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I want to say
  • ReplySUNDAR,   India
    2011/8/9 9:43:00

    I am from india i am traveling to macau from kulalumpur , i want to know from KL going to macau i need visa or nor. Then from macau i want to go to shanghai then bejgeing please advise me,

    • Candy :2011/8/9 18:10:00

      hi Sundar,
      India passport holders are free of Macau visa up to 30 days, so you don't need a Macau visa.
      but if you want to go shanghai and Beijing, you need to apply for a China tourist visa.
      you need to get the visa before you go to Macau in Kulalumpur.

  • Replybinod adhikari,   Nepal
    2011/8/8 21:50:00

    i am here in kuwait. i want to aply for macau but here is no visa office of macau. so how i will apply for visit visa to the macau? i hope you will reply. thanks alot.

    • Sara :2011/8/9 18:04:00

      hi binod,
      you need to go to the Chinese Embassy to apply the Macau visa.

  • Replybinod adhikari,   Nepal
    2011/8/8 18:00:00

    Hi !!
    my name is binod from nepal. i am professtional chef in hospitality.i want to work in macau. without offer from any hotel,can i get visit visa for macau?if yes how much i have to pay for the visa? and what is the prosedure? hopw you will reply me. thanks alot.

    • Blaire :2011/8/8 19:36:00

      hi Binod,
      if you want to work in Macau, you have to hold a work offer, and then apply the visa.

  • Replyjaya,   India
    2011/8/5 12:55:00

    im indian passport holder,im working 3years in dubai.i want to work in macau,so is it possible in visit visa or its better to apply online.pls suggest me.thanks.

    • David :2011/8/6 23:06:00

      hi Jaya,
      you can go to Macau to get a Job first, and then apply a work visa.

  • ReplyGel Prado,   Philippines
    2011/8/3 3:20:00

    hi Im from philippines working in shanghai right now and planning to go to hongkong for 3 weeks but I can only stay there for 2 weeks if before 2 weeks I go to Macau and come back to Honkong do I get another 2 weeks or they will question me why I'm going back again to hongkong?

    • Kelly :2011/8/3 19:30:00

      hi Gel Prado,
      it is hard to say. some one got another 14 days but some did not.
      i suggest you to apply Hong Kong visa if you want to stay more than 14 days.

  • Replymona,   Philippines
    2011/7/30 1:37:00

    is there any restrictions in bringing money to Macau? how much is the minimum money to bring in?

    • Lu :2011/7/30 22:43:00

      hi Mona,
      there's no detailed restrictions, but sometimes you will be requried to submit a bank statement to certificate your finacial statement.

  • Replygeoff,   Australia
    2011/7/28 15:33:00

    how much money is required to travel to philipinnes and should it be cash or bank statement

  • Replymitch,   Philippines
    2011/7/27 7:00:00

    I am a Filipino I overstayed my china visa in shenzhen for 1year and just came home last May 5, 2011, can i still return to china using the same name and passport? I surrender and pay for the fine of 5000RMB and they gave me exit visa for 10days. I hope you will reply me I just want to know because I want to go back in China. Thank you.

    • Bill :2011/7/27 18:29:00

      you'd better apply a new passport, but don't need to change your name.
      then you need to apply a China visa, as this is your first time to apply a China visa.

  • Replypawan varne,   India
    2011/7/26 2:08:00

    hello i have got invite from macau company to work in there hotel.according to him i dnt need any visa for working in macau.will you pls tell me is there any visa required or just dat letter is enough to work over there.

    • Jimmy :2011/7/26 19:36:00

      how long will you work in Macau?
      India passport holders have a visa-free period up to 30 days, and you need to apply a visa if you want to stay longer.

  • ReplyAustin,   United States
    2011/7/24 23:04:00

    My brother is working in Macau with blue card. My father wants to visit him from China. My father is Chinese citizen. Does my father needs a visa to Macau? Maximally how many days he can stay in Macau?
    Thank you!

    • Remond :2011/7/25 19:13:00

      hi Austin,
      you father need to apply for a Macau Travel Permit instead of a visa.
      and he can stay in Macau at most 7 days (leave at the 7th day)

  • ReplyCherry,   Philippines
    2011/7/21 23:20:00

    Hi, Im a travel agent in Manila. I have a passenger who is holding a passport from the Kingdom of Tonga. She is holding a temporary visitor in the Phil since her husband is working under US aid.
    She and her husband is going to Macau ang Hongkong in Sep 2 to 9 ( Sep 2 to 4 in Macau / 4 to 9 Sep in HKG).
    I checked already at the China Embassy in Manila but they asked me to check also thru online how to secure her visa in Macau and Hongkong.
    Could you possibly help me where to get the procudure for visa requirements.

    Thanks in advance,

    • May :2011/7/23 22:49:00

      hi Cherry,
      you can find the detailed information on the official website of Hong Kong Immigration Department, and Macau Immigration department.

  • ReplyRaquel Nina,   Dominican Republic
    2011/7/23 2:14:00

    My name is Raquel Nina. I am from Dominican Republic and currently working and living in Singapore. I will stay three days in Hong Kong, from 24-26 July, so I'm planning to take a ferry to Macau and return to HK the same day. As such, would like to know whether I would need a visa to enter Macau. I'm just planning to stay there some hours and then come back to HK by ferry. In case that I need the visa, how much is the cost and can I get it once I get to Macau from the ferry?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Sasha :2011/7/23 20:51:00

      hi Raquel Nina,
      you don't need to apply the Macau visa.

  • ReplySharon,   Peru
    2011/7/20 6:21:00

    Can Peruvian citizens get a VOA?

    • Viola :2011/7/20 18:43:00

      yes Sharon,
      you can get a Macau visa upon arrival.

  • ReplyStanley,   Viet Nam
    2011/7/18 19:35:00

    Dear Sir/madam,

    I am a citizen of Vietnam and I wish to visit your beautiful city. I would like to enquire information about Visa application.

    1. Is there any Macau embassy in Vietnam
    2. Or can I request someone bring my passport and apply the tourist Visa in Macau.
    3. How long does the process take.

    I thank you in advance

    • Wendy :2011/7/18 19:43:00

      hi Stanley,
      you can apply the Macau visa in the Chinese Embassy in your country.

  • Replyphilip,   Singapore
    2011/7/17 3:33:00

    dear sir or madam,i am from Nigeria and i overstayed in Macau for two year due to the delay of my passport to come when i posted for visa in my country.now i have a wife that i want to marry in my country but she said i must come back to Macau to come and visit her parents but i am working in Singapore as a nurse.now and i just want to come and visit her for one week during my holiday.
    now i want to ask if there is any way i can pay for my over stay because when my passport came i bought my ticket and left and i dont know what i can do now.
    and is past one year ago that i left.
    please i will be hoping to hear from you.

    • Emily :2011/7/17 19:22:00

      hi Philip,
      you need to consult the immigration department in Macau.
      you may try to apply for the Macau visa in the Chinese Embassy in your country.

  • Replychristopher,   Nigeria
    2011/7/15 5:15:00

    Hi,good day to you,my name is christopher from nigeria also holding nigerian passport with valid two entries chinese 6 months visa already on it.I want to visit Macau from Guangzhou next month,please how can i obtain Macau entry visa? thanks.

    • Bert :2011/7/16 20:27:00

      hi Christopher,
      you can post the supporting documents for visa application to the Macau immigration department.

  • ReplyKAZI ABU SUFIAN,   Bangladesh
    2011/7/8 8:42:00

    Dear Sir/Madam.

    Have a nice day and kindest greeting and hope bring beautiful day.

    Thank with I want visit to Macau for propose of visit, but before 2009 last time I visit on arrival visa for 30 days from Macau port. So now I got Information for Bangladesh Passport holders need the visa first so please be kind inform to me what can I do I need visa first and how from Where? Also can possible to send for me Visa Apply From.

    Look forward to receiving your prom part answer.

    Thanks with best regards

    Managing Director.
    154.B.B.ROAD,(Sayam Plaza 2nd Floor)
    Phone: +88-02-7691287.
    Fax : +8802-7611280.
    MOBIL : + 8801740892600
    + 88-01715617977

    • Gina :2011/7/9 23:40:00

      you can apply the Macau visa through the Chinese Embassy or Consulate General in your country.
      the visa application form can be downloaded from the official website of the Public Security Police Force of Macau SAR.
      good Luck!

  • Replymylene tan,   Philippines
    2011/7/7 10:28:00

    Hi, i am filipina. i was overstayed in Shenzhen for 3 months. Can i visit macau for travel? do i need apply visa to macau?
    thank you.

    • Alyssa :2011/7/9 23:34:00

      fillipino passport holders do not need a Macau visa during the visa-free period of 30 days.
      are there any marks on your passport for overstaying?
      if yes, you may be banned at the customs.

  • ReplyRemy,   Philippines
    2011/7/7 9:03:00

    I understand we dont need a visa to go to Macau...What if we want to go to Guangzhou or Senzhen from Macau? and how do we get to those places.

    • Pheobe :2011/7/9 23:36:00

      if you want to go alone, you need to apply a visa for mainland China.
      but if you go with a tour group organized by a reliable travel agency in Macau and stay in guangzhou or Shenzhen less than 6 days, you don't need to apply the visa.

  • ReplyShahriar,   Singapore
    2011/7/6 11:15:00

    I'm Bangladeshi citizen living in Singapore in EP(Employment Pass)Visa.I like to visit as a tourist to China(Guangzhou),HK,Macau,Taiwan through air,road & ferry services.So should I need to apply separately (four applications)for visa for all destination?

    • James :2011/7/6 19:41:00

      yes, you need to apply four visa

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