living in Pakistan.
    i am planing to visit Macau in August.i need a Visa and how to get the visa thanks...

    • rosina :2010/7/3 20:30:00

      you need to go to the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan to apply for a macau visa. here is the official website of the Embassy http://pk.china-embassy.org/eng/

  • Replybilal ahmed,   Pakistan
    2010/6/16 3:44:00

    hey i am for paksitan wre i can apply for the visa as i am cuming with my frnds

    bilal ahmed

    • anna :2010/6/16 20:25:00

      you may apply a Macau visa from the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan.

  • ReplyMr. Benjamin,   Nigeria
    2010/6/9 14:45:00

    I am a Nigerian currently in China on a business trip.
    Do i need to apply for a visa before coming to Macau or is it going to be issued at the port of entry?.

    • anna :2010/6/9 20:32:00

      if you go to Macau before July 1st, you may apply a Macau visa at the port of entry. if you go after July 1st, you need to apply a Macau visa before you go there.

  • ReplyCHARLES A CLOTTEY,   Namibia
    2010/5/22 12:22:00

    what do i need to go macau as visiter

    • anna :2010/5/24 21:27:00

      you may need a passport and a visa. for the detailed information, you may refer the Official website of Chinese Embassy in Nambia. http://na.chineseembassy.org

  • Replyreah,   Philippines
    2010/5/23 0:18:00

    hi, i want to visit my friend in macau...is it possible for me to go to macau, even if i dont have own banking account?...and how much is the pocket money required for me to enter macau?tnx!

    • Brenda :2010/5/24 21:09:00

      you can stay in Macau without a visa for 30 days. for the pocket money, i haven't heard about it, you can consult the Chinese Embassy in Philippines.

  • ReplyRachelle andrews,   Philippines
    2010/5/16 10:04:00

    Would like to ask if I can still travel to Macau for 5 days if my passport will expire in 3 months?

    • Joey :2010/5/17 20:47:00

      the valid period of your passport should be at least 6 monthes, so i think you need to renew it before you go.

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