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I want to say
  • ReplyArvind   India    Aug. 23, 2011 19:46

    I want to visit hongkong and macau, can I get the visa on arrivel at both places ?

    • Replied by: Gina   Aug. 23, 2011 20:25

      hi Arvind,
      Indian passport holders are exempt from Hong Kong visa for 14 days, and Macau visa for 30 days. if you want to stay longer than the visa-free period, you need to apply the visa in the Chinese Embassy in India.

  • ReplyFelix   Canada    Aug. 17, 2011 16:55

    I'm Canadian citizen and planing to visit Macau next week and would like to stay more than half year, what's the best option please? Such as apply a course, get marriage with local people.

    Note I will "work from home", i.e., keep my Canadian job while traveling.
    Reason fir staying long is visiting my girlfriend.

    Much appreciate,

    • Replied by: Judy   Aug. 17, 2011 22:37

      you need to apply for a Macau visa if you want to stay that long.
      you may ask your girlfriend to send you an invitation letter, which may do some help in visa application.

    • Replied by: Felix ( Canada )   Aug. 19, 2011 16:11

      Thanks Judy!
      If I married to my gf, will I get temperate resident permit faster?

    • Replied by: Judy   Aug. 20, 2011 23:50

      yes, i think so.

  • Replykrish   New Zealand    Aug. 17, 2011 16:28

    Hi I live in New Zealand, but hold a Fiji passport. I dont need visa to go to HongKong, Iam going there for 1 week, while there I want to go to Macau for a day, how do i get a visa on arrival? what does that mean? does it mean visa is approved in few minutes after I arrive in Macau from a ferry in HongKong?

    • Replied by: Gina   Aug. 17, 2011 21:13

      yes Krish,
      you can get the Macau visa upon arrival at the port in a short time.

  • ReplyM.M.RAHMAN   Bangladesh    Aug. 17, 2011 04:45

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am a Bangladeshi passport holder.now I am in China in Guangzhou.I want to go interested in Macau.because I like to the city.how can procedure?please details send me by email.

    Best and regards

    • Replied by: kelly   Aug. 17, 2011 21:06

      you can post your documents to the immigration department of Macau.

  • Replybernard lim   Macau, China    Aug. 17, 2011 01:07

    hi i from philippines now im here at macau and my passport here is valid only for 1month. can i extend more days or month to stay here???"if if yes" Where can i file to extend more???/ Pls help thank you..

    • Replied by: Sandy   Aug. 17, 2011 21:03

      you can go to the Consulate General of the philippines in the Hong Kong SAR to extend your passport.

  • ReplyRahman   India    Aug. 17, 2011 09:20

    Dear Sir,

    Here I am running recruiting agency based in India. Our agency is registered with the labour ministry of India. We recruit the people for our clients in the middle east.we are looking regions.

    Can you suggest to us any agency placing foreign manpower in Macao?

    Can you tell us the visa procedure of working in Macao?
    Awaiting your favorable reply

    Thanking you &Best Regards

  • ReplyRanjit Kumar Sarmah   India    Aug. 16, 2011 08:47

    I need to attend an International Conference at City University of Macau during November 7-9, 2011.
    Kindly inform me whether I require a visa to visit and stay in Macau. If yes, where do I apply for the Visa.

    • Replied by: Christ   Aug. 16, 2011 20:12

      no, you don't need the visa as Indian passport holders are visa free in Macau up to 30 days.

  • ReplySohail   Pakistan    Aug. 15, 2011 02:43

    I’m resident visa in Oman next month I’m going to Thailand I already got double entry visa but I want to visit Macau can I get on arrival visa just for 1 week?

    Please reply me on my e-mail


    • Replied by: Sandy   Aug. 15, 2011 19:42

      hi Sohail,
      you can not get the visa upon arrival, and you need to apply the Macau visa before your departure.

  • Replykhanjan   Pakistan    Aug. 11, 2011 00:23

    Dear sir.
    I have china visa 2 entry , but I need to ask , can i go to hong kong ? and can i go to macau ? please some one let me knows to my email willchina21cn@yahoo.com
    waiting for ur help.

    thanks very much

    • Replied by: David   Aug. 14, 2011 00:56

      you can go to Hong Kong and Macau, but you need to apply the visas for them before you go.

    • Replied by: sheikhmohammad nasir iqbal ( Pakistan )   Aug. 15, 2011 05:31

      Dear Khan,
      I am also from Pakistan.Pakistani peoples need a visa to enter Hong Kong and Macau.
      My email;sheikhjeenotwo@yahoo.com
      please send me an email.

  • Replymd azgar    Aug. 13, 2011 12:21

    this is azgar from india i want ajob in macaw can u give me the genuine consultancy mail id in macaw please send me the details to my mail id please send me asap

  • Replyrafael   China    Aug. 09, 2011 20:20

    hi my friend who is a Columbian (Columbia) in China mainland right now, does he need a tourist visa to visit Macau?if he doesnt need a visa to Macau, can he apply a new tourist visa in Macau to enter china mainland?

    • Replied by: Iris   Aug. 10, 2011 19:36

      yes, he need a visa to Macau and he can apply the Chinese tourist visa in Macau.

  • ReplySUNDAR   India    Aug. 09, 2011 09:43

    I am from india i am traveling to macau from kulalumpur , i want to know from KL going to macau i need visa or nor. Then from macau i want to go to shanghai then bejgeing please advise me,

    • Replied by: Candy   Aug. 09, 2011 18:10

      hi Sundar,
      India passport holders are free of Macau visa up to 30 days, so you don't need a Macau visa.
      but if you want to go shanghai and Beijing, you need to apply for a China tourist visa.
      you need to get the visa before you go to Macau in Kulalumpur.

  • Replybinod adhikari   Nepal    Aug. 08, 2011 21:50

    i am here in kuwait. i want to aply for macau but here is no visa office of macau. so how i will apply for visit visa to the macau? i hope you will reply. thanks alot.

    • Replied by: Sara   Aug. 09, 2011 18:04

      hi binod,
      you need to go to the Chinese Embassy to apply the Macau visa.

  • Replybinod adhikari   Nepal    Aug. 08, 2011 18:00

    Hi !!
    my name is binod from nepal. i am professtional chef in hospitality.i want to work in macau. without offer from any hotel,can i get visit visa for macau?if yes how much i have to pay for the visa? and what is the prosedure? hopw you will reply me. thanks alot.

    • Replied by: Blaire   Aug. 08, 2011 19:36

      hi Binod,
      if you want to work in Macau, you have to hold a work offer, and then apply the visa.

  • Replyjaya   India    Aug. 05, 2011 12:55

    im indian passport holder,im working 3years in dubai.i want to work in macau,so is it possible in visit visa or its better to apply online.pls suggest me.thanks.

    • Replied by: David   Aug. 06, 2011 23:06

      hi Jaya,
      you can go to Macau to get a Job first, and then apply a work visa.

  • ReplyGel Prado   Philippines    Aug. 03, 2011 03:20

    hi Im from philippines working in shanghai right now and planning to go to hongkong for 3 weeks but I can only stay there for 2 weeks if before 2 weeks I go to Macau and come back to Honkong do I get another 2 weeks or they will question me why I'm going back again to hongkong?

    • Replied by: Kelly   Aug. 03, 2011 19:30

      hi Gel Prado,
      it is hard to say. some one got another 14 days but some did not.
      i suggest you to apply Hong Kong visa if you want to stay more than 14 days.

  • Replymona   Philippines    Jul. 30, 2011 01:37

    is there any restrictions in bringing money to Macau? how much is the minimum money to bring in?

    • Replied by: Lu   Jul. 30, 2011 22:43

      hi Mona,
      there's no detailed restrictions, but sometimes you will be requried to submit a bank statement to certificate your finacial statement.

  • Replygeoff   Australia    Jul. 28, 2011 15:33

    how much money is required to travel to philipinnes and should it be cash or bank statement

  • Replymitch   Philippines    Jul. 27, 2011 07:00

    I am a Filipino I overstayed my china visa in shenzhen for 1year and just came home last May 5, 2011, can i still return to china using the same name and passport? I surrender and pay for the fine of 5000RMB and they gave me exit visa for 10days. I hope you will reply me I just want to know because I want to go back in China. Thank you.

    • Replied by: Bill   Jul. 27, 2011 18:29

      you'd better apply a new passport, but don't need to change your name.
      then you need to apply a China visa, as this is your first time to apply a China visa.

  • Replypawan varne   India    Jul. 26, 2011 02:08

    hello i have got invite from macau company to work in there hotel.according to him i dnt need any visa for working in macau.will you pls tell me is there any visa required or just dat letter is enough to work over there.

    • Replied by: Jimmy   Jul. 26, 2011 19:36

      how long will you work in Macau?
      India passport holders have a visa-free period up to 30 days, and you need to apply a visa if you want to stay longer.

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