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I want to say
  • Replyjoy egbon   Sierra Leone    Sep. 18, 2011 05:51

    Hi, i am studying in Malaysia and am from Sierra Leone, i would like to visit Macau for holiday. do i need to apply for visa?


    • Replied by: Jack   Sep. 19, 2011 23:09

      Yes, you need.

  • Replysalman   Pakistan    Sep. 18, 2011 11:23

    hi i am holding a pakistani passport and i want to go to macau for 7 day do i need apply for macau visa pls tell me

    • Replied by: Lea   Sep. 19, 2011 23:08

      Yes, you need to apply for a Macau visa from the China embassy in your country in advance, since no on-arrvial visa is available for you.

  • Replynosa   Australia    Sep. 19, 2011 09:22

    I have a chinese visa and I am from Nigeria, do I need a visa to macau?

    • Replied by: Mark   Sep. 19, 2011 23:06

      You do need a visa to Macau, and it should be agot before arriving at the Macao Special Administrative Region.

  • ReplyCaesar ramirez jr   Philippines    Sep. 15, 2011 16:08

    Hi I'm from the Philippines. We are planning to go to Macau coming from the Philippines then during our stay in Macau , we plan to stay fora night in hongkong Then go back to Macau again.
    Do we need to get a Macau visa here in Philippines then if we go to hongkong then go back to Macau , do we need a visa again. thAnk you

    • Replied by: Mark   Sep. 15, 2011 19:37

      Filipino passport holders are exempt from visa to Macau for 30 days, For your re-entry to China, that will be regarded as a new entry, and no visa will be required, too.

    • Replied by: Lisa   Sep. 19, 2011 23:03

      You may go to Macau
      Identification Bureau to get a confirmation for this.

  • ReplyAlpha   Philippines    Sep. 16, 2011 01:12

    i am holding a Philippine passport i want to go to Macau for 15days vacation. do i have to apply for Macau visa?

    • Replied by: Kevin   Sep. 16, 2011 20:02

      No, you ar exempt from visa to Macau for 30 days with your valid filipino passport.

  • ReplyNaveed Liaqat   Pakistan    Sep. 14, 2011 05:57

    Hi ,,,,,,,,,i belong to pakistan in these days i am in bangkok (thailand), i want to know can i get a visa for visit macau , if i have invitation latter and hotel reservation in macau.

    • Replied by: Blaire   Sep. 14, 2011 20:04

      yes Naveed,
      you can take the documents to apply for the Macau visa though the Chinese Embassy i Bangkok before you go to Macau.

  • ReplyAhmed   Nigeria    Sep. 14, 2011 03:13

    My name is Ahmed, a Nigerian residing in India on business visa. I want to visit Macau from India as tourist. How do i go there, can i get visa on arrival and how many days? Will it be possible for me to enter Hong Kong from Macau?

    • Replied by: Ben   Sep. 14, 2011 20:02

      hi Ahmed,
      you need to apply for the visas for both Macau and Hong Kong (if you plan to go to Hong Kong) in the Chinese Embassy in India. you can not get the visa on arrival.

  • ReplyNadeem Sadiq   Pakistan    Sep. 11, 2011 05:09

    i am from pakistan and i am going guangzhou for Canton fair, i want to go macau. How can i get visa, please reply

    • Replied by: Harry   Sep. 13, 2011 00:26

      hi, you need to apply the Macau visa through the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan before you go.

  • ReplyDipendra Bhandari   Nepal    Sep. 08, 2011 08:16

    I am Nepali. Now i am working in macao in post of Security Guard. I want to bring my wife in Macau. How can i apply for visa for my wife. Now my wife is in Nepal. Please give me a good advice ok.

    • Replied by: Jerry   Sep. 08, 2011 19:44

      your wife need to apply a touist visa for Macau. when she arrives in Macau, you can apply a residence permit for non-resident worker's family member for her in the Macau immigration department.

    • Replied by: Manoj shrestha ( Nepal )   Sep. 11, 2011 17:27

      Dipendra dai
      dai I would like come to macau . How to apply to working visa in Macau please suggestion me.
      My email address : sthaman_60@yahoo.com
      mobile no: 977 9852027006

  • Replyjoan   Macau, China    Sep. 07, 2011 21:31

    I'm in macau right now i came from hongkong then immigration gave me 1 month visa to stay here but i need to go to vietnam this week to stay a week there , do i need visa? and then from vietnam i need to go to ningbo china? where do i need to get visa.. after that i want to go back to macau will they let me re enter again? please reply

    • Replied by: Marry   Sep. 08, 2011 19:33

      hi Joan,
      are you a Hong Kong citizen? or what passport do you hold?
      you need to tell me your nationality so that i can answer your question.

  • ReplyJoseph   Papua New Guinea    Sep. 07, 2011 12:34

    Hey I have a Papua New Guinean Passport and i am traveling to Hong Kong next week friday. I intend to travel to Macau during the day, just to go to the casino and then return back to Hong Kong in the night. Can i get my Visa on arrival at the Hong kong International Airport, or if not, how can i get a Macau Visa? Please reply asap.

    Kind Regards


    • Replied by: Gina   Sep. 07, 2011 19:12

      hi Joseph,
      you can apply the Macau visa when you arrive in Macau.

  • ReplyRasel   Singapore    Sep. 07, 2011 01:28

    I'm a bangladeshi staying in singapore. I had applied for Macau visa through e Chinese embassy but I have to wait 7 workings days Which will pass my travel date. Is there anyway I can check e status or speed up e process. I'm traveling on 12/9. Submitted my application on 3/9.

    • Replied by: Ben   Sep. 07, 2011 19:09

      hi Rasel,
      you should have applied for an express case at the very begining.
      you can try to apply for an express case now so that you can collect your visa earlier (but usually this does not work), or you try to collect your visa on Sept. 9th or Sept. 12th.
      the last way is to postpone your trip.

  • ReplyAdrian   Indonesia    Sep. 06, 2011 07:40

    Hi, I am now in hong kong, I would like to go Macau for holiday Dan stay 2 nights there, do I need apply for visa? Thx u

    • Replied by: Sandy   Sep. 06, 2011 19:57

      no, you don't need to apply the Macau visa.

  • ReplySartono   Indonesia    Sep. 04, 2011 18:31

    Hi ,.i am from indonesia,.in november i will go to hongkong and macau on holiday for 5 day ,..do i need visa ,..?

    • Replied by: susan   Sep. 04, 2011 20:32

      no,you don't need the visas for both Hong Kong and Macau.

  • ReplyNitesh Singhal   Nepal    Sep. 04, 2011 00:50

    I am a Nepali citizen living in Guangzhou on residential visa. I want to visit Macau for holidays but some body told me that these Nepali citizens have problem in getting Macau visa. Please inform me the complete process for applying Macau visa in Guangzhou and the documents reqired for the same.

    • Replied by: Julia   Sep. 04, 2011 20:28

      you need to submit all the required documents (referring to the above article) to the Macau Immigration department through mail.
      you can find more information on the official website of Macau immigration department.

  • ReplyIMRAN REHAN   Pakistan    Aug. 31, 2011 10:28

    i am from pakistan here in guangzhou, i want to go and see macau, can i get visa on border, please reply

    • Replied by: flora   Aug. 31, 2011 20:03

      you can not get the Macau visa at the border, but need to obtain it before you go there.

  • ReplyBapi   India    Aug. 31, 2011 06:20

    Hi myself Bapi from india,

    i m planning to go to HK on 4 October but i want to come back on 23 October, can any body guide me, is it after 14 days any way i can extend my visa by crossing the border to Macau and come back after one or two days..??
    is it work....?? and what will be the cost for visa to Macau..??

    • Replied by: Polly   Aug. 31, 2011 20:00

      hi Bapi,
      Indian passport holders have 14 days of visa-free period in Hong Kong. if you want to stay longer, you need to apply the hong Kogn visa.

  • ReplySachin Gururaj   India    Aug. 30, 2011 21:34

    I am planning a stop over in hong kong. I am an Indian and hold an Indian Passport. I would like to break in Hong Kong for a day or just as a tourist.
    I would like to know the documents required to be submitted at the port of entry for Visa on Arrival for tourists so that i carry them all in advance.

    your immediate response is highly appreciated.

    Thanks and Regards

    Sachin Gururaj

    • Replied by: Julie   Aug. 31, 2011 19:57

      hi Sachin,
      you don't need to apply the Hong Kong visa.
      just your valid passport, air ticket to the next destination will be enough.

  • ReplyLakshmi Prabhu   India    Aug. 30, 2011 10:15


    I am travelling to Hong Kong on the 1st of September, 2011. I have my return ticket booked for 17th. I will be visiting Macau on 12th September, 2011 and returning on the 13th. When I enter honk kong from Macau, will I again get 14 days of Visa free stay in Hong Kong or do i need to apply for a Visa as my total stay is 17 days?

    • Replied by: Polly   Aug. 30, 2011 20:40

      hi Lakshmi Parbhu,
      it is hard to say. i've heard some got another 14 days after they reenter Hong Kong, but some were baned at the customs. in order to make your trip smooth, i suggest you rearrange your trip.
      you can go to Macau on 14th, and get back to the Hong Kong Airport directly from Macau on 17th.

  • Replyashfaq ahmad   Pakistan    Aug. 25, 2011 10:51

    sir,before this allready.i stay in macau two time.but we need again macau visia,i hope u do this,on arrival visa just for 30 days Please reply me on my e-mail

    • Replied by: Kate   Aug. 28, 2011 00:52

      Pakistani passport holders can not get the Macau visa at the port upon arrival. you need to obtain the Macau visa in the Chinese Embassy in your country before you go .

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