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I want to say
  • Replykaveh,   Iran (Islamic Republic Of)
    2011/5/29 23:04:00

    Hello ,i cant see Iran as a entry visa , can you help me about what Iranian should do from now on to take a visa, those are inside Iran and those living abroad.....thank you

    • Tina :2011/5/31 18:27:00

      hi Kaveh,
      no matter where you are living, you can go to the Chinese Embassy or consulate in that country to apply the Macau visa.
      or you may get it upon your arrival in Macau.

  • ReplyLuis (Colombian in Australia),   Australia
    2011/5/31 3:45:00

    Hi!! I'm Colombian, I'm a student in Australia and I got a Chinese Visa (One entry). Initialy I going to HK but i would like to go to Macau and some cities in China. Does the Chinese Visa right to go to those places or I need to apply for another visa?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Filisia :2011/5/31 18:23:00

      hi Luis,
      the Chinese visa allows you to visit the cities in mainland China.
      Colombian passport holders are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 90 days, so you don't need a visa for Hong Kong.
      but you need to apply a visa for Macau. you can apply it in Australia or you can get if upon arrival.
      since your China visa is single entry one, so you can enter mainland China for only once. that is to say, if you arrive in mainland China and go to Hong Kong or Macau, you can not go back to mainland China again.

  • ReplyMrs CHYap,   Malaysia
    2011/5/25 19:47:00

    Hi, I and my husband as Malaysian passport holder plan to visit Macau, Zhuhai & Hong Kong aruond 1 week by earlier of July 2011, we need your advice about any document requested by these three country or not?

    Many thanks!

    • tina :2011/5/25 20:13:00

      Malaysian passport holders are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 90 days and are exempt from Macau visa for 30 days, so no need for Hong Kong and Macau visas.
      if you want to go to Zhuhai, you need to apply a tourist visa for mainland China.

  • ReplyRuBy,   Viet Nam
    2011/5/22 4:45:00

    Hi ,
    I'm vietnamese and staying in Guangzhou right now. So If I want to travel to Macau . Can I get a arrival visa ? or I have to get it before arrival to Macau ?
    If I need visa before arrival. Please tell me where can i get a macau visa in Guangzhou ? and how much is it ?

    • James :2011/5/22 19:45:00

      hi Ruby,
      you need to obtain the Macau visa before your arrival.
      you can post your application documents to the Immigration department of Macau.
      here you can get more information about Macau visa application.

  • Replysanam,   Hong Kong, China
    2011/5/19 21:30:00

    Hi my husband is pakistani, holding Hong Kong identity card with pakistani passport, does he need a visa in advance before going to Macau?

    thanks a lot

    • Lisa :2011/5/22 1:37:00

      is that a Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card? if so, he does not need a Macau visa; if not, he need to obtain a Macau visa before he go to Macau.

  • ReplySALEH,   Qatar
    2011/5/20 4:48:00

    I am citizen of Qatar and i will go on an official mission by mean of my job Ministry of
    Environment of Qatar to Singapore and China, the program starts May 31
    To 4 June in Singapore and China from June 5 to 12 .The problem is that the Chinese embassy in my country, closed untill the May 29 and I will travel on the same day, IS IT POSSIBLE TO get a visa by the Chinese Embassy in Singapore when I get there.

    PLEASE I will wait for your replay


    • Helen :2011/5/22 1:27:00

      hi Saleh,
      i think you can.
      but i suggest you to consult the Chinese Embassy in singapore to make sure whether this will work or not.

  • Replysultan,   India
    2011/5/17 13:14:00

    I am holding Indian passport. May i need visa for Macau? I am travelling from hongkong

    • w :2011/5/17 23:15:00

      the above table is about the people from some countries are exempt from Macau visa for a certain period and i find India for 30 days.
      so i guess you don't need a macau visa.

  • ReplyJacky,   Viet Nam
    2011/5/16 6:31:00

    Hi ,
    I'm vietnamese and staying in Guangzhou right now. So If I want to travel to Macau . Can I get a arrival visa ? or I have to get it before arrival to Macau ?
    If I need visa before arrival. Please tell me where can i get a macau visa in Guangzhou ? and how much is it ?

    • Gina :2011/5/16 22:26:00

      from the above article i know that vietnamese passport holders should obtain a Macau visa before arrival.
      you can mail the required documents to the immigration department of Macau.
      it costs MOP 100.

  • Replylin
    2011/5/13 0:40:00

    I am a US citizen, flying to Macau. I want to obtain a SEZ visa to shop in Zhuhai for 1 day.
    1. Can I obtain a visa on arrival at the border if I am a US citizen
    2. Do you know approximately how much the SEZ visa is. I do not want the L visa that is 140 as I only want to go to Zhuhai for one day. Advise please.

    • Nemo :2011/5/15 3:36:00

      1. you can apply it on arrival at the border.
      2. not sure about the fee, but i guess it will be cheaper than the normal L visa.

  • Replytareh,   Iran (Islamic Republic Of)
    2011/5/12 21:35:00

    hi dear freind
    could you tell me ...
    is it possible get china visa from Macau ?
    is there any travel agency to make Visa for Iranian or can get visa from china ambassy in Macau ? ... TKS a lot

    • Kelly :2011/5/15 3:16:00

      hi Tareh,
      you can not get a China visa in Macau, and you have to apply it through the Chinese Embassy in Iran.
      you can entrust a reliable visa or travel agency to apply it for you or you can do it in person.

  • Replymei,   Singapore
    2011/5/12 2:36:00

    For China passport holder , now living at Singapore with student permit, she need to apply macau visa for holiday trip to macau.

    • Cindy :2011/5/15 3:14:00

      a Macau visa is not required, but you need to apply for an entry permit to Macau. you can go to the Chinese Embassy in Singapore to apply it.

  • ReplyKelvin,   Malaysia
    2011/4/5 1:28:00

    Hi, i am malaysian and my wife is chinese citizen, we wish to travel to macau and hong kong around a week, do my wife require visa to enter Macau and Hong Kong?

    • Hank :2011/4/7 22:13:00

      Your wife has to apply for a HK Entry Permit and a Macau Entry permit from the local public security bureau.

    • liu yu ( Pakistan ) :2011/5/11 12:17:00

      Its very easy to apply for macau visa. Just apply to ur chinezz embassy. They want to c 6montH bank and hotel reservation with previous visa for macau or any uk,america,hongkong visa's. Chinezz embassy officers are very coporative to all applicants. Apply for single entry.

  • ReplyBahram,   Iran (Islamic Republic Of)
    2011/5/7 13:56:00

    Dear sir
    I am from Iran, i have visa of china,
    I want now that is possible for me come to Macau for 2 night and them go to shenzhen for my business trip, i want that is possible, for your information, i will come to Hong Kong air port, and from Hong kong air port go to sea port for come to Macao,
    Pls. help to me my visa of china no refuse, if i need see place of Macao, more my friends say to me the Macao very beautiful, i want check with my eyes,
    Thanks form your help
    Best & Regards

    • Amarni :2011/5/7 22:15:00

      hi Bahram,
      if you want to go to Macau, a Macau visa is required. you can apply it through the Chinese Embassy in Iran or get one on-arrival in Macau.
      since you will go to Hong Kong for Transit, so you don't need a Hong Kong Visa.

    • Bahram ( Iran (Islamic Republic Of) ) :2011/5/8 9:20:00

      Dear sir
      Many thanks from your kinly reply email, for your information, i give the visa of china, with visa of china that is possible we will come to Macau,
      or that is possible, when we arrive to Hong kong, with ship, go to macau and them go to shoku port,
      Pls. say to me about price for macau visa, you know the visa of china in Iran the price arroun 100$
      my email farasa8m@hotmail.com

      Best & Regards

    • bonne :2011/5/8 22:47:00

      if you apply in the Chinese embassy in your country, it is USD 30 - 60; if at the port in Macau, it is MOP 100.

    • bahram ( Iran (Islamic Republic Of) ) :2011/5/9 6:08:00

      Dear sir
      Many thanks from your reply email, Pls. tell me your means about mop 100, and Pls. say to me that is possible we make the visa in sea Macau port, if that is possible, because we give my visa of china is ready

    • bonne :2011/5/9 23:02:00

      MOP refers the money used in Macau, MOP 100 equals USD 12.49.
      you can get the Macau visa at the port in Macau.

    • bahram ( Iran (Islamic Republic Of) ) :2011/5/10 8:28:00

      Dear Mr. Donne
      Many thanks from your reply email,
      i want know when we will come to Macao, do you any tuorism agansi pickup me and my friends for make 2 day for see the macao,Pls. say to me the price for this tuor

      Pls. say to me the price for two night hotel with 3 star and 5 star,
      Pls. give to me information of see looking, the same sea side, secean place, and other information,

    • bonne :2011/5/10 22:50:00

      hi Bahram,
      this is Miss Bonne, actually.
      i'm sorry but i can not help you this time. i'm a visitor as you are.
      you can try to contact a reliable travel agency in Macau.
      good Luck!

  • ReplyShamez,   Tanzania, United Republic Of
    2011/5/9 11:28:00

    I will be coming with my family to Macau. First we will be in Thailand, and then Hong Kong and then Macau, then back to Hong Kong, and finally Dubai. Will my family and I require a Visa for Macau? Or will we get the Visa's there

    • Flank :2011/5/9 23:05:00

      Tananian passport holders are exempt from both Hong Kong and Macau visa for 90 days, so you don't have to get a Macau visa.

    • Rehana (Shamez wife) ( Tanzania, United Republic Of ) :2011/5/10 2:02:00

      Thank you so much for your reply to my husband, but we are having change of plans. We are no longer going Macau, instead mainland China, so will need to get a Visa done for that! Thanks so much for your help!!

  • ReplyRitabrata Ghosh,   India
    2011/5/7 15:08:00

    (1) I with my family visiting Macau for 2 days. Reaching Macau by flight from Bangkok (tickets booked)and planning to travel to Hong Kong by ferry, for which tickets would be purchased while leaving Macau. Please let me know documents/ formalities required to obtain entry permission to Macau.
    (2) We shall stay at Hong Kong for 3 days after which would travel to Bangkok by flight (tickets booked). Please let me know documents/ formalities required to obtain entry permission to Hong Kong.
    Please note that we all are holding Indian Passports with validity more than 6 months at the time of our visit to both the places.

    • Rechael :2011/5/7 22:20:00

      Indian passport holders are exempt from Macau visa for 30 days and exempt from Hong Kong visa for 14 days.
      so you don't need to apply the visas for Hong Kong and Macau.
      just your valid passport, enough fund for your whole trip and your air ticket will be ok.

  • Replyjaysie,   Malaysia
    2011/4/28 5:24:00

    Hi! I'll be travelling to Macau in June 2011.But my passport is expiring in Oct 2011.Will it be ok or do i need to renew before travelling in June?

    • Grace :2011/5/2 5:17:00

      you have to make sure the validity of your passport is at least 60 days when you enter Macau. if not, you need to renew it before you go.

  • Replyramesh rana,   India
    2011/4/27 22:33:00

    i'm indian pp holder i'm loking job in macau
    can i gat job in macau as a security guards?

    • Sera :2011/5/2 5:19:00

      you may have a try.

  • ReplySan,   Myanmar
    2011/4/27 7:52:00

    Hi, just want to confirm that the arrival visa to Macau is still available for Myanmar passport holder.. The intention of the trip is tourist and transit.. We will travel around shanghai area for a week then want to look around in Macau then hk.. Yes we already got the visa for china and hk ... My brother hv double entry visa to hk, he went there in feb11 once, so that visa should still be valid, right?? But the officer hv the sign of "used" on the visa ???

    Thank you very much..

    • apple :2011/5/2 5:22:00

      hi San,
      the arrival visa is available.
      what is the validity of your brother's Macau visa? if it is still valid, it can be used, if not, he need to apply for a Macau visa.
      to make sure, you may consult the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar.

  • Replyying ming,   India
    2011/4/25 10:24:00

    hi everybody,my first time here..will be travelling to china via macau for a few days do i need a visa before or is it possible to obtain a visa on my arrival at the macau airport?? ahh yes iam holind a indian passport.

    • Tracy :2011/4/25 22:22:00

      hi Ying Ming,
      India passport holders are exempt from Macau visa for 30 days, so you don't need a Macau visa.
      but you are required a Chinese Tourist Visa, and you need to apply it in the Chinese Embassy in India before you go. you are advised to apply it one month ahead of your departure.

    • ying ming :2011/4/26 18:42:00

      hi Tracy...thank you for your quick reply,looking forward to visit macau and china,so thank you tracy once again.

  • ReplyPrasada,   Sri Lanka
    2011/4/22 21:08:00

    Hi, I have working permit , residence permit with multiple entries visa in China mainland. Do I need visa to macao? If yes,can I apply Macao visa from Shanghai, China?

    • Olivia :2011/4/24 2:49:00

      you can send the application form and supporting documents to the Macau Immigration Department.
      here is the official website: http://www.fsm.gov.mo/psp/eng/EDoN.html

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