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I want to say
  • Replyalisyedshahbaz,   China
    2011/12/6 6:46:00

    hello ,
    im ali ,pakistan
    im living in china guangzhou i want to know how to get macao visa form guangzhou i have z working visa i have been bofor when have on arrival visa

    • Sally :2011/12/6 19:07:00

      Hi Ali,
      you may try to contact the immigration department to see if you can post your documents to them.
      if not, you have to go back to your country to apply the Macau visa.

  • ReplyHani,   Pakistan
    2011/10/13 8:02:00

    Hello Alls
    I am from pakistan and since 17 years traveling in china , now a days i have 1 year multiple visa for chia and at the moment i am in guangzhou , i want to apply Macau visa from guangzhou i how i can get it.

    • Lisa :2011/10/13 20:17:00

      I'm afraid that you are not able to get a Macau visa from Guangzhou, China. You may have to apply for the Macau visa from the China Embassy in your home country, since Macau Government has tightened the visa policy to pakistanians since 1 July 2010.

    • alisyedshahbaz ( Pakistan ) :2011/12/6 6:35:00

      hello hani im ali im liveing in guangzhou morr than 7year i have been macao befor plz i want to know how to get macao visa i have working z visa be for pakistan passport have on arrival visa plz i want to know how to get visa
      my email ;syedshahbazali2005@hotmail.com

    • Lilian :2011/12/6 19:05:00

      to alisyedshahbaz
      you can post your application files to the immigration department in Macau.

  • Replyali,   Iraq
    2011/12/2 3:46:00

    i am iraqi and now i am in holiday in Malaysia.from where can i got visa to enter Macau? Is it possible to get it when i arrive to Macau?

    • Kevin :2011/12/2 18:32:00

      You can just apply for the Macau visa from the China Embassy in Malaysia, and an on-arrival Macau visa is also available for you holding an Iraqi Passport.

  • Replymohammed shereef,   United Arab Emirates
    2011/11/30 5:36:00

    i am indian passport holder 10 years now living in dubai, i would like to visit 5 days macau..i can get visa on arrival at airort

    • Jean :2011/11/30 18:36:00

      Indian passport holders are exempt from Macau visa for 30 days, so you don't need to apply it for your 5-day tour in Macau.

  • ReplyAli,   Morocco
    2011/11/30 4:33:00

    hi, I'm moroccan.
    I'll be travelling from Hong Kong to Macau by ferry. Do I need a visa to enter Macau or I can take it once I arrive to Mcau.

    • Polly :2011/11/30 18:34:00

      you can get the visa when you arrive at Macau, Ali.

  • ReplyTONY,   Ghana
    2011/11/29 21:22:00

    Hello am a ghanaian passport holder and my wife is american passport holder...We are on holidays in singapore and we want to take another 10 days tour in macau ..Do we need a visa to macau ?? If yes where can we applied for the visa or are we eligible to take the visa on arrival ??

    • Ben :2011/11/30 18:26:00

      Hi Tony,
      you need to apply a Macau visa but your wife is exempt from Macau visa for 30 days.
      you can get the visa on arrival at Macau.

  • Replydiwash tamrakat,   Nepal
    2011/11/28 1:56:00

    iam from nepal am planning to come macau for visit so how many days i have to wait to get visa from macau visa from nepal

    • Nancy :2011/11/28 18:05:00

      It is said it usually takes 4 weeks go get your visa.

  • Replyjojo,   Ghana
    2011/11/28 0:01:00

    Hi I have a working visa, been working here in shanghai for 5years, My wife is chinese too, i have a house here, and my wife and i have export company registered in shanghai. We would like to travel to macau and hongkong and then leave for thailand during the christmas holidays, Could you please tell me how to get visa to these place?or if you can apply for me how much would that cost me?

    • Helen :2011/11/28 18:03:00

      you can post your documents to the Hong Kong and Macau immigration departments.
      as for the visa to thailand, you can apply it through the Thai Embassy in China.
      I suggest you to find a local travel agency or visa agency in Shanghai to help process the visa application.

  • Replysanjay,   Nepal
    2011/11/28 6:13:00

    i want to enter macau for job

    • Sandy :2011/11/28 17:57:00

      Hi sanjay,
      you should get a job offer first and apply the work visa in Macau.

  • ReplyRao Kashif,   China
    2011/11/26 4:43:00

    i am in china on X-visa . my passport is of Pakistan. should i need visa to enter macao?

    • Fred :2011/11/26 17:54:00

      yes, you need to apply a Macau visa before you go to Macau.

  • Replynaveen,   China

    i hold an indian pasport and i am in zhongshan on business trip for 3 weeks, have planned to visit macau, do i need a visa to enter macau

    and will they put a exit stamp from china

    • Lisa :2011/11/25 17:51:00

      Indian passport holders enjoy a 30-day visa free to Macau.

  • Replyneha,   Bangladesh
    2011/11/24 19:59:00


    • Mark :2011/11/25 17:49:00

      You can get the requirements from the above article.

  • Replym.nadeem malik,   Pakistan
    2011/11/24 7:24:00

    i want a visit visa to Macau what requirements of visit visa of Macau

    • Bruce :2011/11/24 18:31:00

      1. A completed Macau Visa Application Form;
      2. Your valid passport/travel document.
      3. Document of financial status, such as bank statement, deposit in savings account, tax payment receipt,etc.
      4. round-trip air ticket and hotel room reservation in Macau
      5. Recent taken 1.5-inch full face white background color photo.
      6. Proof of purpose of visit, such admission document of a institution in Macau, Employment documetns or photocopy of residence/stay document of family in Macao.

  • ReplyAoun muhammad khan,   Pakistan
    2011/11/22 6:43:00

    Sir i need a mauce jobs visa plz send me detail with total cost thank u

    • Apple :2011/11/22 19:19:00

      you need to get a job offer from a company in Macau before you apply the visa.

  • ReplyRashid Akbar,   Pakistan
    2011/11/20 11:17:00

    Hi, I would like to go on Visit visa to Hongkong then i will search the job and if i will get Job. Can i exit to Macau and come back on work visa.Please advice

    • Judy :2011/11/20 20:16:00

      if you got an offer from a company in Hong Kong, you need to go back to your country to apply the work visa.

  • Replysam,   Hong Kong, China
    2011/11/20 1:47:00

    I am from the republic of Gambia, presently on holiday in Hong kong, I wish to visit Macau for 30 days, Do I need a visa to Macau with Gambian Passport? Thanks you.

    • gloria :2011/11/20 20:09:00

      Hi Sam,
      you can apply an Entry Permit (visa-upon-arrival) when you arrive in Macau, and the validity is usually 30 days.

  • ReplyLiane,   Jamaica
    2011/11/17 21:59:00

    Hi, im currently on vacation in Hong Kong but holding a Jamaican passport. How can i obtain a visa to go Macau? where should i submit application etc. I heard of the Visa up on arrival. which is better?? I jsut got a visa to go China, do i still need a visa to go macau? I will be taking the ferry there.. thanks!!

    • Hank :2011/11/18 18:26:00

      You do nned a visa for your trip to Macau. I think you can just apply for the Macau visa at the entry port on arrival.

    • Simon :2011/11/18 18:40:00

      If you are holding Pakistan pass[ort, you will have to apply for a Macau visa through a Hong Kong travel agency in advance.

  • ReplyAbid Iqbal,   Denmark
    2011/11/18 6:54:00

    Dear Sir
    I am abid iqbal working as research assistant in city university of hong kong. I want to go to macau for one day tour. I have hong kong ID card. Does i also need the visa for macau? i have pakistani passport.

  • ReplyKhurram Kamal Afridi,   Pakistan
    2011/11/16 10:55:00

    I want to know how to obtain an entry
    visa valid for a minimum of 60 days for Macau, I understand that I have to apply via China Embassy in Pakistan, for tour visa do they give for multiple entries and validity of minimum 60-days? Please guide.

    • Harry :2011/11/16 18:24:00

      A multiple entries 60-day visa? i think it is not easy to obtain, but you can have your visa extended if it is going to expire.

  • ReplyVijay Bhaskar,   Singapore
    2011/11/16 3:22:00

    Hi.. I am an Indian having a Indian passport and holding a Singapore PR and working at Singapore. I will be flying to Macau for a holiday and staying for 3 days and after that I shall be taking a ferry from Macau to hongkong and staying for another 3 days over there. So would like to check out if I need any visa for me or my family members. Thanks a lot.

    • Della :2011/11/16 18:19:00

      no Vijay, you don't need any visa.
      Indian passport holders are exempt for Macau visa for 30 days, and visa-free in Hong Kong for 14 days.

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