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I want to say
  • ReplySimon,   United Kingdom
    2012/1/5 18:31:00

    Hi miss bonne
    I'm thinking of visiting Macau June 2012
    For 2months will I need to obtain ext visa
    From Chinese embassy here in London u.k

    • kevin :2012/1/5 22:26:00

      You are holding UK passport, right? then you are exempt from visa to Hk for 90 days.

  • ReplyBaka,   Malaysia
    2012/1/5 10:27:00

    I am Malaysian but my wife is Vietnamese and holding a Vietnam passport but she have a long terms 5years visa to stay at Malaysia. Does she need to apply visa to enter Macau and hong kong?

    • Carl :2012/1/5 22:17:00

      Since she are holding a Vietnam passport, she does have to apply for a Macau visa and a Hong Kong visa from the China Embassy or Consulate in Malaysia in advance.

  • Replysujan,   Nepal
    2012/1/4 11:00:00

    i am a student in china, chengdu for 3 years. and in winter vacation i want to go Macao with my Indian friends to visit over my friend who stay in Macao who is a real citizen of Macao.
    i heard indians need NO visa to go.
    what abut Nepalese? if i need visa , how do i get it ..
    please help with this because i really want to meet my friend and see the MAcao..
    thank you

    • Emma :2012/1/4 19:00:00

      the Nepalese need to apply the Macau visa.
      you can post the documents for visa application to the Macau immigration department.

    • Jack :2012/1/5 20:20:00

      You may just apply for the Macau visa from the China Embassy in Singapore.

  • ReplyAamir,   Singapore
    2012/1/5 0:05:00

    Hi I am a Pakistani citizen and a Singapore Permanent Resident based in Singapore. I intend to travel to Macau for short visit. Can you please guide me how and where to apply for visa

  • ReplySouvik Ghosh,   India
    2012/1/3 5:35:00

    From India I don't need visa to Macau for less than 30 days stay but if I want to stay there more what is the maximum duration of tourist visa?
    what amount of money I've to show for the tourist visa more than 30 days form India?

    • Susan :2012/1/3 19:41:00

      you can apply the Visa through the Chinese Embassy in India, and state the period you intend to stay in Macau on the application form. the money should be enough for your stay in Macao by visa officer.

  • Replylet mel
    2012/1/2 9:40:00

    am Ethiopian with an expired temporary visa over stayed 09 days can i still pay my fine 5000 and fly to Macau and get visa on arrival?

    • Amanda :2012/1/2 19:45:00

      hard to say. you may have a try, but you'd better not overstay if they allow you enter Macau this time.

  • Replyjeet,   Nepal
    2011/12/28 1:46:00

    i am now working in United Arab Emirates but i want doing job in Macau how can i process job for macau ?

    • Mars :2011/12/28 19:09:00

      Hi jeet,
      if you want to work in Macau, you need to get an offer from a company in Macau, and apply a work permit/visa for Macau through the Chinese Embassy.

    • raja ( Pakistan ) :2012/1/1 9:53:00

      hello sir i want 2 visit of macau what me need visa or
      on arrival?

    • Jimmy :2012/1/1 21:46:00

      to raja,
      you need to apply the Macau visa through the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan before you go to Macau.

  • ReplyDerrick Adu Asare,   China

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    i am a Ghanaian with a tourist Chinese Visa presently in Beijing China touring,i have also being to Renqiu in Heibei Province, and will soon visit Shenzhen.
    Sir, I wish to visit Macau for Two weeks and i need your help. 15720341344 is my number am currently in Beijing now.
    Thank You as i look forward to hearing from you very very soon.

    Best Regard

    • Tina :2011/12/27 18:13:00

      Hi Derrick,
      you need to apply Macau visa. if your Chinese tourist visa in a single-entry visa, you can not enter mainland China after your Macau tour, and you should go back to your country directly.
      if you are holding a double or multi-entry Chinese tourist visa, you can re-enter Mainland China from Macau.

  • Replyarjun k.c.,   Nepal
    2011/12/20 20:37:00

    dear sir, bill
    hello n how u doing? Thank u so much sir 4 ur kind information. I glad to read from u.
    Which web site i should search 4 onlain macao job. Where should i give my resume, Or my bio-data?
    U think why i ask all this question because i wanna be leagual worker in macao.what ever sector i can give my sincer work. Actually here they all give chance for those people who have money to paid extra for agency or relative only but i'm not so rich family to do all this.
    So sir i know u re the person who show me a good path to be a worker in macao.

    • Bill :2011/12/21 18:04:00

      Hi Arjun k.c.,
      i'm not very familiar with job hunting in Macau, but this website seems to be a nice web. you can have a try:

  • Replyarjun k.c.,   Nepal
    2011/12/19 22:16:00

    thank u dear sir bill,
    4 answered my mail.
    I've few question 4 u if u don't mind? I reall wanna work in macao so i try to find the opportunity in news paper in nepal for get idea to be worker in macao,but here no response.do u know which manpower i should go? Or which agency i should contact?i really excited to hear from u.

    • Bill :2011/12/20 18:02:00

      you are welcome, Arjun, k.c.
      why not search for a macau job online?

  • Replyarjun k.c.,   Nepal
    2011/12/19 7:25:00

    dear sir/madam,
    hai i'm arjun from nepal.i would like to work in macau.what should i do for work?actually i already worked as security supervisore in malaysia and i heard in macau also got security visa for nepalese people.
    So sir/madam,
    what is the process to work in macau?i really no idea.hope u'll let me know. I'm 29 years guy.i can work in factory as worker as well.i always waiting ur reply.

    • Bill :2011/12/19 18:18:00

      you need to have a job offer from a company in Macau, and then apply a work visa.

  • Replyasif,   Pakistan
    2011/12/16 11:55:00

    dear sir

    i want to know how we can apply for macau tourist visa from pakistan...

    whats the requirements and process time?

    best regards
    asif jamal

    • Kevin :2011/12/16 17:08:00

      You can apply for a Macau Tousit visa with the following documents:
      1. A completed application form; [Note: The form is available at the subdivision concerned and the website of the Public Security Police]
      2. Copy of the bio data page in a valid passport/travel document;
      3. Document of financial status (e.g. bank statement, deposit in savings account, tax payment receipt, etc.);
      4. Admission document of the higher institute in Macao;
      5. Round-trip air ticket reservation receipt (if the course to be taken lasts for less than 6 months).

  • ReplyJohnny,   Panama
    2011/12/15 23:53:00

    I carry a Panamanian passport and I'm planing to go to Macao by air, I know that Panamanian can get the Macau visa on the borders but can we also get the visa upon arrival at the airport?

    • Bobby :2011/12/16 17:00:00

      yes, you can.

  • ReplyJanuary,   Philippines
    2011/12/15 9:13:00

    hello there,my name is jane from philippines.how can i go to macao?im applying for a tourist visa..and is it possible to apply there and get a job even if im a tourist visa holder..?and whats the cheapest lodging/boarding house in the city?how much will it cost?pls do reply my concerns.it would be a big help to me.tnx

    • Bobby :2011/12/15 18:03:00

      Filipino passport holders are exempt from visa to macau for 30 days for sightseeing or business service. Howver, you can't work in Macau during that period of time. You are not allowed to work in Macau with a Macau tourist visa, either.
      The practical way is to find an offer in Macau during first, and then go back to your country to apply for a Macau work visa from the China emabssy in your country.
      I heard that it cost around at least 5000 MOP for a 2-room apartment in the suburban Macau.

  • ReplyNicole Lee,   Malaysia
    2011/12/15 7:20:00

    Hi, if I Malaysian do I need a visa when I visit Macau????

    • Mark :2011/12/15 17:55:00

      You enjoy a 30-day visa free to Macau.

  • Replymenerva,   Philippines
    2011/12/13 20:48:00

    hi!need help from u.my cousin direct hired in the phil.in one of the agency which is not on the list of poae.to work in macau.they say they will issue tourist visa then when they reach macau they will sign contract to work there for 2 years .is it not dangerous for him?is it legal or illegal thanks a lot.

    • Kelly :2011/12/14 17:23:00

      according to the regulation of the Macau Immigration, one can not work with a tourist visa in Macau, so I think it is illegal.

  • ReplyDharma raj koirala,   Nepal
    2011/12/12 3:19:00

    I'm nepalese citizen and wanted to work in macau..so kindly inform me about the visa process.Do I need to show bank balance and income source?
    Waiting to hear from you

    • Ashley :2011/12/12 17:59:00

      yes, bank balance and income source are required to submit, but i think you should get a job offer from a Macau company so that you can apply the work visa for Macau.

  • ReplyBenson leigh,   Peru
    2011/12/9 15:48:00

    Do I need MOP5000 in cash as a proof for my arrival visa or Ican show a golden credit card instead of the cahs?

    • Bobby :2011/12/9 17:32:00

      I think you need to provide cash or yoru bank account. The credit card may be not accepted.

  • ReplyDiwash,   Nepal
    2011/12/9 4:05:00

    iam from nepal i've applied working visa for macau and i got it in our company agreement our contract period is just 2 years and i heard after 2 years macau government did'nt give extent visa to nepali worker.

    • Kevin :2011/12/9 17:30:00

      If you renew your contract in two years, adn you still have to work in Macau, then you will be able to get a Macau visa again.

  • Replyjaree,   Pakistan
    2011/12/9 0:18:00

    Hi All!
    I am from Pakistan I want to travel to Macau from Pakistan. Do I need any visa for it??Or I just go there without it buying a ticket!!and how much it cost?

    • Lisa :2011/12/9 17:27:00

      Pakistan passport holders have to apply for a Macau visa before arrive at Macau. Not sure about the service faa for the visa application. What do you mean by 'ticket'? You do have to buy an air ticket, or how can you go to Macau?

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