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I want to say
  • ReplyRahul,   India
    2011/11/15 3:48:00

    I am indian passport i want to go macau for tourist prepous this month 30nov to 3dec(2011)i want to know visa have on arrival for indian passport or not.if no have no arrival visa i make it done hear?.please reply me as soon as possible.

    • Jacky :2011/11/15 19:09:00

      hi Rahul,
      Indian passport holders have a visa-free period in Macau for at most 30 days, so you don't need to apply the Macau visa.

  • Replysandy,   India
    2011/11/9 21:14:00

    I wish to come to Macau in the first week of december..but my passpost expires on 7th jan 2012.Should i renew my passport before i come there or i can use the present passport to get a visa..pls reply immediately.

    • Bobby :2011/11/10 17:28:00

      You'd better renew your passport first, since the Exit and Entry Office usually requires your passport with at least 6 months validity left.

  • Replybong bong,   Philippines
    2011/11/9 6:17:00

    how many weeks to wait for working permit in macau after the medical exam?i take my medical exam last october 25, 2011 and i am waiting for the working permit of my employer in macau?

    • Iris :2011/11/9 19:32:00

      it takes me 90 days to get the work permit.

  • ReplyNick,   Viet Nam
    2011/10/29 2:47:00

    Hi guys, Going to Macau, My wife is Vietnamese travelling on Vietnamese Passport.I know she will require a Visa for Macau. If she is flying into Hong Kong then getting the ferry to Macau (and vice versa on the way home) will she require a Visa for Hong Kong????

    • Emma :2011/10/29 19:39:00

      Hi Nick,
      if you just go to Hong Kong for transit and do not pass the contral and enter Hong Kong, you don't need the Hong Kong visa.

    • bongbong ( Philippines ) :2011/11/9 6:14:00

      hi sir/mam I have job offered in macau..last ocotober 25, 2011 i take my medical examination and the result is fir to work..then i am waiting for my work permit...my question how many weeks to wait for my working permit after the medical exam?please i need your answer..until now il be waiting for a call and txt to my agency..

  • ReplyLola,   Philippines
    2011/11/9 4:13:00

    hi there, im Lola from the Philippines and I am planning to be in Macau for 2 weeks. Is it possible?. And after that, can i go back to macau after 2 months? i want to spend my summer vacation there. I have a sister in Macau.Thank you.

    • Sandy :2011/11/9 19:23:00

      Hi Lola
      filipino passport holders are exempt from Macau visa for 30 days, so it is possible for you to stay 2 weeks.
      and it is also possible for you to go back to Macau after 2 months.

  • ReplyAHMED M IRFAN,   Pakistan
    2011/10/29 1:17:00

    dear sir i want to go macou on business tour where can i apply the macau visa? thanks irfan

    • Cathy :2011/10/29 19:36:00

      you can apply the Macau visa through the Chinese Embassy or Consulate General in Pakistan.

  • Replyzai wr urahman,   Pakistan
    2011/10/25 20:47:00

    hi.dr.i warking farom malaysia i god multiple visa 5 yir i warking malaysia i wan visit visa hong kong cin helip mi haw i teg visa

    • Ashley :2011/10/26 19:03:00

      you need to apply the Hong Kong visa through the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia.

  • Replyzaiwr ur rahman,   Pakistan
    2011/10/25 0:43:00

    hi i m furom pakistan.i wan 2 visit visa haw i teg visa cin hilp mi

    • Bruce :2011/10/25 19:05:00

      You may just go to the China Embassy to apply for it yourself with your valid passport that must with a validity of more than 6 months, a completely filled China visa application form which can be got from the official website of the China Embassy in pakistan, round-way air ticket and hotel booking in China. You can ge more details from the embassy's official website.

  • Replyyub raj giri,   Nepal
    2011/10/22 6:48:00

    hi,all my friend i would like come to macau.how to apply to working visa in macau please suggestion me.my email address:geevangiri66@yahoo.com mobile no:98-8604037

    • Peter :2011/10/22 18:55:00

      if you want to work in Macau,
      you need to get a job first, with the job offer, can you apply the work visa.
      you may apply a job through internet first.
      good luck!

  • ReplyPraskandan,   India
    2011/10/21 2:00:00


    I am Praskandan. I am Indian Citizen. My wife is Indian too. At present, she is working in Singapore (EP). I have come to Singapore to visit her. I will get a Dependent Pass soon. We plan to visit Macau. Will be get visa on arrival ?

    • Kevin :2011/10/21 20:19:00

      Indian passport holders are free of visa to Macau for 30 days in fact.

  • Replyjona,   Madagascar
    2011/10/21 1:13:00

    im from philippines but i want to required about macau my friend from madagascar want to travel to macau for 4 days? do they need a visa in macau? but they flying to singapore to macau?

    • Simon :2011/10/21 20:09:00

      Yes, your friend do need a Macau visa to enter Macau.

  • Replymurokan ztash,   Philippines
    2011/10/18 3:48:00

    hello im murokan ztash and i have a question to ask my friend is an overstayed in Macau...hmmm my friends has 2 months only to stayed in macau but unfortunately he is overstayed,he stayed in macau for 6 months cause he wants his family to give food and shelter thats why he couldnt go home after 6 months in macau he went home but he could not pay for the penalty...and right now he wants to go back to macau to search for a job...after 1 year of waiting he want to go back in macau to look for a job but he might get scared what will happen to my friend if the immigration would not let him go through to macau... is there any chances that he might went inside...even if it is he overstayed in macau for atleast 6 months.

    • Judy :2011/10/18 21:08:00

      there's a big chance your friend will be rejected if he goes to Macau as a tourist.
      if he can get a job offer from a Macau company, and with the invitation from the company, he can apply a work visa for Macau in the Chinese Embassy in your country, he may get to Macau.

  • ReplyRaziyeh Ostovar Mahalati,   Iran (Islamic Republic Of)
    2011/10/15 10:58:00

    Hi, I hold an Iranian Passport - but have been living in India and have a Residential Permit for India since 22 years, as I'm married to an Indian Citizen. Shortly my husband (Indian Citizen) and I intend to visit Macau for 4 days (Nov 10-13. Do I need to procure a Visa for Macau SAR prior leaving India? Or will I be granted a Visa on Arrival in Macau. Pls adv as I'm very concerned that I may not be allowed to emplane without a visa. Await yr response. Thanks.

    • Lilian :2011/10/15 19:27:00

      you can get the visa upon arrival in Macau, but if time permit and all the documents are ready, i suggest you apply the visa before you leave india.

  • ReplyTina,   Bulgaria
    2011/10/12 7:46:00

    I am from BUlgaria and have a visa to visit China.
    I am travelling from Hong to Guandzhou and would like after that to visit Macau and from Macau get back to Guadzjou.Am I going to need a multipe visa and can I obtain a visa straight in Macau?

    • Iris :2011/10/12 20:21:00

      Hi Tina,
      you can apply the China visa in either in Hong Kong or Macau.

  • Replyshiva karmacharya,   Nepal
    2011/10/11 2:03:00

    I am a having a Nepalese passport but i didn't see the Name Nepal in your list

    • Polly :2011/10/11 19:56:00

      so you have to apply for the Macau visa before you go there.

  • Replyjohin,   Hong Kong, China
    2011/10/10 2:47:00

    hello, im holding holland passport. i dont see any information about it,,

    do i need to apply for macau visa to enter, ?


    • Ashley :2011/10/10 20:19:00

      hello Johin,
      Netherlandish passport holders can stay in Macau for at most 90 days, so you don't need to apply the Macau visa.

  • ReplyGeorge Tampon,   Singapore
    2011/10/10 2:42:00

    Dear Warrior Tours,

    Good day!

    Please provide to us the requirements needed in applying for MACAU VISA for CHINA PASSPORT HOLDER whos currently in Singapore, holding social visit pass.

    Also, may you provide to us details on how can we process this application online, fees and rates for travel agency, processing timeline, and other important information that might help us to apply this Macau Visa.

    I'll look forward for your response.

    Best regards,


    • David :2011/10/10 20:15:00

      hi George,
      you need to apply a Macau travel document or entry permit through the Chinese Embassy in Singapore.
      you can do it online on the official website of the Chinese Visa Application Service Center in Singapore.

  • ReplyMichelle,   Singapore
    2011/10/6 21:26:00

    i am from Switzerland, if i have a chinese visa, i would like to travel to zhuhai by ferry at Hk airport,
    do i need to apply for visa again for the ferry?
    As the chinese visa is by flight, how about by ferry?

    • David :2011/10/8 19:43:00

      hi Michelle,
      you don't need to apply another Chinese Visa. it doesn't matter whether you enter China by ferry or flight.

    • Puskar ( Nepal ) :2011/10/10 2:33:00

      I am from Nepal. I want to work at Macau. I completed Bacholer in business study and completed master degree in saociology. I also eeperienced as accountant, social worker and store manager.
      How can i get the job in Macau?
      please suggest me.

    • Ben :2011/10/10 20:04:00

      to Puskar:
      i think you can apply a job online.

  • ReplyMuha,   Iran (Islamic Republic Of)
    2011/10/4 3:58:00

    Hi.im citizenship of iran.i wants to go to macau.i need to visa for macau,l stay in philippines now.thnx

    • candy :2011/10/8 19:41:00

      hi Muha,
      you can apply the Macau visa in the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines or upon arrival in Macau.

  • Replysadegh,   Iran (Islamic Republic Of)
    2011/10/3 8:29:00

    Hi,I am from Iran and I have one entry tourism visa to china and I wish to visit macau,so do I need to apply for the visa for macau from mmy country or I can apply from china main land ?and also Do I need to have multiple entry visa for china in order to be abale to come back to china main land?
    tx indeed

    • Polly :2011/10/8 19:40:00

      you can apply the Macau visa either in your country before your departure or upon arrival in Macau;
      if you want to go back to mainland China, you need to apply for a multiple entry visa.
      my suggestion is you visit Macau first and then go to mainland China.

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