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I want to say
  • ReplyAlireza,   Iran (Islamic Republic Of)
    2011/1/29 5:04:00

    Hi , my name is Alireza from Iran , I would like to visit Macau next month , there is no Macau ambassy in Iran , china ambassy also dont have visa service for Macau , so how can get visa ?! , if i arrive to Hongkong airport , can i apply for visa there ?

    • Daniel :2011/1/30 21:33:00

      You are possible to get the Macay visa at the airport on arrival.

  • Replyeliza,   Indonesia
    2011/1/27 7:08:00

    hi, i m from indonesia. i want going to Hongkong & Macao.

    Do i need to apply the visas ?


    • David :2011/1/27 20:56:00

      You are exempt from visa to Hk and Macau for as long as 30 days.

  • ReplyMelly,   Indonesia
    2011/1/26 3:00:00

    hai, my name is melly from indonesia

    i want holiday to macau with my husband. my husband from IRAN? now im very counfused im asking asking in embassy. can you help me?
    1. is Iran need visa macau?
    2. if in indonesia wheres i can get the visa macau ?
    3. is same ambassy with Hong kong?

    thank you very much

    • Daniel :2011/1/26 21:10:00

      Citizen of Iran do have to applu for a visa to Macau, while Indonesian passport holders are exempt from visa to for 30 days. Macau visa is different from that of Hk.

  • ReplyEsther,   Malaysia
    2011/1/14 9:09:00

    Hi, I am holding a Malaysian passport. I have a Singapore PR card and Hong kong identity card with the R symbol. Can I enter Zhuhai, China for 1 day?

    • Lisa :2011/1/14 20:55:00

      You have to apply for a China visa to enter Zhuhai.

  • ReplyNAveed,   Pakistan
    2011/1/2 11:19:00


    dear i want to know about Macau my wife is chiness i live with my wife in shenzhen and i get one year multiple visa 90 day stay in china L visa so now my Visa over soon so i can go out Macau for renew my visa? or i need apple and if need apple where i apply Macau visa in Shenzhen? bcoz my wife wont i go out other country so how i apply Macau visa already i have visit 3 times Macau but now policy is Chang so i dont know how to deal with this matter pls help me with this thnx

    • Sara :2011/1/2 21:09:00

      You are not able to apply for Macau visa in Shenzhen, I think you will have to go back to parkistan to apply for another China visa.

  • Replyimran,   China
    2010/12/25 2:28:00

    hi,i have holding PAKISTANI passport and working here in china and also have working permit and temprery residence visa,can i get the macu visa here from china?or can i apply online macu visa?

    • Taylor :2010/12/27 3:43:00

      you can mail your documents to the Immigration Service of Macau Public Security Police Force.

  • Replyijaz ahmed,   Pakistan
    2010/12/22 11:48:00

    hi, i am in guangzhou, china and i want to have macau visa here. how can i get macau visa in guangzhou?

    • Steve :2010/12/22 21:54:00

      You can't get a Macau Visa in Guangzhou, please apply for Macau visa from China embassy in Pakistan. I know that Pakistani applicants can't get a visa on arrival in Macau since July 1, 2010. However, If you have a valid China visa on your passport for you to return to Mainland China and have flight tickets from Macau to Guangzhou or the next destination, you can try to apply for a visa on arrival.

  • Replydan london,   United States
    2010/12/9 13:20:00

    I am an American seeking to move from the US to work in the casino industry in Macau, what do I need to do (other then land a job)...thanks.

  • ReplyThiha,   Myanmar
    2010/12/8 0:51:00

    Hi, I'm Myanmar citizen and working at Bangkok(Thailand) with work permit. I want to go to visit Macau 5days soon. I already booked Hotel over there and bought air ticket. Can I get VISA on arrival at Macau??? (OR) I need to get from here(Bangkok)??? If I can get VISA on arrival, Which document I have to bring from here(Thailand)???

    Thanks alot & best regards...

    • K ( China ) :2010/12/8 21:10:00

      you can apply the on arrival visa.
      you only required document is your valid passport.
      good luck~!

  • ReplyABID ALI,   Macau, China
    2010/12/1 14:49:00

    hi i am abid i have pakistani passport i have know about workpermati visa application for macau pls help in this way

    • Lily :2010/12/1 21:54:00

      hi Abid,
      do you want to apply Macau work visa?

  • ReplyGINA CRUZ,   Philippines
    2010/12/1 7:55:00

    HELLO..im GINA FROM PHILIPPINES IM PLANNING TO TRAVEL IN MACAU 7 DAYS..do i need to get visa here in philippines or its okey to get visa in macau arrival..thank you

    • Roy :2010/12/1 21:46:00

      hi Gina,
      Philippine passport holders are exempt from Macau visa for 30 days, so if you only stay there for 7 days, you do not need to apply the Macau visa.

  • Replyusman munir,   Pakistan
    2010/11/24 2:43:00

    hi i have pasport of Pakistan and need to Macao Visa

    • John :2010/11/24 20:54:00

      you can go to the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan for Macau visa application.

  • ReplySam,   China
    2010/11/21 8:39:00


    I wish to travel to Macau for one day on a business trip. I am holding a Sri Lankan passport and I have a Chinese Resident permit visa. Will I be able to get a Macau visa on arrival?

    Thank you

    • Trail :2010/11/21 21:45:00

      hi sam,
      you need to apply the Macau visa before departure.

    • Hi ( China ) :2010/11/21 22:09:00


      Thank you for your feedback, can I know how to apply for the Macau visa? I am living in Guangzhou!

      Thank you

    • Trail :2010/11/21 22:20:00

      hi sam,
      you can mail your documents to the Macau Public Security Police Force
      or visit the pfficial website for detailed information

  • ReplyDipendra Chaudhary,   Nepal
    2010/11/17 1:07:00

    I want to work and live in macau. Is it possible to get the visa.

    Best regards,
    Contact nos:+9779851078692

    • Kelly :2010/11/17 20:01:00

      you need to go the Chinese Embassy in Nepal for visa application.

  • Replyababa,   Cameroon
    2010/11/9 10:53:00

    hi i am from cameroon leaving in china and want to go to macau can i apply for visa on arrival

    • Olivia :2010/11/9 20:19:00

      i think you can.

  • Replyboba,   China
    2010/11/4 8:22:00

    Hi .am yemeni passport holder's ..I need to kno if I have to apply for visa to macau ..?

    • Peter :2010/11/6 22:14:00

      hi Boba,
      you need to apply the Macau visa.

  • Replykaleem mustafa,   Pakistan
    2010/11/3 14:03:00


    • Eric :2010/11/3 21:51:00

      I only know that you may have to apply for a Macau visa as a parkistan passport holder, but I'm not sure about the requirements and procedures, I advise you enquire the local public security bureau about it.

  • ReplyJessica Quijano,   El Salvador
    2010/11/1 9:17:00

    Hello!!! Im from El Salvador Central America and Im planning to travel to Macau next winter.. I want to know how can I get Visa to visit Macau and Shenzhen because my trip is consider this other city as well as HK but for HK I dont require Visa and Im confused with this places too... Can I request permision on Airport for Macau and Shenzhen or i need to do it in China Embassy... I live in South Korea now! Thanks!!

    • della :2010/11/1 21:58:00

      hi Jessica,
      you need to apply two visas, one for Macau and one for Shenzhen, and you'd better apply them in the Chinese Embassy in South Korea before you go.
      but if you go to Shenzhen with tour group orgnized by a loca travel agency in Macau or in Hong Kong, and stay in Shenzhen less than 6 days, you don't need to apply the visa for Shenzhen.

  • Replyasif ahmed,   Pakistan
    2010/10/29 6:26:00

    I intend to fly to HKSR mid of November and then would like to visit Macau as well...DO I have to take a separate visa for for Macau...kindly advise....regards!!! asif

    • Gill :2010/10/30 22:32:00

      yes, you need to apply a Macau visa before departure.

  • ReplyRawiwan,   Thailand
    2010/10/24 9:05:00

    Hi, I'm a Thai national and am considering travelling to Hk and Macau. I know I can get a visa on arrival in HK but can I travel to Macau and get a visa on arrival?
    Many thanks, Rawiwan

    • Bella :2010/10/24 21:40:00

      hi Rawiwan,
      Thai passport holders are exempt from Macau visa for 30 days, so if you stay in Macau for less than 30 days, you don't need to apply a Macau visa. if you stay there more than 30 days, i suggest you apply it in your country before you go.
      you can apply it on arrival.

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